USS Sizemore

The USS Sizemore is a newly commissioned Steamrunner-class starship assigned to Task Force 38 and operating in the Gradin Belt on the other side of the wormhole. There primary mission is exploration, charting star systems. What what will they discover as they begin their exploration after heading over to the Delta Quadrant.

13+ age rating


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    [USS Sizemore]
    [Guardian Station]
    [Pre-Mission Day 1]

    Standing in the center of the bridge, the young officer took a deep breath as he looked at the various unmanned station that was the command center of the newest ship to carry the name Sizemore. It had taken nearly twenty years, but once more a Moss was leading the Sizemore back to the Delta Quadrant.

    This is our chance to really find out what happened to them, Sam thought to himself as he took a seat in his chair. He knew that the chances were slime since Task Force Thirty-Eight of the Fourth Fleet had a different area of operation from the Old Theater, but his family motto was “Nemo Maganar Gaskiya” (Find the Word of Truth).

    Samuel Moss release a sigh as he thought about his adoptive distant cousin who was still in the Delta Quadrant. Starfleet really had no idea what had happened to him and frankly, Sam wanted to use this chance to reconnect with his relative. Commodore (Retired) Randi Moss and Commander Stefen Moss were legends in the Moss family for the simple fact that they were the first family members in nearly three hundred years to have disappeared.

    “Computer, display service record of Commodore Randi Moss on the main viewer,” Sam ordered as he leaned back into his chair. Using the controls on his chair, he reviewed the current information that Starfleet had on Randi. Randi’s last assignment before his disappearance had been on Starbase 911 as the Adjutant to the Sector Commander; after that he disappeared into the Delta Quadrant.
    He was brought out of his thoughts by the sound of the turbolift doors parting, turning around Sam was confronted with the presence of Commodore Gabriel West and his aide as they walked off the lift.

    “Commander how are you finding the chair,” Gabriel asked as he walked down the ramp.

    Standing up as the flag officer walked toward him, Sam gave the man a smile as he looked at his own uniform which was suited for someone in command.

    “This is different,” Sam stated as he looked at the Operations station, “Normally, I would be over there making sure that everything allocated properly, but it different being in the red, sir.”

    Gabriel gave a smirk, “This is were we differ, Sam. I am the son of a law enforcement officer and I will always be that law enforcement officer, but you, you are different. You know who you are, frankly, you should have been in the command track years ago.”

    Sam looked at the man that had been a family friend for years and was also his godfather. Ever since he graduated from Starfleet Academy, Gabriel had tried to get him in the command track and Sam would always turn him down because of his son. However, that son was now a teenager and Sam felt it was time to spread his wings.

    “Remember that this is just a trial,” Sam replied, “I’m not really sure if command is right for me, plus this give us a chance to get a Moss back into the Delta Quadrant.”

    “Remember that is a secondary mission, Sam,” Gabriel stated, “Starfleet did not give you a ship just to look for lost family. Randi would not want you to get sidetrack and that is something I can agree with. What the status on your crew?”

    Waving for Gabriel to take a seat in the Executive Officer chair; Sam took his own seat, “The entire senior staff has already been chosen. Now, I am just waiting for Starfleet Personnel Bureau to allocate the rest of the senior-most junior officer. I have already informed them that if I have to give me people fresh out of the Academy and Basic Training.”

    “Why do you want people that have no experience in junior billets,” Gabriel asked as he leaned into his chair.

    “Honestly, I want people that do not have an attachment,” Sam replied, “My own son is remaining in the Alpha Quadrant and he old enough where the rest of the family can help him out while I’m in the black. Voyager disappeared and reappeared, but those families were broken since most spouse had remarried or were dead themselves.”

    Rubbing his chin, Gabriel could see Sam point, but he also saw another side, “But having someone with an attachment can make them even more determined to get back to them. Don’t write off those that have spouses, Sam, they might make the difference if something happens to you out there.”

    Thinking over what the senior officer was telling him, Sam put the thought in the back of his mind. This was something that he would have to rethink since it was a valid point. If you were lost and had nothing to get back to you would give up, but if you had something to get back to, then you would try your hardest to get back.

    “I will take what you said under advisement, Commodore,” Sam replied.

    Standing up, Gabriel waved for the younger man to remain in his seat, “I’ll leave you to it, Commander.”

    “Aye, sir.”

    “I’ll also leave the porch light on for you,” Gabriel stated as he entered the turbolift after walking up the ramp.

    Sam watched the door close with a smile on his face before he looked at the information that was still on the screen, “Computer remove file from main viewer, resume gray mode.”

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