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The newly commissioned Nova-class USS Aurora has been assigned to Task Force 38 and operating in the Gradin Belt on the other side of the wormhole. There primary mission is exploration, charting star systems. What what will they discover as they begin their exploration after heading over to the Delta Quadrant.

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    The USS Aurora is sent out to explore an uncharted star system, when they discover a planet called Elvion which seemed to be over 1,000 years old. The planet seems to have some unique artifacts that belonged to the Hirogen. Long been abandoned, they start exploring the planet finding out what they can about their past.

    [Starbase 38]
    [February, 2399]
    [Mission Day 1]

    Another day on Starbase 38 was about to start with the Alarm sounding, rolling over in the direction of where the alarm clock was, she turned it off and sat up. Stretching she brushed the hair out of her face. Standing up after a few moments, walking into the kitchen to begin fixing her something to eat to begin her day, having a lot of work to be done as well as meetings she needed to attend to keep engineering running smoothly.

    “Coffee, black hot.” She said as she ordered a coffee and sat down and began her morning routine of reading list for the day, orders that might have come in overnight with what needed to be completed before the end of day and what could wait. Compiling them into high priority, taking a sip of her coffee she finished with her daily morning task. Setting the padd on the table she ordered her breakfast, her normal, two eggs, two bacon and two pieces of toast. She would sometimes throw it up by adding hash browns but Jhamal wasn’t feeling it this morning.

    Coming back to the table she began to eat, she sat there and contemplated things, who would do what task as she prepared for her afternoon meeting with her team to get them ready for the day. She then complied that list on another padd while she ate, after finishing she cleared the table and the placed both padds on the table near the door so she could just grab them on the way out. She was only a shift leader, but she was an organized person so she liked to keep things running smoothly on her shift, for the Chief Engineering Officer.

    Though she didn’t have to report to work until 1400h, but she was a person of routine. Walking into the bedroom she got changed into her workout clothes, she usually took an hour in the gym for her morning workout and then a quick run on the promenade since it wasn’t that busy during the early mornings. She finished getting dressed and made her way down to the gym where she would spend the next hour working out. Once she finished she did her quick run and then headed back to her quarters, by this time it was 1000h.

    “Commander P’Trell it seems one of the Engineers wants to speak to you, told him that it could wait until your shift but he is persistent to speak to you.” said the voice of an engineer over the comm. channel.

    Jhamal sighed as she had a feeling she knew which officer he was talking about, she always had an issue with this officer and he could be such a pain and wouldn’t take no for an answer. “Tell him I’ll meet him in engineering in an hour, no less.” Jhamal replied as she ended the communication.

    Sighing she decided to jump in the shower and get ready to meet this engineer who was dying to see her. After her shower and getting dressed she made her way out of her quarters, heading down to engineering to meet with the officer. Once she arrived, and he noticed her he walked up to her and the complaints and bickering started. She continued to walk to her little office hoping get the hint and follow which he did. Once they entered she sat down and he began on his daily complaining and bickering before there shift even started.

    After dealing with the officer she walked out of engineering and headed down to the promenade to get some lunch, the hassle and bussel of the Starbase was a non-stop thing people walking, or even running from one place to the other, the noise was loud there was barley any quiet space especially on the promenade. As she arrived she looked around, she usually went to the same place every day for lunch, but this time she wanted to try something different.

    Looking around she finally found a restaurant that looked interesting, walking in she took a seat near the back towards the window. A young woman walked up and smiled, “What can I get for you?” The waitress asked as she stood there, looking up from the menu she smiled in return. “The special looks good, and I’ll also have a Earl Gray, hot.” Jhamal replied setting the menu down on the table.

    The waitress nodded as she walked off to get her meal for her, looking outside viewing the stars and the planet below. The view was beautiful from where she was sitting, and she lost track of the waitress returning with her food, setting the food and drink of the table. The young women noticed she was not paying attention; she made a small clearing of her throat. Jhamal snapped out of it and looked back, “oh sorry got distracted,” Jhamal stated, “It’s alright Commander, I know how it is the planet is just beautiful from up here.” The waitress responded with a smile.

    “Is there anything else I can get for you? “She asked as Jhamal shook her head, “not at the moment.” She replied as the waitress nodded then walked away to check on some other patrons.

    Jhamal began to slowly eat her food, always savoring the taste instead of just eating so fast that it gives someone a stomach ache. She looked out the window while she ate, the waitress came over a couple more times to check to see if she needed anything and once Jhamal was finished she handed the dishes back to the waitress then made her way out. Walking slowly down the promenade she admired some of the shops that were there, looking at different items that were for sale. She realized the time she quickly made her way back to her quarters to grab the two padds and then headed for engineering to begin her shift.

    Arriving in engineering there was a lot activity going on, she walked into the observation lounge knowing that her teammates that were on her shift was already waiting her arrival. “Good afternoon,” she replied as she looked around the room, “Hello sir.” They all replied in unison.

    She got down to business and began their daily meeting with what was planned, what was most important to get done first and what could wait and wouldn’t take long to finish. She spent the next fifteen minutes in the meeting before it finished and everyone went on their way to get started on their tasks.

    Putting away her padds she walked out and had one task that would take several hours that she assigned herself. She was very anal about some things and this task she wanted to get completed herself. Walking over to the console she began her work, she would work the next several hours on this task before finishing at 2130h. Once she finished and was satisfied that it was complete the others on her team gave her there status reports of what was finished which was everything on the list she gave them. Then the next shift started to show up as well as the next shift leader.

    They walked into the office so she could give her status report to him of what was completed and in running order. She would spend the next thirty minutes meeting with him before he started his meeting with his team.

    She had just finished her shift in engineering; she exited and started walking down the corridor, heading back to her quarters. It was a busy night, people walking up and down the corridors heading to their destinations. After awhile she arrived at her quarters and entered, looking around she went to the replicator to get something to eat before she sat down.

    The computer pinged once to announce that it had a recorded personal message to share and a gold TF38 icon flashed onto the computer screen on Jhamal’s desk.

    She raised an eyebrow, wondering what it could be. Getting up and walking over to her computer screen she turned it on to see a message from Commodore Cody. She began to read it.

    TO: LCDR J. P’Trell
    Engineering Systems Commissioning Officer
    Starbase 38

    FROM: CDRE M. Cody
    Deputy Commander
    Task Force 38

    COPY TO: VADM J. Knox
    Task Force 38

    LCDR H. Colaar
    ADC to Deputy Commander Task Force 38

    LT A. Prinnix
    Senior Administrative Officer
    Task Force 38

    SUBJECT: Immediate New Orders

    It gives me great pleasure to inform you that effective immediately, you are hereby required and requested to take command of USS Aurora TG381 / TF38 with the commensurate increase in grade to commander.

    SIGNED: Commodore Matt Cody, Deputy Commander Task Force 38.

    Underneath the formal wording of the order, Cody had typed the additional text: ‘Congratulations on your promotion and your new assignment, Jhamal. Come and see me in my office at 0700 tomorrow and we can discuss further. Cody.’

    Jhamal finished reading the message and she was speechless, she didn't think that she would be given a Command but here she was promoted to the rank of Commander and given her own ship to command. She would have to change uniforms to the red and not yellow. She would worry about that in the morning. She looked at the time and realized it was rather late and if she was going to get up early in the morning she needed her sleep. Walking to her bedroom getting ready she turned in for the night.

    [Starbase 38]
    [February, 2399]
    [Mission Day 2]

    The alarm sounded, rolling over to shut it off Jhamal sat up and stretched. Taking a deep breath she walked to the shower then got dressed in her new uniform and pinned her new rank on her collar. Quickly eating before she had to make her way to the Commodores office, she was a bit nervous; taking a deep breath she walked out of her quarters and quickly made her way to his office. Officer's she had seen and worked with before noticed the change and started congratulating her. She smiled at them and of course thanked them as she walked.

    Finally making she pressed the chime on the door and waiting for a response, she's never talked with the Commodore before though she's seen him around the base a few times. Nervous she took another deep breathe to calm her as she waited.

    Cody rose from behind his desk as Jhamal entered a broad smile on his face. Behind him the entire exterior wall of the office was made up of three broad windows which looked out onto space, with the green planet of Barzan II encroaching onto the view from the left-hand side.

    “Commander P’Trell,” he said in greeting. “I’m Matthew Cody, Deputy Commander Task Force 38.” He gestured to a collection of comfortable-looking sofas clustered around a low table. The table held a large plate of pastries, a bowl of fruit, jug of what looked to be orange juice and a large pot of coffee. “Thank you for joining me at such an ungodly hour. Have you had time for breakfast yet? Please help yourself.”

    Jhamal nodded, she had a light breakfast but she wasn’t going to be rude so she took a pastry and sat down with a smile. “Thank you sir,” Jhamal added as she took a bit, it was a new taste but it was delicious.

    The commodore took a seat and poured coffee into two cups, pushing one towards the Andorian officer.

    She accepted the coffee and took a sip, and savored the taste of the coffee. She thought that this must be fresh coffee and not something replicated. It had a different taste and it was very good.

    “I suppose this all pretty surprising, hey?” he said with a grin. “I think the best course of action is for me to explain just what the hell is going on while you enjoy your breakfast, and then you come back when I’ve finished with questions.”

    He took a mouthful of coffee and reclined on his sofa.

    “So, I’ve only been here a couple of days myself - and my priority has been to make sure that every one of the twenty-six starships we’re about to send through that wormhole out there is as ready as it can be. All was going to plan until one of my commanders requested an LOA without warning. Seems that the commanding officer of Aurora has some family trouble back home on Bolarus that he needs to sort out... Naturally I approved his request - but that obviously left me with a conundrum. The wormhole opens in less than 24 hours and I have a ship without a commander.”

    He paused, helping himself to a croissant from the plate before him and smiled at P’Trell in an attempt to reassure her. “Don’t look so nervous, Jhamal,” he admonished. Leaning back once again, he continued:

    “Aurora has full crew, but with a fairly inexperienced XO. Promoting her to take the centre chair would be the wrong thing to do at this stage. So I started looking at personnel dockets across the task force and noticed yours. Your duty here aboard the Starbase will be coming to an end soon once all of the new systems have been commissioned and you’ve handed everything over to Commander Garret the Chief Engineer. Plus I notice from your career reviews that you’ve expressed a desire for command. A desire that your last three superior officers have all endorsed, I may add. So there you are… the right place at the right time, you might say.”

    “So, your ship… she’s a Nova-class surveyor, 8 decks, 80 crew. Eleven Type-X phaser arrays providing 360 degree coverage, plus two forward torpedo launchers. Two shuttlecraft, plus a Waverider-class support vessel integrated into the ventral plane of the saucer. You will be part of Explorer Group 381, operating within the Gradin Belt of the Delta Quadrant and reporting directly to Captain Jack Ransom of the Elysion. Ransom will be your Task Group commander, and will be at the end of a comm-line when you need him, but he will not be with you. Aurora will very much be operating independently within the Gradin Belt.”

    “Your priority will be to use the Nova’s extensive science facilities to update Starfleet data on the Gradin Belt and to continue to explore the area. The Explorer Group's overall mission is to maintain stability in the area, ahead of a more in-depth exploration by Starfleet as time progresses.”

    “Probably not the route you expected to achieve your first starship command, Commander - but my need of a captain and your presence here on the station seems to be a fortuitous coincidence for us both... Now it’s your turn. Hit me with your questions,” he concluded as he poured himself a second cup of coffee.

    She looked at him; it was a shock to her though she did want a command of her owns she never thought it come this soon. She was looking at extending her work here on Starbase 38, but they had other plans. She thought for a moment, “How will resupplies work?” She asked as she wondered, supplies on a nova would only last so long before the need to supply again.

    “It’s expected that Aurora’s power reserves should equate to between 12 and 18 months of standard operations, although don’t forget that the wormhole opens every 30 days. If you need to come back for any reason, just clear it with Captain Ransom first. Secondly, Admiral Knox’s orders for the mission require all commanding officers to put procedures in place for their vessel to return home ‘under their own steam’ should the wormhole collapse or close for any reason. For example, I know that Elysion crew has a team of stewards attached to the ops department who will grow, cook and serve an element of non-replicated food in order to make their power reserves last a little longer…”

    He sipped his coffee. “I’ve sent the Admiral’s briefing pack under encryption to the console in your quarters aboard Aurora. But there’s something I need to make you aware of now.” He cleared his throat and leaned forwards. “Classified Directive Rho-Zero-Three-Zero. Your standing orders whilst in the Delta Quadrant are to avoid contact with the Borg at all costs… but it’s inevitable at some point they will become aware of our presence. Rho-Zero-Three-Zero states that the moment that we believe that the Borg are about to use the wormhole… we’ll collapse it ourselves from this end using a reverse verteron pulse. Anyone still in the Delta Quadrant will be stranded there and will need to make their own way home. Do you understand, Commander?"

    She nodded, and paused again to think of anything else she might want to ask but she couldn’t think of anything. She knew what was ahead of her and she could handle it, and it was something of a new challenge for her but she could do it. “I can’t…” she started then it dawned on her. “When should the Aurora be ready to depart and be ready for the wormhole to open?” She asked.

    "The day after tomorrow,” Cody replied. “1400 hours."

    “Understood sir, the Aurora will be ready. I am going to double check to make sure she is ready before we depart.” Jhamal stated as she looked at him finishing the last sip of her coffee. “I don’t have any other questions at this time.” She added as she thanked him for the pastry and coffee. “If there is nothing else I would like to get things sorted, and move my belongings over.” Jhamal said as she had a bit of packing to do to have it sent over and she wanted to make sure everything was a go on her new ship before they departed. She didn’t want any surprises before they departed.

    Cody nodded. “Very good, Commander. And thank you. Dismissed.” He watched as the Andorian officer walked towards the door. “And Jhamal?” he called after her. “Good luck"

    Once she was dismissed she walked out of his office and headed back to her quarters. Walking down the corridor, she walked a bit slower than normal trying to wrap her head around what just transpired. She had a lot to do and so little time to get it completed. After what seemed like eternity she arrived, she would spend the next couple hours packing and then sending her belongings ahead to the Aurora.

    After finishing, she stood for a moment in her quarters looking around. She was going to miss working on Starbase 38 but she was onto a new journey. After a few moments she walked out of her quarters and decided to head down to the Promenade one last time for one more lunch at her favorite restaurant as she wasn’t sure when she would get the chance again.

    She looked around as she walked, officers walking up and down the corridor nodding at her as they passed. Once she arrived at her favorite restaurant she took her normal seat and ordered her food. Once it arrived she began to eat, savoring each bit like it was her last. Once she finished she took one last look around before leaving heading to where the USS Aurora was currently docked.

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    [USS Aurora]
    [February, 2399]
    [Mission Day 2]

    The USS Aurora was docked at docking bay 3, when she arrived looking out of the large window overlooking the different ships that were docked. Spotting the USS Aurora she smiled thinking she was a good looking ship. Walking up to where the entrance to the Aurora was she gave the padd to the dock master that was overseeing the different ships with her assignment orders.

    Looking it over, he nodded. “Welcome aboard Commander.” The young officer replied with a smile. Jhamal nodded and went aboard, she seen the officers that were already on board walking back and forth to where they were headed and getting things ready to go. Thinking about going to her quarters to unpack but, instead decided to head to the bridge to check on things and meet her Executive Officer.

    Walking down the corridor to the turbolift, “Bridge,” she responded as she entered and the doors closing behind her. The lift began moving towards its destination; the hum of the lift was rather soothing to her as she closed her eyes for a moment to listen to the sound until the lift came it a stop with the doors opening.

    Exiting she walked out and Lieutenant Commander Sorka Aberea the Executive Officer stood up from the center chair. “Welcome Commander, I am Commander Sorka the Executive Officer.” Aberea replied as she extended a hand towards Jhamal who in turn shook it. “Commander P’Trell the new Commander.” Jhamal replied as she motioned towards her ready room to meet in private.

    Walking into her ready room she took a seat at her desk and offered the other chair to Sorka. “Please take a seat,” she said as she looked at her. The young Bajoran officer looked at her while Jhamal was trying to get a feel for her.

    She could tell that she was a bit upset that she was looked over as Commanding Officer, “could you give me a status report?” Jhamal requested standing up walking over to the replicator. “Care for a drink?” Jhamal asked as she ordered herself a cup of coffee, black. Sorka shook her head, “no thank you Commander.” She replied as Jhamal walked back over to her seat and sat down.

    “Right now we are running at ninety percent, we are still receiving supplies as well as stewards that will be assigned to the operations department.” Aberea replied as she was sure she didn’t need so say more on that.

    “Systems are getting to where they need to be and all should be running at a hundred percent by the time we disembark from Starbase 38 and head through the wormhole.” She added looking at the commander, Jhamal nodded as she took a sip of her coffee. “Has all the crew reported?” Jhamal asked as Sorka nodded signifying everyone was on board and working to get the ship ready.

    “Very good Commander,” Jhamal replied as she sat their quietly for a moment.

    Sorka looked at the Commander, there was clearly something bothering her and she wasn’t sure whether to get it off her chest or just let it be. She was upset that she was passed over for Command yet again.

    Jhamal looked at her, “if there is something you want to say just say it and stop beating around the bush.”

    “With all due respect, why do I keep getting overlooked for Command?” Sorka finally blurted out.

    Jhamal knew something was bothering her but she understood her feelings, “right now Starfleet feels that you’re not ready. So they decided to send an experience officer to help you get ready.” She responded to her question in hopes it would satisfy her.

    “But this isn’t the first time…” Sorka added with a sigh.

    “I understand how you feel, but sometimes Starfleet knows best and wants you to continue to grow in your current position.” Jhamal added looking at her.

    Sorka sat their thinking for a moment, knowing that Jhamal was right. “You’re right, sorry for questioning.” She added, “I rather you be open about things then hold it in where it bothers you and you explode.” Jhamal added rationally as Sorka nodded.

    “Come walk with me to Engineering; want to get a see for the systems.” Jhamal said as the two stood up and walked out of the office towards the turbolift.

    A short time later they arrived in Engineering, looking around there was a lot of hustle and bussel going about. Officers running around getting things fully operational, “can I help you? If not then you need to get out of engineering.” Said the voice of Lieutenant Zak Norara the Chief Engineering Officer as he passed by, not paying any attention to the uniform color or even the ranks.

    The two looked at each other and raised an eyebrow, “excuse me I realize you must be busy but that was kind of rude.” Sorka replied as the Bolian officer finally looked back at them as his eyes got wider realizing who they were.

    “I…uh…” Zak started to say but couldn’t get the words out as you can see red showing threw the blue in his face.

    “I am Commander P’Trell and this is Lieutenant Commander Sorka,” Jhamal introduced themselves. “I am sorry sir, been so busy that I forgot to even look at who was here.” Zak replied. “Lieutenant Zak Norara the Chief.” Zak replied looking at them.

    Jhamal nodded, “Would like a status report.”

    “Ah yes,” Zak nodded as he motioned for them to follow him to a console. Just as they arrived another engineering officer walked over to Zak and handed him a padd. “Ah yes thank you Ensign.” Zak replied as it was what he was waiting for.

    He tapped the console in front of him and brought up some information for them to see. “As you can see we are sitting at ninety-five percent ready, we got a few more calibrations to make. But she will be ready before we are set to depart,” Zak replied.

    Looking at the information that was provided “excellent news,” Jhamal replied. “Well it seems you have everything under control here.” Jhamal was impressed by how well engineering was running. Being an engineer herself she knew a good one when she seen one.

    “So I hear you were an engineering officer on Starbase 38 before your promotion.” Zak said looking at her.

    Jhamal nodded, “indeed and imagine there systems compared to the Auroras.” Jhamal replied with a smirk.

    “Oh, I would love to get my hands on those systems.” Zak replied then quickly came back with. “I am happy here though sir.”

    Jhamal smiled, “I’d hope so, I read your file and it has been quiet impressive and we need an engineering officer like you onboard.” Jhamal added as the Bolian blushed again, “you’re too kind Commander.” Zak replied.

    She smiled and then looked at him, “Well I will leave you to your work.” Jhamal stated as both her and Sorka turned to exit engineering.

    “One more stop, sickbay.” Jhamal replied as they walked towards the turbolift and ordered it to go to sickbay. After a few moments of quiet as the lift moved, it came to a stop with the doors opening with people waiting outside to come in. They both exited and headed down the corridor towards sickbay.

    Walking in she looked around, “state the nature of the medical emer…” the EMH IV started to say before it was ended. “Sorry about that was testing out her systems when you walked in.” said Aavan the Chief Medical Officer.

    “Lieutenant Aavan, the Chief Medical Officer how can I help you two?”

    “I am Commander P’Trell and this is Lieutenant Commander Sorka, we were making our rounds and decided to stop by to see if the medical department was stocked up and ready to go.” Jhamal replied looking at her.

    “Ah right, thought you were here for your physical…which is due very soon.” Aavan said with a smile which caused Jhamal to raise an eyebrow. She noticed that she as Vulcan but showed emotion. She then remembered reading her file and she was also half human as well.

    “Well, we will come in soon. I’ll make it a point to have everyone report that are due within the next few days.” Jhamal added looking around the room.

    Aavan nodded then went back to her original question, “We are almost fully supplied. We are still receiving supplies from Starbase 38 which should be completed within the hour.” She replied as she handed Jhamal a padd with a status report on it that she was about to bring up to the bridge, but with them here it would save her a trip.

    “Thank you Lieutenant,” Sorka replied with a smile.

    “Is there anything else I can help you with?” Aavan asked.

    She shook her head, “not at this time.” Jhamal added as they both turned to exit sickbay and started back to the bridge. Jhamal would return to her ready room while Sorka made sure that each department sends in their status reports.

    Walking into her ready room she walked to the replicator, “coffee, black” Jhamal ordered and then noticed her box of things she wanted for her ready room had been delivered while they were doing their rounds. “Sweet, just in time” Jhamal said to herself as she took a sip of her coffee and sat it down.

    She wanted to get her things put in their places to make her ready room feel more like it was hers. She would call the Aurora home now and she wanted things to be perfect, looking around the room she noticed she had a nice little bookshelf near the window and couch with two chairs and a center coffee table.

    “That will be perfect,” she said as she grabbed a box with some books, nick knacks and a couple plants and started to arrange them on the bookshelf and placing the larger plant beside the couch and wall on the opposite site, the smaller plant in the middle of the center table. She placed her books and some of her other things on the bookshelf and then looked at her finished work there.

    Once she was satisfied with that area she moved onto her desk, she didn’t like the chair so she had one ordered and would arrive soon. Then the door chime went off, “enter.” Jhamal said as the doors opened up, “sir this was delivered for you, if you want I can take your old chair.” Sorka replied who nodded as she placed the new chair in its place and walked out with the old chair.

    “Talk about perfect timing,” she said to herself as she started working on her desk and placing pictures on the walls.

    Once she finished with her ready room and she was happy with how it looked she walked out of her ready room. “Commander I’ll be in my quarters for a couple hours if you need me.” Jhamal said as she looked at her.

    “You can call me Aberea,” Sorka replied with a smile as Jhamal just nodded and exited the bridge.

    After arriving to her quarters which was on deck one, hers and Aberea’s were the largest out of the rest. Walking in she looked around and making sure all her belongings were accounted for which they were. She also had transferred all the status reports to her computer in her quarters.

    She would spend the next few hours unpacking and placing things where they needed to go. She needed to have everything in order, she was a very organized person and she didn’t like things out of order. Once satisfied she had sent the crates away and then walked over to the replicator to make some dinner.

    Sitting down she began to eat, it’s been a long day. After she finished eating, placing the dishes back into the replicator she sat down at her desk and would spend an hour reading reports that came in from the different departments on where they stand. Looking at the time, it was already late into the night. Shutting her computer down, walking into the bedroom and changing clothes to go to bed.

    Lying down, she didn’t realize how tired she was until she fell asleep almost right away.

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    [USS Aurora]
    [February, 2399]
    [Mission Day 4]

    The previous day had been one busy day, with making sure all systems, supplies and such were ready to go by the next day. With the hard work from the crew it got done way before the deadline. They were all able to relax that night and enjoy the promenade on the Starbase one last time before they departed.

    The next morning came quicker then she wished yawning, she slowly sat up and stretched. Finally getting up out of bed, Jhamal walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee. Standing near the window, she began to drink while looking out.

    Sighing she decided to do some work from her quarters as she wouldn’t be needed on the bridge until it gets closer to departure. After finishing her coffee she got some breakfast and started to eat. Once finishing, she went into the bedroom to get ready for the day. Walking out, she got another cup of coffee and sat down at her desk.

    Sitting down at her little office she pulled up reports and other items that needed to be completed before they departed Starbase 38 to begin their journey in the Delta Quadrant.

    She worked until lunch time, getting up she headed for the kitchen area, she started to make herself some lunch. She sat down and ate while thinking, there was lot of unknowns in the Delta Quadrant, though there was a lot of information that Voyager had given when they returned, but there were still the unknowns that were never discovered.

    She finished lunch and had at least an hour before they were scheduled to leave. She went back to her desk and finished her work. Once finished she headed to the bridge, once she arrived she looked around.

    “Engineering, are we good to depart?” Jhamal asked over the comm.

    “Affirmative Captain,” Zak replied back.

    “Lieutenant Kuzan, please begin departure procedures, remove clamps and slowly back us away from the Starbase at one quarter impulse.” Jhamal ordered as Kuzan nodded tapping the consoles in front of him. “Starbase 38 to USS Aurora, you are good to go.” The dock master said over the comm channel. “May God speed!” he added before ending the comm channel.

    The docking clamps where removed and the Nova-class starship began to slowly back away from the Starbase. Once they were cleared they made a slow turn and headed for the wormhole was located. She looked at the time; it would open in a few moments so they waited. Looking at Sorka who looked a bit nervous but yet excited at the same time.

    A few moments later the wormhole opened, a ship came out and once the ship was cleared, she had the go ahead to enter. “Take us in, keep us steady.” Jhamal replied as she looked at Kuzan and the ship began to move into the wormhole and head into the Delta Quadrant.

    “This is it…” she said to no one in particular.

    After a few moments they exited the wormhole, now on the other side. As they exited another ship went through. There were still some ships that would come behind her but she noticed the USS Elysion was near.

    “Sir the USS Elysion is hailing us,” said Lieutenant Morgan from the Operations station.

    “Put them through,” Jhamal stated as the view screen turned on with the face of its Captain.

    “Commander P’Trell, this is Captain Jack Ransom aboard Elysion. Welcome to Explorer Group 381.” Ransom smiled reassuringly. “Commodore Cody tells me things have been a little bit of a blur for you over the last couple of days?”

    “Indeed it has Captain, but it’s nothing I can’t handle,” Jhamal said with a smile.

    “I just wanted to check in with you now we’re in the Gradin Belt, and make sure everything’s in hand and you’re settled aboard Aurora."

    “I am pretty much all settled, crew worked really hard to get her at hundred percent.” Jhamal stated with a smile. “Now we’re ready to explore the unknown sort to speak.” She added looking at him.

    Ransom smiled at the Andorian officer. “That’s good. Remember that if you need any support while we’re all over here, I’m at the end of a comm signal. Remind me again where Aurora is heading to first?”

    “From what we can see of interest, there is a star system near, but not to near Hirogen space that hasn’t been really charted yet.” Jhamal stated as she looked at him. “It’s about time someone to investigate it, while still staying safe.” She added with a smile.

    “Alright Commander,” said Ransom, his face becoming more serious. “Be careful though – Aurora isn’t equipped to go toe-to-toe with a Hirogen ship. Remember, holler if you need back up – and keep in regular contact. Good luck. Ransom out.”

    She took his advice as he ended the communication; she turned to her Flight Control Officer. “Set course for that star system, warp 5.” Jhamal ordered as Lieutenant Kuzan tapped a few buttons. “Course set,” Kuzan replied.

    “Engage,” Jhamal ordered.

    Kuzan hit a button and the Aurora went to warp heading towards the star system. “We will arrive in tomorrow morning sir.” Kuzan replied.

    “Understood,” Jhamal replied then looking to Lieutenant Morgan her Chief Operations Officer. “Keep open sweeps of the area; keep an eye on anything unusual. We don’t need any surprises.” Jhamal replied looking at her.

    “Aye sir,” Sara Morgan replied as she began regular intervals of scans.

    “Sorka, you have the bridge as I have a physical appointment with the good old Doctor.” Jhamal replied as Sorka nodded, “understood sir.” Sorka replied standing up and moving over to the command chair as Jhamal got up and headed out of the bridge and headed for sickbay.

    When she arrived she walked in, “Dr. Aavan?” she called out looking around to find the doctor. “I am here for my physical.” She added, as she came out of her office. “Right on time,” Aavan replied with a smile as she motioned for her to take a seat on the bio bed.

    Jhamal walked and sat on the bio bed, “So how you feeling today? Have you noticed anything unusual since your last physical you wish to discuss?” Aavan asked as she began her normal scans.

    “I am doing fine, and no nothing unusual has happened.” Jhamal replied as she looked at her.

    “Great,” Aavan replied as she continued her scans. “This should only take a few moments to complete so don’t go anywhere.” Aavan said with a smile as she walked away for a moment and then came back.

    After a few moments the doctor finished her scans and everything seem to be normal. “Well nothing new to report, everything looks normal.” Aavan replied with a smile, “You’re free to go.” She added as she looked at Jhamal.

    “Thank you,” Jhamal said as she hopped down from the table and began to walk out; she stopped and looked back to the doctor. “So how many have reported for their physical?” She asked looking at her.

    She tapped a few buttons to check, “Almost all still got a few more to do but, they have appointments set up over the next couple days.” Aavan replied.

    “Great,” Jhamal said as she exited and headed back up to the bridge.

    Entering the bridge after a few moments “report,” she asked looking at Lieutenant Morgan. “Everything is quiet,” Morgan replied. Jhamal nodded then headed for her ready room to begin some work.

    Tapping her commbadge, “Commander P’Trell to Lieutenant Norara,” Jhamal said.

    “Zak here how can I help you Commander?” Zak replied.

    “How is the ship holding up?” Jhamal asked.

    “She’s in tip top shape and holding great, not reading anything that would cause concern.” Zak replied while he was working on a few minor glitches but they were mainly with the replicators.

    “The only thing is there seems to be a glitch with the replicators but I will have that fixed within an hour.” Zak replied.

    “Understood,” Jhamal replied. “Keep up the good work Lieutenant,” Jhamal added and then ended the comm channel.

    Zak began to get back to work on fixing the glitch, while Jhamal worked on reports that she will keep for when she would report to Captain Ransom. She would keep detailed reports on major things that happened with the Aurora, from mission notes, major repairs, etc. She was organized something that would never change. Her office was even in order, with everything in their place.

    She sent a message to her Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade T’Kodil that he would be needed once they reached the star system. She would be able to use his experience in categorizing the star system. There sensors on the Aurora were going to be of good use and hopefully they would find something interesting while exploring the star system.

    Once she sent him the message she got up and went to her coffee maker that she got from Earth a few years ago, she knew that there something going on with the replicators so she decided she would make fresh pot of coffee. She always liked fresh coffee compared to replicate.

    Once she made her coffee, she sat down and began to compile her reports from the reports her departments had sent her over the last couple days. She would spent the next few hours compiling it.

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    [USS Aurora]
    [February, 2399]
    [Mission Day 5]

    “Sorka to Commander P’Trell, we have arrived at star system.” Sorka said over the comm channel.

    “Understood, I’ll be there shortly.” Jhamal replied as she was getting ready for the day so she needed a few moments. “Understood sir,” Sorka replied and ended the comm channel.

    Sorka looked at Lieutenant Kuzan, “bring the Aurora to a complete stop.” She ordered as Kuzan nodded and the Aurora came to a stop close to the star system. The screen showed the area around them. It almost looked like the Milky Way in the Alpha Quadrant but quite different, yet still as beautiful.

    “Wow,” Kuzan replied.

    Sorka just nodded in amazement not really saying much. The others on the bridge were also hooked on the beauty of the star system. “Just completed my scan, there are no unusual readings.” Sara replied from her station as Sorka nodded.

    T’Kodil arrived on the bridge to view the star system, “Intriguing.” He replied as he walked to his station.

    Jhamal finally arrived on the bridge and noticed the view screen, “wow.” She said as she looked on for a moment. “T’Kodil, please start a long in dept scan of the star system. She looked at Kuzan, “while scans are running keep us moving at one quarter impulse through the system.” Jhamal replied, “T’Kodil, if you find something you want to get a closer look at let us know and we will stop or move towards the object.” Jhamal added while he nodded.

    “Understood sir,” Kuzan replied. “It will take a week if not more to catalog our findings, if we find something of great importance or interest it could take longer.” T’Kodil replied looking at Jhamal who just nodded.

    “I am going to move my work down to Astrometrics so I can work with my team, I will tie in bridge systems from down there and keep you in the loop.” He replied as Jhamal nodded.

    “Good, just let us know when we can move forward.” Jhamal stated.

    “Understood Captain,” T’Kodil replied and exited the bridge and headed down to Astrometrics lab.

    “Lieutenant Morgan, keep sensor sweeps of the area.” Jhamal ordered, “Understood sir.” Sara replied as she kept up her regular sensor sweeps of the area. She made a report and sent it on its way to Captain Ransom and the USS Elysion, with her current report as well as their arrival to the star system and there beginning of cataloging what they find. That they would keep in regular touch, and reports will be sent regularly.

    Meanwhile down in Astrometrics, T’Kodil arrived and tapped a few buttons to move his bridge controls down to Astrometrics. He turned towards his team and gave him the run down on what they were doing.

    “Wonderful,” Petty Officer 3rd Class Kusco Soran their Stellar Cartographer replied as he loved exploring unexplored star systems.

    “That does sound a bit exciting; wonder if we will find anything of interest in there,” Chief Petty Officer M’Rissa their Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist, purred in reply.

    “I am sure we will find something…” Ensign Kiara Monroe the Science Officer replied, not really as excited as the others.

    “We will start the scans of the area, since our ship is designed for science it will be of benefit to us.” T’Kodil replied, “If you notice anything of interest, planet, or object let me know and I’ll have the ship get closer for closer examination.” He added as part of the screen showed the star system as they seen on the bridge viewer, the other part of the screen was a grid used to catalog objects.

    They began their scan as the ship slowly moved through the system; so far they were just picking up asteroids.

    Jhamal sat on the bridge looking at the viewscreen as they moved slowly, the star system was beautiful. “Do you think will find anything interesting while we are here?” Sorka asked as she looked at Jhamal.

    “I am hoping so, or our trip will have been for nothing.” Jhamal said as she had been wondering the same thing. If they were just on a wild goose chase as they say. But, with the Delta Quadrant was vastly unexplored so they were bound to find some things. But what, she didn’t know.

    Sorka nodded as they watched, after a few moments of silence Jhamal spoke up, “How about we get something to eat?” Jhamal asked Sorka as it was close to lunch. Sorka nodded as they both stood up, “Lieutenant Heam, you have the bridge.” Jhamal replied looking at her Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

    “Aye sir,” Lonneha replied as she stepped down from her console and walked to the command chair.

    “Contact us if anything changes,” Jhamal replied.

    “Understood,” Lonneha replied as both Jhamal and Sorka walked out of the bridge and headed to the mess hall.

    Once they arrived and got their meals they sat down, “So tell me about yourself Sorka?” Jhamal asked as she wanted to get to know her number one. Sorka thought for a moment. “Well I was born on Bajor, though I didn’t live through the occupation, but my parents did.” Sorka started, “My parents thought I should join Starfleet, to have a better life then they had.” She added as she continued to talk about her life.

    “So what about yourself?” Sorka asked as she continued to eat.

    “Well, I grew up on Andoria and always enjoyed fixing things when I was growing up, I would take things apart just to put them back together again.” She began, “I knew I wanted to become an engineer so I join Starfleet,” she continued and would continue to talk about herself until they finished eating.

    “Lieutenant Heam to Commander P’Trell, your wanted on the bridge,” Lonneha replied over the comm channel.

    “Understood we are on our way,” Jhamal replied as they both got up placing their trays back into the replicator and headed back towards the bridge.

    “I wonder if they found something,” Sorka asked as they walked.

    Jhamal nodded in agreement, “hopefully.” She replied as they arrived. “Lieutenant T’Kodil said he wants us to head to these coordinates, he thinks he found something of interest that he wants to check out.” Lonneha replied getting up from the command chair.

    “Kuzan well lay in a course for the coordinates that he gave us.” Jhamal replied.

    “Aye sir setting course,” Kuzan replied as he tapped a few buttons and they began to move towards the coordinates.

    She tapped her commbadge, “What have you found?” She asked T’Kodil, “I believe it’s a planet but will know more once we arrive. There was a bit of interference coming from there to be sure.” He replied, “Understood will let you know once we have arrived.” Jhamal replied as they traveled. They would arrive in about fifteen minutes at their speed but she didn’t want to go any faster in case they were still scanning the area.

    Once they arrived, “We have arrived and it appears to be a planet,” Jhamal said to T’Kodil who acknowledged and began to do a deep scan on the planet. Jhamal let him work, he would report once it was finished. She turned to Morgan who shook her head on any activity in the area.

    “Sir, that is a planet just as I expected. It seems to be an H-Class planet, but getting a little interference; it doesn’t seem to be inhabited but would like to send a probe down to get a clear reading and possibly a sample.” T’Kodil replied over the comm channel. “I will have a full report in a few hours.” He added as he waited a response.

    “Sir I am not reading anything unusual around or even on the planet,” Morgan said to Jhamal who nodded. “Go ahead, keep me informed.” Jhamal replied and ended the comm channel and looked out the view screen at the planet.

    Back in Astrometrics, Petty Officer 2nd Class Sorin the resident Astrometrics Officer was preparing the probe; it would be gone for about five hours before it returned with samples. Though, it would transmit readings during that time they would be able to analyze what they receive in the mean time.

    “Sir, the probe is ready.” Sorin said looking at T’Kodil.

    “Send it,” he replied back as Sorin tapped a few buttons and sent the probe. Kiara tapped a few buttons to activate the probe so they would start the readings. “It will arrive to the planet in a few minutes,” Kiara replied looking at the readings.

    “It has entered the upper atmosphere; it seems to be dense so it could take awhile to fully enter.” Kiara replied. “That could be the reasons for the interference were getting from our scans alone.” Kusco replied looking at Kiara who nodded.

    After a few more minutes, “It is through,” Kiara replied and tapped a few buttons to see if we could get a visual. They were and put it through to the viewscreen; they were getting a visual and patched it through to the main viewer on the bridge so they could view as well.

    “Astrometrics to Commander P’Trell, the probe was a success and you should be viewing what the probe is recording.” T’Kodil stated, “Affirmative Lieutenant, good job.” Jhamal replied.

    “It will return to the Aurora in five hours once it’s completed its scans and collects some samples. I’ll have a full report to you by tomorrow morning as it will take several hours to compile what we have discovered.” T’Kodil replied.

    “Understood,” Jhamal replied and ended the comm channel.

    They would continue to monitor the probe, and when the time had passed the probe returned to the Aurora. They began the download of the data it collected as well as got the samples. They began the long process of looking at the data, and creating the report. They would work in shifts, shifting through the data to compile a complete report which would finish early the next morning.

    [USS Aurora]
    [February, 2399]
    [Mission Day 6]

    Jhamal woke up, this time way before her alarm was to ever go off. Looking at the time she shook her head. ‘Could have had an hour more of sleep,’ she said to herself as she got up and grabbed a hot cup of coffee. She was awake, so there was no point in going back to sleep just to wake up an hour later. She made sure to turn her alarm off, walking to the window she looked out at the planet.

    “Wonder what they have found,” Jhamal said to herself as she sipped her coffee, “What else will we find in this star system.” She thought looking out lost in thought, a few days ago she was working on Starbase 38 in engineering, today she was out discovering new planets in the Delta Quadrant. Who would have thought that she would get her own Command in such a short time, but her she was aboard the Aurora.

    There was so many unknowns, but yet there were known’s here as well she thought, the Hirogen there space was near, though they were far enough away but still that kept her on her seat. But, she knew if she had any problems she could call for backup but hopefully she wouldn’t need to.

    After getting ready for the day, “Lieutenant T’Kodil to Commander P’Trell could you come to Astrometrics when you have a moment. My reports are ready and want to go over it with you.” He replied.

    “On my way,” Jhamal stated as she called Sorka to meet her there as well.

    Jhamal made her way down to Astrometrics and met up with Sorka on the way. “Wonder what he’s discovered,” Sorka commented as they walked.

    Jhamal nodded in agreement, “I am curious myself.” She replied as they entered.

    “Thank you for coming, if you will come this way.” T’Kodil replied as they walked over to the viewscreen. Tapping a few buttons he pulled up all his information, he also downloaded it all on a padd for P’Trell as he was sure she would need to send the information up.

    “Well, the planet we have here is a H-class planet, it has no life as it’s a desert planet. Though you can have life on the planet in domes that were built to stand the climate, but in order to go outside you would need a suit.” T’Kodil replied and he showed the samples and the data collected.

    “We have named this planet Rona, though how old it is we’re guessing it could be over a thousand years.” T’Kodil replied looking at them.

    Jhamal and Sorka continued to read over the data that was collected, “Good job.” Jhamal said with a smile as he raised an eyebrow. “I don’t understand I was just doing my job.” He replied looking at her, who just nodded.

    “Are you finished with your scans of the planet?” Jhamal asked looking at him.

    “We are and are ready to move on,” T’Kodil replied. “Jhamal to bridge continue moving on, one quarter impulse.” Jhamal ordered. “Aye sir,” Kuzan replied in returned.

    “Let us know if we need to stop somewhere again,” Jhamal replied as she took the padd and they both exited and headed towards the bridge. T’Kodil nodded and began doing his long range scans as they began moving again. Jhamal wondered what they would find next on their journey.

    After arriving on the bridge, Jhamal went to her ready room to download the contents of the padd into a report, with all the information that was collected on the planet they had discovered. Once she was finished she had sent it to Captain Ransom on the Elysion. Once that was sent off she walked out onto the bridge and sat down and continued to watch the view screen as they traveled.

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    [USS Aurora]
    [February 2399]
    [Mission Day 7]

    Was early morning aboard the Aurora, Lieutenant Zak Norara was busy working in Engineering monitoring everything. Then something caught his eye, tapping the console in front of him. Something was not right, “Lieutenant Norara to Bridge, what seems to be going on?” Zak asked.

    Sorka was a bit confused, then just as she was about to respond there seemed to be some kind of storm in space. “Helm, move us away.” Sorka ordered as Kuzan tapped a few buttons. “Sir, navigations are not responding.” Kuzan replied as power failures seem to be happening all over the ship.

    “We seem to be in some kind of storm that came out of nowhere, navigations are not responding.” Sorka replied just as Jhamal came on the bridge. She relayed what was going on.

    “Warp core is not responding as well; try to hold on going to work on getting warp and navigation back online to get us out of this storm.” Zak replied. “Very good Lieutenant,” replied Jhamal and ended the comm, “Why didn’t you see this on sensors?” Jhamal asked.

    “We couldn’t detect anything until it was already here sir,” Sara replied. “It must have been jamming our sensors. Jhamal nodded as she watched the view screen and power kept flickering throughout the ship.

    Meanwhile down in Engineering, “Sir can’t seem to override the system,” replied Ensign Izrul Parel. “Just not responded to my commands,” he added looking at Zak.

    Master Chief Petty Officer Timothy Doran worked under a console to hopefully override the controls to get the warp core operational, so far nothing was working. “Damnit” Tim replied as he moved over to another console to try another way. “It will just not respond,” Tim replied.

    Petty Officer 3rd class Kiasra Tix, was working on seeing if she could redirect propulsion controls to at least try to get the ship away from the storm that was causing the problems. “I got something sir, I was able to at least reroute propulsion and should be able to slowly get us out of this storm.” Kiasra said peeking out from behind the console.

    “Warp core is working but, I still can’t control it so hopefully she can get us out of here,” Tim replied frustrated. “I’ll be flying blind so will need assistance from the bridge,” Kiasra replied as she was then patched through to the bridge and explained what they needed to tell her as she tried to pilot the ship from engineering out of the storm.

    After awhile they were clear, but the systems were still not responding. “Were out of the storm,” Jhamal replied. Zak looked at the console, “Sir we are going to be sitting ducks for awhile. We will work on getting systems back online but it could take awhile. Sensors are the only thing operational at this moment it seems.” Zak replied.

    “Understood,” Jhamal replied then ended the comm. Zak sighed, and gave tasks to everyone who got to work.

    Back on the bridge, “I am not reading anything on my end other then we are finally reading that storm we were in, it seems to be passing by. Not sure what could have caused it or why we didn’t read it.” Sara replied looking at Jhamal who nodded in response.

    She informed T’Kodil that it will be awhile before they got back underway, who acknowledged. Jhamal got up and tried to go into her ready room but the doors would not open. She rolled her eyes, “sir there seems to be someone stuck in the turbolift.” Lonneha replied.

    Sara walked over, tried to pry the doors open but they would not budge. She took the cover off and tried to use the manual override which finally worked and Aavan came out, “Where is the medical emergency?” She looked around but not seeing anyone.

    Sorka raised an eyebrow, “I got an alert in sickbay saying there was a medical emergency on the bridge. But apparently that was a malfunction,” Aavan replied with a sigh. “Well do you mind if I stay here until things go back to normal?” She asked.

    “Sure,” Jhamal replied as she sat down in her chair.

    Aavan sat in the empty seat next to her and just waited.

    Several hours had passed by; everything was now back online and working properly. “Zak to Bridge, everything is back online and working properly.” Zak replied, “Great, Kuzan get us back on course.” Jhamal replied as Kuzan tapped a few buttons and they began to move again.

    Aavan headed back down to sickbay, and T’Kodil started with the scans again as the moved. Jhamal walked into her ready room to write up a report of what had happened. “T’Kodil to Bridge,” he replied.

    “Sorka here go ahead,” Sorka replied.

    “Could the Aurora proceed to these coordinates I am sending,” he replied.

    “Affirmative,” Sorka replied as she nodded to Kuzan who laid in a course. “We will arrive in an hour.” Kuzan replied back as the ship moved towards its new course.

    An hour later they arrived they seen another planet, “Bridge to Lieutenant T’Kodil we have arrived.” Sorka replied while Jhamal walked out onto the bridge and looked at the planet.

    “Acknowledge, from what I can get so far is that it’s an L-class planet it has plant life as well as some animal life as well.” He replied as he scanned it some more. “It is habitable, would like to send an away team down to study it more.” T’Kodil requested, Jhamal thought for a moment. “Are you reading any life forums other then animals?” Jhamal asked looking at Sorka.

    “No sir,” T’Kodil replied.

    “Very well, I am sending a security team with your team.” Jhamal replied as Heam nodded and let those of her team who were to meet the science team in the transporter room.

    “How long will you be down there?” Jhamal asked.

    “At least a few hours, I’ll keep in contact.” He replied. “Understood,” Jhamal replied and ended the comm channel.

    Awhile later the science and security team beamed down to the planet once they were in orbit. “Keep track of the team, if any sign of trouble bring them up immediately.” Jhamal ordered looking at Sara.

    “Understood sir,” Sara replied.

    “You have the bridge,” she said looking at Sorka who nodded as she decided she wanted to go get something to eat.

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    [February 2399]
    [Mission Day 7]

    [Away Team on Planet Tirus]

    In the transporter room the away team was assembled, which consisted of Lieutenant T’Kodil, Ensign Kiara Monroe and Petty Officer First Class Mira Kor from the science team. Accompanying them were three officers from security. When everyone was accounted for they all stepped up onto the transport padd and nodded to the chief.

    Soon later they were materialized on the planet; each one took out their tricorder and started scanning the area as they walked, the plants where vibrant, and very beautiful nothing that they have seen before.

    “We should take some samples of the plant life back for analysis,” Mira suggested as she would also take pictures, and get data from her tricorder as well.

    T’Kodil nodded in agreement; they would split up to cover more ground with a security officer accompanying each of them. Ensign Monroe had found what looked like a tree similar to that of Earth but it had some unique differences. Scanning it from bottom to top to get information, she then carefully took a sample of the tree without harming it in anyway.

    She seen an animal looking at her, seemed to be a harmless bird type creature that just say on one of the tree limbs, she scanned the bird careful not to scare it way, she also took a picture of the bird and the tree as well. Once she was done she moved on to find something else, “really beautiful here.” Kiara said over her comm to the others.

    “I would have to agree,” Mira Kor replied in return. “I have seen a small, what looks like a rodent type creature that seems to be very friendly.” Mira added. “Oh, I saw a bird like creature, very pretty colors about the size of an Earths Parrot.” Kiara replied.

    The team continued their exploration of the planet, finding different types of plants and animals that were similar to that of Earth with some differences. After about a few hours they were satisfied and returned to the ship.

    [USS Aurora]
    [Astrometrics Lab]

    Once aboard they headed down to Astrometrics to start analyzing what they have collected. It would take the rest of the day to complete. “Lieutenant T’Kodil to Commander P’Trell, we are starting to analyze the data and samples we have collected we will have a full report for you tomorrow morning.” T’Kodil replied over the comm channel.

    “Understood,” P’Trell replied.

    They uploaded all the information into the computer, while the samples were being analyzed and put into the computer. They would work well into the night working on gathering all the information and writing a report for the Commander.

    [February, 2399]
    [Mission Day 8]

    Jhamal stretched as she woke up, yesterday was a long day. With the away team down on the planet, there was not much excitement going on aboard the ship. Things were quiet for the most part. The only excitement there was, was two officers in engineering got into an altercation over something or other.

    Walking over to the kitchen area she made herself a fresh pot of coffee, not wanting replicated as she felt that today was the need for real coffee. When it was finished brewing she grabbed a cup and poured some.

    Walking over to the table she sat down and began to drink, she wondered what the science team had discovered. But, it would still be a few hours before everything was completed.

    Finishing her cup, she set it down on the table and went to get ready for the day. They were already moving on to wherever their next destination would be. Things were getting interesting in the Delta Quadrant; they were already discovering planets that as far as she knew where never discovered yet.

    After she got ready she headed out of her quarters and headed to the bridge, once she arrived she looked at Commander Sorka, “I was just about ready to call you sir.” Sorka said in a concerned voice.

    “What’s going on Commander?” P’Trell asked looking at her.

    “We are receiving a distress signal from a Talaxian freighter, not too far from here. They seemed to have sustained damage from an ion storm; it seems to be the same one we encountered.” Sorka replied, “they seemed to be dead in the water.” She said looking at P’Trell.

    “Set course, go to yellow alert.” P’Trell said hopefully it’s not a trap of some sorts.

    “Aye sir,” Kuzan replied as he set course for the Talaxian freighter.

    “I am not detecting any other ships besides the freighter sir,” Morgan replied.

    After an hour they reached the coordinates where the distress signal was coming from, from the looks of it they sustained some damage. She turned to Morgan, “open a channel to the Talaxian freighter.” P’Trell ordered while Morgan nodded.

    “USS Aurora to Talaxian freighter, I am Commander Jhamal P’Trell we have received your distress signal.” Jhamal said over the comm, Morgan shook her head. “No response,” Morgan replied.

    “USS Aurora to Talaxian freighter, were here to help you please respond.” Jhamal said but still no response. “Scan the freighter for any life signs,” Jhamal ordered.

    “Sir, I am reading a very faint life sign.” Morgan replied with concern, “Can you get a transporter lock?” She asked as Morgan nodded, “affirmative Commander.” She replied, “Beam him directly to sickbay,” She said as she got up and notified the Doctor of the incoming patient.

    “I’ll be going to sickbay, but what is the condition of the ship?” Jhamal asked, “Not very good sir. But I am sure it could be fixed, engineering will have to make that determination.” Morgan replied.

    She nodded, “Sorka contact engineering and get a team over to the freighter to access the damage.” Jhamal ordered and she nodded as Jhamal walked off the bridge and headed down to sickbay.

    Aavan was in sickbay as the patient was bean directly over, she was accessing the patient when Jhamal arrived. “How is he?” she asked looking at the unconscious Talaxian. “He has sustained a head injury as I am guessing that ion storm really shook the freighter.” Aavan said as she began to treat his injuries, “how long do you think he was like this before we arrived?” Jhamal asked looking at her.

    “From what I can tell a couple days, I am surprised he survived these injuries.” Aavan replied.

    She nodded, “contact me when he wakes up, I have a team over on the freighter accessing the damage to see if it can be repaired. “Understood sir,” Aavan replied with a smile.

    Jhamal exited and headed back to the bridge to monitor the situation. “T’Kodil to Commander P’Trell I have the report ready for you.”

    “Send it to my office, we have a bit of a situation here so won’t be able to come down.” Jhamal replied. “Aye sir,” came his response and ended the comm channel. Arriving on the bridge she looked at Morgan, “status.”

    “Engineering team is over there accessing the damages, we should hear from them within the hour.” Morgan replied looking up from her console. “Understood, I’ll be in my office going over the report from the science team on the planet we discovered.” Jhamal said walking into her office and started going over the report.

    Jhamal reviewed the information, name was Tirus it was a L-class planet with a lot of different plant life as well as some animal life. Didn’t find anything dangerous, not that there wasn’t any they just didn’t come across anything. The soil samples were rich and can sustain human life if so chooses, but they didn’t encounter any humanoid life forms.

    After she finished the report she set it down and sighed, as she stood up and walked back out of her office. “Sickbay to Commander P’Trell the Talaxian is waking up sir,” Aavan replied.

    “On my way,” Jhamal replied then looked at Sorka, “care to join me?” She asked looking at her XO who nodded in response. They both headed down to sickbay to talk to the Talaxian.

    “Where am I?” Nerex asked looking around. “You are on board the USS Aurora, we came upon your distress signal, and your vitals were weak so we beamed you over to treat your injuries.” Aavan replied assuring him that they were his friends.

    Just then both Jhamal and Sorka walked in, “This is Commander P’Trell Commanding Officer of the ship, and her Executive Officer Commander Aberea.” Aavan introduced them to the Talaxian.

    “Name is Nerex, thank you for saving my life.” He replied looking at both of them, “how is my ship?” He asked, “we have a team of engineers over there now accessing the damage should know the results soon.” Sorka replied with a soft smile.

    “We will let you know once we find out, right now just rest you’re in good hands with our doctor here.” Jhamal said with a reassuring smile. “Thank you Commander,” Nerex replied as they exited sickbay and headed back to the bridge to wait.

    “Can I get something to eat?” Nerex asked Aavan.

    “Of course,” she replied with a smile and went and got him something that he might like and brought it back. Nerex began to eat it and enjoyed the meal, they talked while he ate.

    “Lieutenant Zak to Commander P’Trell,” came the voice of the Chief Engineer that was over at the Talaxian ship.

    “Go ahead,” Jhamal said as they stopped walking.

    “We have bad news, the ship is not salvageable and we need to get off here and get as far away as possible.” Zak said in reply, Jhamal grew concerned as that didn’t sound good at all.

    “She is going to blow, there is no way to stop it we have tried but every system has been short circuited and I am surprised it didn’t blow sooner.” Zak replied, “Understood get back over here.” Jhamal said as she told Sorka to go back to sickbay and talk with Nerex while she ran back to the bridge.

    “Once engineering is back on board get us out of here as fast as possible.” Jhamal ordered Kuzan. “Aye sir,” He replied as Morgan nodded when the team was back over and Kuzan hit the engage button.

    As the ship began to move far away the Talaxian ship exploded, the shockwaves reached them but didn’t have much of an impact, just rocked the ship a bit. Jhamal sighed, “looks like we will have a passenger for awhile.”

    Meanwhile back down in sickbay, Sorka explained what had happened to his ship, “we tried everything to save it but it was too far damaged.” Sorka said as she felt sorry for Nerex. Nerex nodded, “thank you for trying.” Nerex replied back sad that he lost his ship.

    “What’s going to happen to me?” Nerex asked just as Jhamal walked back in.

    “Well you can stay aboard, until we can take you where you were headed.” Jhamal said looking at him. “You really mean that?” Nerex asked as not to many people he ran across were that nice.

    “Of course, where were you headed?” Jhamal asked looking at him.

    “Was actually headed back home, decided to take the longer way home but that seemed to have back fired.” Nerex laughed with a sigh, “It would be awhile before we can actually head that way so, if you want you can work down in our mess hall. Sure we can use a cook if you’re up for it.” Jhamal asked looking at him who grinned with excitement.

    “Of course, I am a really good cook and would love to be useful.” Nerex said looking at Jhamal and Sorka.

    “Great, will get your quarters situated and get you set up in the mess hall in the kitchen once you’re released from sickbay.” Jhamal said.

    “Which I am keeping you overnight just for observation; you did hit your head really hard so want to make sure there are no lingering effects.” Aavan replied with a smile as they all nodded.

    “Well we will let you get your sleep and check on you in the morning.” Jhamal said as they left and headed back to the bridge, they began their journey once again and moving on to their next find, which she hoped would be awhile so she could get a few reports done to send to Captain Ransom. Deciding to call it a night, as the night crew came on she went back to her quarters for the night.

  • LeahLeah Member

    [USS Aurora]
    [February, 2399]
    [Mission Day 22]

    A couple weeks have passed by, discovering a couple more planets on their route. One was of particular interest. A planet they called Lolara a class M planet, which seemed to be inhabited by a pre-warp species. After some scans they discovered that they look similar to that of a Bajoran with some distinctiveness to them. The crew after making the initial scans moved on due to not breaking the Prime Directive when concerning pre-warp species.

    Their next planet they discovered a P class planet that had no life as it seemed to be mainly of ice and water. The name of the planet was called Balmurus, nothing of significant to discover due to the coldness of the planet.

    After a total of three weeks travel they came upon a planet, “Sir, there seems to be something interesting on this planet.” T’Kodil said as he started his cans, “I am finding artifacts here that seem very interesting.” He said as he magnified an area he had scanned.

    Jhamal stood up from her chair and looked at the viewer; it almost looked like it was Hirogen. “Any signs of life on the planet?” She asked looking at Sorka then back at the screen.

    “Negative, it all seems to have been abandoned.” T’Kodil replied.

    “Is there a suitable place to land the ship?” She asked Kuzan who didn’t respond right away, “Affirmative.” He replied looking at the Commander. “You’re not thinking of landing the ship down there are you?” Sorka asked.

    Jhamal nodded, “Yes because of what’s down there it could take awhile for us to uncover some possible Hirogen history.” Jhamal said as she looked at her, “it is too much for our shuttle craft to bring down what is needed and keep having to come back and forth from ship to planet it be the best course of action.” Jhamal stated looking back at her.

    Sorka though then nodded in response, “bring us to yellow alert and start the decent process.” Jhamal ordered as Kuzan started the Aurora’s decent through the atmosphere into the planet below.

    After a few tense moments the Aurora had gone through the atmosphere and found the target. A short time later the Aurora safely landed on the ground, “Sorka and I are going to lead the away team that will consist of the science team and security. It seems the artifacts are in this area and in that cave.” She began as she turned to Morgan, “you’re in charge of the Aurora keep constant lock on us in case there are any problems and Kuzan I want you to be prepared to get us out of here on a moment’s notice. Keep scanning the planet as well as space to make sure we weren’t noticed.” Jhamal ordered as they both nodded and Jhamal, Sorka and Heam walked off the bridge.

    [On the planet, Elvion]

    Once outside, Jhamal looked around not much of a plant life or any life for that matter. Seemed to be a dead planet, in ruins from what seems to be years of abandonment. She was curious as to what they would find, and what information they could get from them.

    “Looks dreary here,” Sorka said looking around.

    Lonneha nodded in response to her statement, “Whoever lived here sure didn’t take care of the place.” She responded looking at the away team.

    “I say let’s all start in the cave, it seemed to have the most artifacts in them from the scans.” Jhamal said as she looked at everyone who nodded. They began to walk in that direction while scanning making sure there were no booby traps or anything that might have been left behind.

    Once they entered they were amazed by what they found, “wow…” Sorka said as she looked at the artifacts that lay in the entrance.

    M’rissa purred in excitement and she began to take a deeper look, “This is definitely Hirogen, look at these markings and even the skeleton heads but from species that are unknown to us.” M’rissa purred in response, looking back as she had studied about Hirogen and what there ‘trophies’ where and these were different then what she had studied.

    T’Kodil looked at M’rissa, “by the looks of this planet alone it could be very old but won’t know how old until we take some samples back for analysis.” T’Kodil replied as the team split up more into the cave while two security guards Ensign M’ras and Ensign Killgore stood by the entrance to keep guard.

    “There seems to be something coming from about six feet below the surface, right about here.” Kiara said as she scanned the area, which a team had started to slowly dig up the area but being careful to preserve whatever was down there. “Could it be a Hirogen skeleton down there?” Lonneha asked.

    “It could be, not sure I can’t get a good reading on exactly what it is.” Kiara replied.

    They would spend the next few hours digging the area; while they were working on that she tapped her commbadge, “Jhamal to Aurora status?” She asked. “Everything is quiet, not detecting anything in space or on the planet.” Morgan replied from the other end.

    “Acknowledged, Jhamal out” she replied and ended the comm. While a group was still excavating the area, Jhamal and a few others were finding more artifacts that were very interesting. “These are nothing like I have ever read about the Hirogen,” Jhamal said to Sorka.

    “I know, do you think this could be a history unto their past? Like centuries ago?” Sorka asked looking at her. “Very well could be, I think T’Kodil is getting soil samples that can probably determine how old this planet really is.” Jhamal replied as they carefully placed some of the artifacts into bins to take back to the Aurora for further examination.

    While a group continued to dig, another group went back to the Aurora with what they had so the science team could begin to analyze what they had. Jhamal went back to the ship, while Sorka stayed with the team.

    Jhamal had sent another team out to begin to go deeper into the cave to see what else they could uncover. This would go on for the rest of the day until it became night, they would return to the ship for the night with what they had. They would begin again the next morning which they hoped to have things wrapped up by the end of the day tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, the science team began to analyze what they had. They would take turn in shifts to take time for each item, carefully cleaning the objects and categorizing them by object as well as taking pictures. This would go on for the remainder of the night while the rest of the crew besides Gamma shift, which kept scanning the area and working as they normally, would.

  • LeahLeah Member

    [USS Aurora]
    [February, 2399]
    [Mission Day 27]

    They had finished their study of the planet of Elvion and discovered that it was in fact a Hirogen planet that has long been abandoned some hundred years ago. The planet itself seems to be over a thousand years old. This in itself was fascinating, but left some unanswered questions as to why it was abandoned, why leave all this history behind.

    They decided that they would take a few items to return to Starfleet for more in-depth analysis and study. What else the encountered while digging was that there were skeletal remains of a Hirogen, though it seems to be different than the Hirogen that was discovered by Voyager and of what they are today.

    They seemed to have evolved over a vast majority of the time, she was sitting in her ready room compiling end of mission report to be sent to Captain Ransom. The long left the planet, with more questions than answers but I am sure Starfleet will want to send a science team here for more investigation then what they had the equipment or the time for.

    They now headed to drop off their Talaxian friend, then would head back to the wormhole. Once they arrived she walked down to the transporter room to say goodbye. Nerex was waiting, “thank you all for your hospitality and going out of your way to bring me home.” Nerex replied with a smile.

    “Your welcome, glad to have had you aboard,” Jhamal replied with a soft smile.

    “Well if you’re ever this way again, feel free to look me up,” Nerex replied giving Jhamal and Sorka both a handshake before stepping onto the padd. A short time later Nerex and disappeared, Jhamal looked at Sorka and smiled as they headed back to the bridge.

    “Lieutenant Kuzan, set a course for the wormhole as it should be opening by the time we arrive,” Jhamal replied as Kuzan nodded his response tapping a few commands in the console. “Course laid in sir,” Kuzan replied looking back at her.

    “Engage, maximum warp,” Jhamal replied as Kuzan tapped a button and the Aurora was headed back to the wormhole.

    [Mission Day 30]

    “Sir we have arrived,” Kuzan replied as they dropped out of warp. “It looks like the wormhole will be opening within fifteen mins, sir.” He added in response, “wonderful.” Jhamal replied as she stood up to wait for it to open.

    There time in the Delta Quadrant would soon come to an end, but she would find out later that her time on the Aurora was only limited as they had other plans for Jhamal. Sitting there she waited patiently as everyone on the bridge was quiet waiting for the wormhole to open.

    They were fascinated by the sight of when it opened that they didn’t want to miss it when it did. After the time passed the wormhole opened. Sending a message through to get clearance to come through. They waited for a response, after a short time they got the clear to head through. “Take us in,” Jhamal replied as the ship started to move into the entrance of the wormhole.

    When they entered the view of the inside of the wormhole was amazing, a lot of the crew would stop at a window and just watch as they moved through. After what seemed like an eternity they came to the other end and exited.

    They came to Starbase 38 where they would dock for resupply and it would seem crew reassignment as well. She learned that she would be assigned elsewhere while some of the senior staff would stay and some junior officers would be reassigned and new crew assigned. “That was a shortlived command,” she said to herself as she had orders to take over the SCE on another station as they felt she was needed there.


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