One More Round at the Downtime

The last session of the day was over. Jonas knew that he was due to get a command, possibly as early as tomorrow. That meant that tonight was the last night that he could really unwind. There was one place on the station where he could really unwind. That was 'Downtime.' That's where he would go. That's where he went.

Jonas stepped through the door and nodded to the bartender. "Start 'em up again. I have one more night to unwind."

The bartender nodded back, "Coming up." A highball glass filled with Irish whiskey slid down the bar to Jonas.

"Thanks." Jonas took his first drink (he doesn't sip whiskey, he drinks it.)


  • Raksha stepped into the bar, a clear look of exhaustion upon her face. Noting Jonas already into his first drink she came up next to him and leaned over to order.
    "Dark ale." She motioned.
    The bartender merely sneered, as visibly as a Tellerite could, at the brief interaction and headed back to pull a bottle for her.
    "So this is it, huh?' she began, 'getting our commands tomorrow, I guess. Excited?"

  • Jonah took a drink, "Hopeful. I've been doing analysis after analysis. Since I'm most probably on the Task Force 38 deep space exploration, I've studied starship stats after starship stats. I have no idea what ship class I'll have. It would almost have been easier without being at the conference to confuse things. Just give me a command and point me in a direction and say 'GO that way.'"

  • Chandra chuckled under her breath.
    "I've been feeling the same way. Seems as though I'm staying with Task Force 72, but our own objectives seem a little more militant and politically orientated. It's funny really. The first time we met, we debated Starfleet philosophy. You argued in favor of defensive tactics and a more aggressive approach to defending the Federation, and I believed more in exploration and scientific discovery. Now you're heading off to chart new systems and I'm probably heading into a warzone." She said grimly, taking another swig of her ale.

  • Jonas laughed, "True enough. That's Starfleet for you." He took a drink and emptied his glass. He motioned to the bartender for a refill. "I had originally planned to fill my ship full of warriors or at least warrior types, now I'm reviewing dossiers of available officers with science and language skills. I see both of us being pushed to expand out of our comfort zones. That's probably why Starfleet is assigning us as it seems to be." A new highball slid in front of him. He nodded his thanks to the bartender before taking another drink.

  • "I guess I'll have to brush up on my phaser rifle aim and look to commission as many Andorian and Klingon officers as possible. I get the feeling my bridge is going to get a bit pointy,' Raksha replied, polishing off her first bottle of ale and beckoning the bartender for another, 'Perhaps you're right though. Perhaps it might be good for me to not get stuck on that one single idea of what it is we do. Travel broadens the mind, they say. I guess a few photon torpedos to the bow might do the same."

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    Jonas took a long drink. He started to say something else, but paused and took another drink. He shook his head as if to try to clear it. "No matter where you or I end up." He pointed vaguely towards space. "It's still out there into the unknown. You could be investigating a spacial anomaly one moment and the next, BOOM," Somehow while he had been talking his glass became empty again. He motioned for a refill before continuing, "a borg cube appears and you're either running or fighting for your life. The point is, you never know what you'll run into out there." He raised his drink, "So eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we could die." He drained his glass again.

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