Delta-Bravo: Underbelly (TF38 Sandbox Fiction)

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Delta-Bravo: Underbelly is the sandbox fiction available to all Task Force 38 players. Chiefly designed for those that have not achieved a Bravo Fleet rank high enough to run a sim or fiction of their own, but also for those seeking a lower-key and less-demanding creative outlet than writing on a traditional sim, Delta-Bravo: Underbelly focuses on the lower ranks (i.e. “TNG: Lower Decks”) of those assigned to Starfleet’s headquarters in the Delta Quadrant, the Turei-Starfleet space station Delta-Bravo, as well as its seedier lower decks, akin to some of the darker elements witnessed on Deep Space Nine.

Aimed primarily at those that have not attained the rank of lieutenant commander, any and all are still welcome to contribute to DB: Underbelly. This type of fiction is written in past tense, from a third-person perspective. We use a narrative format like a novel, so dialogue should be written in quotations, unlike a script formatting.

Delta-Bravo is positioned in the Gradin Belt region of the Delta Quadrant, accessed via the Barzan Wormhole, which opens monthly. It is a Turei space station jointly-controlled by the Turei Alliance and Task Force 38. It guards a nexus leading into several “Underspace” tunnels that branch into different regions of the Delta Quadrant, but is in a locality of space frequented by the Hirogen, Malon, Hazari and Octanti. Tholians and Ferengi are now also present in the region, and the station (particularly its lower decks, where Underbelly is primarily set) is a hub of commerce and discovery. Players are encouraged to run security in these locations, take part in survey missions, aid local species, and take part in the maintenance, running and upgrading of Delta-Bravo.

• When in doubt, ask questions! The TFCO (Mark, Rear-Admiral Cody) and TFXO (Christopher, Commodore Kudred) are here for you (and are probably writing in the area as well).

• Delta-Bravo: Underbelly has no overarching plot or planned missions. These are for you, the fiction writer, to create for yourself or selves.

• You are free to write solo, or to engage in group collaboration.

• Do your best to keep your plots self-contained (no massive invasions, sector-wide issues, etc). Delta-Bravo: Underbelly does not affect BF canon but should still adhere to it.

• Please remember, we are using primarily shuttlecraft and runabouts, or having adventures on the planet or station. So the distance that can be travelled is somewhat limited. There is no major Starfleet presence in this region, with five specialist ships assigned directly to the HQ, known as Delta-One.

• When you are creating your fictions for Delta-Bravo: Underbelly, make sure to include “DB:U” in the title. Otherwise, create a new thread for each story.

• For ease of reading, begin your posts with the location and timing. For Example:

Ensign Taylor’s Quarters, Delta-Bravo

0800 Hours (Station Time)

• Length is not an issue and is not something you need to worry about. Posts can be as long or as short as you can write. Please be mindful of grammar, but no one is going to come and spellcheck your work.

• Your adventures may take place on the station itself, on Mithrar (the local Turei world it orbits), or aboard runabouts and shuttles signed out to personnel. You are free to collaborate your writings together, or write solo.

• Please keep the rating at a 1-1-1, as per Relay Station Bravo rules.

• Make sure to keep a tally of your word count and record it under your Activity Monitor on your BFMS Profile!

• Delta-Bravo:
• Delta-Bravo Layout:

Special thanks to Kyle, who kindly provided his permission for me to adapt his page for Starbase Georgiou, which served as the chief inspiration behind this setup.

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  • Don't forget to keep posting after the holidays and if you must take some time off to please run it by your TFCO, TFXO, or myself if you can not reach anyone from the Senior Staff of our Task Force.

    Have a wonderful end of November, and hope to see all of you in December.
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