Minos Korva

Hello All! This thread is for Bravo Fleet members who are assigned to Task Force 72, are under the rank of Lieutenant Commander and want to start writing their characters story without having the commitment of joining a sim.

Minos Korva is a M Class planet near the Cardassian/Federation border in the Alpha Quadrant. There is a spacedock class Starbase in orbit of the planet that houses the administration of Task Force 72 and serves as a hub for system defense and general space travel in the sector. On the planet itself is a thriving colony that has been there for nearly 30 years and is the primary trade hub in this sector of space.

There is also a Starfleet outpost on Minos Korva near the main colony from before Starbase 72 had been completed in orbit. While the vast majority of Starfleet business is done on Starbase 72, there still is a sizable contingent of officers on the outpost, mainly to assist in security matters with the colony.

There is also a separate thread for Starbase 72 that houses Task Force 72's cannon stories. If you wish to take part in that, please review the thread there for how get involved. Even though this thread is primarily focused on Minos Korva, you are welcome to also make posts based on Starbase 72 here, just be aware that it won't necessarily be included in Task Force cannon.

Things to know:
* This is pretty much a sandbox. There is no mission, there is no posting requirement, there is no sim GM. It's just a place for you to casually write and develop your skills.
* Joint posts are more than welcome! Reach out to some of your fellow TF72 member on Discord and get something started.
* Grammar and perfect structure isn't super important, this is a place to learn and grow after all, but you will want to try to do your best.
* Start a new post in this thread for each entry; please don't edit in a new entry to your old post.
* Try to keep stories pretty self contained. No massive invasions, no galaxy shattering events, etc.
* If you have any questions or need any help just reach out to the TFSS on Discord. We're always happy to help.
* If you want to get involved in more Task Force cannon, just head over to the Starbase 72 thread and see how you can do just that!
* Don't forget to report your post in the activity section of your BFMS profile; it s great way to get credit to help move up the ranks.

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