Task Force 72: Part Three/Region 3: The Talarian Republic and the Tholian Assembly

"Finally as we come to the close of our briefing for Task Force 72, I will be talking about the Tholian Assembly and the Talarian Republic," he stated as he looked out at the vast sea of men and women of Starfleet. As he inhaled a deep breath he took a sip of tea and punched in the information which displayed on the screen next to him the Tholian Assembly symbol along with the Talarian Republics.

"The Talarian Republic hasn't been the same since the Alrakis Pact ended in 2390, with the lack of support of supplies from the other partners in the pact; the Breen and the Tzenkethi they're aggressive actions have returned," he stated as he showed the current border of the Talarian Republic and the Federation. "Even though the Breen and Tzenkethi say that they did not have a technological exchange between each other, Starfleet Intel believes that isn't the case. As these images display the damage that Talarian ships have done to bordering outposts and settlements along our border," he said as he showed displayed damage on the monitor.
"The USS Richmond and the USS Troy were heavily damaged after the responded to a distress signal from a colony raid; they engaged what appeared to be a normal looking Talarian warship, but the weapons they used was not standard equipment so to speak. The Talarian Republic as we know it are still a militaristic society and should be view equally on par with the Klingon Empire; as they do have a high code of honor which should be studied and kept in the fore front in your mind should you ever encounter a Talarian vessel," he stated as he took another sip.

"According to Federation Council we have dispatched several Ambassadors to the Talarians and all of them have been refused. It seems the Talarians are not looking for peaceful negotiations, however if we can find out what they are intending; then perhaps we can use that to our advantage to press a meeting between them and our diplomats." Julius then turned his attention to the most important threat that he deemed to the Alpha Quadrant and Task Force 72.

"The Tholian Assembly," he stated as he displayed all the information on them on the screen. "Little is still know about their governmental operations; however Starfleet still deems the Tholian Assembly one of the greatest threats to Starfleet security currently," he stated. "Nothing has changed between the Federation and the Tholians other than their borders have increased in the last twenty to thirty years. While they made a non-aggression pact with the Dominion in 2372, this gave them the chance to explore and expand. They are highly territorial and xenophobic, and any external threat to their territory and space is exterminated with the highest priority. Granted we have not had an encounter since the late 23rd Century, they are still a dangerous adversary, and all caution should be taken with the Tholians. We have a few territorial settlements out side our border in the lower half of the Alpha Quadrant; and so I have ordered additional patrols in that area to our Federation citizens, as the Tholians are known for placing a hold on territory without warning; and systematically begin killing and destroying any and all life in those areas in which they have laid claim to," he stated.

"Any further questions for me on the Talarians and the Tholians?"

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