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    The USS Sheffield has recently been commissioned and  assigned to Task Force 38. Her missions are to explore  the Gradin Belt Area of the Delta Quadrant, to create  new alliances and strengthen relations with current  friends, and to Boldly Go... 

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    [USS Sheffield:Devron Fleet Yards]
    [Mission Day 1]

    "Captain's Log Stardate 2399.04.01 We are nearly complete taking charge of the USS Sheffield and our crew. The crew is excited for our coming deep space exploration mission. Once we clear spacedock, we will be going 'out there'. End Log."

    Jonas looked up from 'his' chair. He looked over at the helmsman, who was actually a woman, but it didn't matter, it was about the position, not the gender. "Take us out, Artemis."

    Artemis was excited to be the chief flight control officer on the USS Sheffield. It was a great position to have at the start of what promised to be an exciting venture into the unknown. "Aye Aye, Captain." She tapped her console. "Docking clamps released." The USS Sheffield floated free of the station. She activated the reverse thrusters. "Reversing Thrusters." The ship backed away from the station. "We're clear." She spun the front of the ship away from the station.

    He looked at the viewscreen. "Artemis, set a course for Starbase 38, warp 7."

    She tapped at her console again, "Course laid in, Captain."

    He nodded, then leaned forward and pointed his finger forwards, "Engage."

    Her fingers flew across the console, the viewscreen changed to the warpfield view.

    [USS Sheffield - Barzan System]
    [Mission Day 12]

    Artemis's console beeped. She called out, "We're approaching the Barzan System."

    Jonas nodded, "All right, drop us out of warp."

    The screen turned from the warpfield and back to regular space. Starbase 38 was visible on the screen.

    Jonas turned to the communication officer, a Betazoid ensign name Diassa, "Hail the station and get instructions." Then he turned back forward, "Artemis, close distance to the station one quarter impulse."

    "Aye Aye Captain." She tapped her console. "Captain, we are being instructed to form up with Explorer Group 381. We don't have time to dock, the wormhole is close to opening."

    He was at least happy that they had made it in time for the passage through the wormhole. He would not have been happy to have to wait another month to get started on their mission to boldly go. "Signal our acknowledgement, we'll be ready when it's our turn to go through."

  • [USS Sheffield - Barzan System]
    [Mission Day 15 - 1400 hrs]

    Diassa looked up from her station, "Captain, Starbase 38 is signalling that the wormhole is opening."

    "Onscreen." He commanded. A moment later the viewscreen showed the wormhole open and a Sovereign starship come out.

    "That must be the USS Selena." Lieutenant Rion Sarrett, the Chief Operations Officer called out.

    A moment later it was followed by a Luna class starship.

    Lieutenant Commander Erka Noari was the first to make the identification. "The Ganymeade."

    Diassa's console beeped at her. "The Elysion has signalled that we're next."

    Jonas nodded, "All right. Helm form up on the Elysion."

    Cr'asi tapped her console. The Sheffield eased into position off the flank of the Elysion. "We're in place."

    The Elysion moved into the wormhole. The Sheffield followed behind. In what seemed like an instant, they were in the Delta Quadrant.

    "Signal Starbase 38 that we're across."

    "Aye Aye, Captain."

    Moments later, the wormhole closed and except for the other ships of Exploratory Group 381, they were all on their own.

    And so begins the adventures of the USS Sheffield, "To seek out new life and new civilizations, to win friends and influence races, to boldly go where few have trod before."

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    [USS Sheffield - Out there]
    [Mission Day 37 - 1300 hours]

    "Captain, sensors show an asteroid field ahead." Taz called out from the science station.

    Jonas sat up in his chair. This was just the sort of thing he was seeking. An asteroid field would give everyone something to do. Science could analyze the field. Tactical could have some target practice against real targets. Flight control could navigate through the field. Engineering was never bored, but could maintain. Operations could calibrate their sensors. Medical, well, he hoped they wouldn't need medical. "Helm, drop us out of warp."

    Artemis nodded, then tapped her console. The viewscreen changed from warp to regular space.

    "Put the asteroid field on the viewer." The asteroid field appeared on the screen. "Plot a course to the field."

    Artemis tapped on her console. "Course plotted, Captain."

    "Take us to the edge of the field, one quarter impulse." The ship started moving towards the asteroid field. "Scan for anything of interest."

    Taz spoke up, "Are we looking for something particular?"

    "After seven lifetimes, I would think you would know the difference between interesting things and uninteresting things."

    He replied, "I'll see what I can find to interest you."

    Jonas nodded, "I'll be in my ready room." He glanced at his first officer, "Noari, you've got the bridge."

    [Ready Room]
    [1330 hrs]

    Taz stepped through the door with a padd in hand. "I've got the analysis of the asteroid field."

    "All right, give it to me."

    Taz handed him the padd.

    Jonas skimmed through it. He pointed at an entry, "That looks interesting."

    Taz smiled, "I thought you'd say that."


    The doors to the ready room opened. Jonas and Taz walked back onto the bridge. Jonas looked at Noari, "I'm taking an away team to Asteroid 767." He glanced around the bridge. "Cr'asi, Artemis, and Taz, meet me in the shuttle bay. Taz you know what we need."

    "I'm on it Captain." Taz answered. He led the rest of the team members off the bridge.

    Jonas waited until they had left before continuing, "Flanigan to Xonak, send Ensign Irani to the shuttle bay for an away mission."

    Xonak replied from the sick bay, "Acknowledged Captain, she will be on her way momentarily."

    Noari stood, "Captain, it is my duty to inform you that Starfleet regulations require that I object to your leading the away team."

    Jonas waved his hand, "Objection noted. However, I chose you as my executive officer for your skills at diplomacy. This away mission is not diplomatic in nature. Rest assured, you will have ample opportunities to exercise your diplomatic muscles on our voyage through the Delta Quadrant."

    Noari replied, "Understood, Captain."

    Jonas walked to the turbolift and looked back at her. "Keep my ship safe while we are gone." He stepped onto the turbolift.

    **[Shuttle Bay]
    [1430 hrs]
    Artemis (naturally) was in the pilot's seat with Jonas in the co-pilot's seat. Cr'asi and Taz were in the passenger compartment. "Take us out." Jonas ordered.

    Artemis' hands flew over the console. "Runabout Pennine to Sheffield. We're ready to depart."

    The answer came back quickly, "Runabout Pennine, you're clear to depart. Good Luck."

    The shuttle lifted off and zipped out of the shuttle bay.

    [Runabout Pennine - Asteroid 767]
    [1800 hrs]

    The asteroid grew on the screen as the Pennine flew closer. It appeared to be crystalline. Scans from the Sheffield had just bounced back. It was natural that the object to be examined, an asteroid in this case, was that which could not be examined from distance. They circled the asteroid seeking a potential landing zone or a cave or something that would give them a clue about whether it was a naturally occurring asteroid or synthetic. Jonas walked back into the main cabin to where Taz was seated at the science station. "Anything?" he asked.

    "No atmosphere, the surface is blocking all of our scans."

    "Is it biological? Natural? Synthetic?"

    "Unknown. I'm going to have to get a closer look at it."

    "Define 'a closer look'? Do you mean land on it? Do you mean suit up in an EVA suit to examine it? Tow it back to the ship to have a closer look at it?"

    He thought about that for a moment. "I would be hesitant to take it nearer to the ship. There are too many unknowns. It might be worthwhile to take a sample of it back for analysis, if we can get a sample. Give me a few more minutes and I'll come up with a plan."

  • [Runabout Pennine - Asteroid 767]
    [1830 hrs]

    Taz spun the chair around away from his console and facing the crew compartment. "Here it is. We land on the asteroid and explore the surface with EVA suits."

    Jonas found that when plans were overly complicated, things tended to go wrong, or at least not as expected. When you kept things simple, then flexibility was the rule rather than the exception. He nodded, "All right, let's go."

    Artemis circled the asteroid and landed at the most flat looking spot she could find. The runabout went through the surface of the asteroid. "That's weird." She turned and looked back into the crew compartment.

    "What's weird?" Jonas asked as he walked back into the cockpit.

    She pointed out the window. "A moment ago that was space. Now it looks like the interior of a landing bay."

    He turned back to the crew compartment, "Taz, make another scan."

    Taz tapped his console. "It appears to be abandoned. There are no life signs, but it is showing a breathable atmosphere. gravity is showing as point eight gees."

    "Take us in."

    [Asteroid 767]
    [1835 hrs]

    The lights is the landing bay activated as the Pennine set down on the landing pad. The runabout's door opened. Cra'si was first through the door. She was followed by Jonas and Taz. Artemis and Haley were the last out of the ship. A path leading away from the landing pad lit up. Cra'si looked at Jonas for orders. Jonas nodded and pointed down the path. She started down the path with the rest of the team following her. They came to what seemed to be a control room. Taz activated his tricorder. The equipment in the room activated. A viewscreen lit up with the words, "Welcome to Yavanna Station."

    Jonas looked around. "What is the purpose of Yavanna Station?"

    "Yavanna Station was placed as the Base of Operations for the Nyarri Mining Corporation in the Yavanna Asteroid field."

    "When was Yavanna Station placed here?"

    "Yavanna Station was placed in the Yavanna Asteroid field." The computer paused as a beam of blue light scanned Taz's tricorder. "Approximately 512 of your years ago."

    "When was the last time Nyarri Mining Corporation had workers in this facility?"

    "Two hundred fifty-seven years ago."

    "When is the last time Nyarri Mining Corporation communicated with this facility?"

    "Nyarri Mining Corporation sent shutdown codes to Yavanna Station two hundred fifty years ago."

    "Why did Nyarri Mining Corporation deactivate the Yavanna Station?"

    "The Cartenum deposits in the Yavanna Asteroid field were depleted."

    "Why did you reactivate?"

    "Yavanna Station's passive sensors reactivated upon the approach of your ship."

    "Where is the Nyarri Mining Corporation located?"

    "I am not allowed to provide that information. Only a Nyarri Mining Corporation Officer is allowed to provide you with that information."

    "How do we contact the Nyarri Mining Corporation?"

    "A message was sent to the Nyarri Mining Corporation upon reactivation of Yavanna Station. A representative will contact you shortly. In the mean time, feel free to explore the station."

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