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After their brief mission in the Delta Quadrant, the USS Aurora with a new Commanding Officer would be assigned to Task Force 9 and the Deneb Sector which is located coreward of Ferengi space and shares an extensive border with the Breen. This area of space contains a number of vulnerable Federation colonies which have limited defenses, as well as the ignominious site of the abandoned Farpoint Station project on Deneb IV. Starfleet’s priority in this sector is to establish a network of border outposts to provide defensive and early warning capabilities to the region, as well as to finally construct a forward operating base in the region to support exploratory efforts in the neutral space near Breen territory.

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    While being assigned to the Deneb Sector after the crew change and resupply. The USS Aurora encounters a subspace anomaly near Flaxos. Which threatens to damage subspace if the crew of the Aurora can't get it contained. So they must work together to come up with a plan to contain it before the damage can be done.

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    [USS Concord]
    [Executive Officer’s Quarters]
    [MD1 - 0600h]

    The sound of an alarm echoed through her bedroom, moaning Sari turned towards an old-style alarm clock that she had replicated. With a fascination with Earth’s ancient history, she wanted to collect items from the twenty-first century and earlier. Hitting a button the alarm shut off, another day was soon to begin. Slowly sitting up in her bed, looking around “computer lights.” with that the room became brighter than it was previously.

    Brushing her hair out of her face, slowly getting out of bed and heading towards the washroom. Grabbing the closest washcloth, running it under the water she started to wash her face while looking in the mirror for what seemed like eternity Sari finished washing her face, combing her hair and brushing her teeth as she did every morning.

    “Computer, play soft music in the background from my playlist,” Sari said as a soft piano started to play, walking out into the kitchen area she started her pot of coffee which she liked to have while making breakfast.

    Making her way to her side table by the living room couch, she had some incense that she lite. Being a person of habit, she always started the day with soft playing music, coffee, and breakfast which varied day by day, and meditation even before getting in her uniform. Today was no different, she took her cup of coffee setting it on the dining room table after taking a sip.

    Tapping a few commands on the console of the replicator, her food appeared on the platform below. After picking it up she sat down, the aroma of the food made her smile. Eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns were her choice for this morning’s meal. She had never had them before the Academy when a friend had her try them and she’s been hooked since.

    Taking a bite, closing her eyes to enjoy the sweet taste of the bacon. Taking a sip of her coffee, she spent the next while eating her meal, savoring each bite as she took it. Picking up the plate when she finished, placing it back into the replicator for it to be discarded. She looked around her quarters.

    Along her far wall near the entrance of her bedroom was her desk, a bookshelf that contained books, a few plants that she crossed a few years before that were thriving, leaves dangling down as it seemed to be a vine plant. She kept it neatly trimmed, she had pictures of her family and the items she collected throughout her studies.

    Pictures were hung on the wall mainly, would be pictures of plants and family. Her couch was placed near the window with a side table on each end and a coffee table in the front. Where there was supposed to be a chair, was replaced with a soft large pillow she used when she meditated. She enjoyed decorating her quarters, displaying items, and furniture in a way that made the area feel like a getaway. She had a small dining room table that fit near the kitchen as it was usually just her when eating, not really having company over which she preferred most of the time.

    The music finished, changing to the next track as she sat down on her mediation pillow. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes and began to meditate. The smell from the incense helped her to focus, clearing her mind of anything that was bothering her.

    Just getting deep into it when the door chimed, sighing “enter” she said as she got up to see who it was. “Captain, what do I owe this pleasure this early in the morning?”

    “Sorry to disturb you like this but wanted to talk to you before things got too busy,” Captain Donovan Moore said as Sari motioned for him to come to sit, “care for a cup of coffee?” She offered as she poured herself another glass, he put his hand up and shook his head. “I have had enough coffee already,” replying in return.

    Walking back over she joined him, “so what is it that you want to talk about sir?” She wondered as she took a sip of her coffee. “You have been an incredible asset to our crew, you have gone above and beyond your duties at times. I have put in a transfer for you,” he said before he paused looking at her. She was about to say something, placing his hand up to stop her he continued. “To the USS Aurora as it’s Commanding Officer if you accept that is.” He said with a smile.

    Her mouth was open, in shock at what he just said “really sir?” Asking almost as if this was a dream. He nodded in response, “well?” he asked as he had something else for her as well. She nodded, “yes sir.” Sari replied almost in disbelief at it all.

    “Good, because that is not all,” Donovan said as he stood up, motioning her to do so as well. “With the power invested in me, I do hereby on this day promote you to the rank of full Commander, with all the privileges and responsibilities thereof.” His reply was as he reached over taking the Lieutenant Commander pip off her collar and replacing it with a solid pip that would signify the rank of Commander.

    “Congratulations Commander,” Donovan replied extending out his had towards hers. Sari took it in return, “thank you, sir.” She replied as she felt the new pip on her collar.

    Handing her a padd that he had also carried with him, “We will be arriving at Guardian Station in a couple of days, these are your orders.” Donovan replied as he turned towards the door but paused and turned back, “The USS Aurora is a Nova-class surveyor,” he said as he knew that’s what she had hoped for, “thank you Captian.” She said as he walked out of her quarters and back towards the bridge.

    Looking at the padd, she read that she was on leave until she assumed Command of the Aurora, give her time to pack her things and get things in order for when they arrived at Guardian Station. “So much to do, so little time to do it.” looking around the room, she had acquired a lot of things throughout the years.

    “Where to begin?” she asked herself as she walked to the computer to inquire about some crates to be delivered to her quarters. They would arrive here shortly, she decided that she would start with what had the most items, the living area. Moving towards her bookshelf, which was tall.

    Carefully removing items and setting them carefully on the couch, on the floor by the couch. Working on removing the items her door chimed again, “Enter” she replied reaching up for another object before looking to see who it was, “ah thank you, you can place them over there.” Sari pointed to the large kitchen area, after the crates where delivered she grabbed one, bring it over to her and she started to carefully place each item in the crate.

    “Computer, play something more upbeat though not too loud or fast.” She said as the computer beeped and different kinds of music came on, something that she could work to without wanting to fall asleep.

    She would transfer the plants over separately when they arrived, so that way they won’t die being in storage. Once she finished the bookshelf, she marked this container ‘bookshelf’ so she knows what items went where she moving over to the rest of the living area and packed those items and marked it the same way.

    Once finishing an area, moving along to the next only leaving out what she will need for the next couple of days while they were en route to Guardian Station. Once she was finished packing, sending the crates to storage until they arrived other than one crate for the rest of her things and had one crate sent to her office so she could pack her belongings in there.

    Looking at the time, “Lunchtime already?” she asked herself as she decided to change clothes, walking into her bedroom she grabbed a change of clothes and got dressed. Walking out, she walked out of her quarters heading for the Crew Lounge to grab something to eat. Stretching her legs, walking down the corridor for the turbolift.

    “Crew Lounge,” she replied as the doors swooshed shut behind her, the lift began to move towards its destination. Coming to a stop, the doors swooshed open again she stepped out and headed down the corridor until arrival.

    [USS Concord]
    [Crew Lounge]
    [MD1 - 1200h]

    Walking in looking around the big open room, officers talking amongst themselves, eating, or walking up to the bar area for drinks and other items. The noise wasn’t too terribly loud but was loud enough for her not to hear herself think.

    As she walked in deeper, everyone noticed and congratulated her on her promotion and a new assignment. ‘News travels fast’ she thought to herself as she thanked them, grabbing her food and drink, walking to the window seat table. Sitting her plates down, she sat down as well and looked out at the stars as the ship traveled.

    “Is this seat taken?” Lieutenant Kiara Monroe asked the ship’s Assistant Chief Science Officer aboard the ship. Smiling she shook her head, “go ahead and sit down Lieutenant.” Sari replied with a polite smile, they worked together a time or two on some projects that Kiara needed help with but the Chief was busy.

    “Congratulations on your promotion, I ended up getting one too,” Kiara replied with a smile as Sari then noticed she wasn’t Lieutenant Junior Grade but full Lieutenant. “Congratulations, well deserved.” Replying while taking a bit of her food.

    “I have also been reassigned,” Kiara replied.

    “Oh really, where?” Sari asked as she looked back up from taking another bite.

    “From what my orders say, I will become the Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Aurora,” Kiara replied as Sari stopped eating, “looks like we get to work together again,” Sari replied taking a drink of her cold tea.

    “Oh that is awesome will you be their Executive Officer?” Kiara asked while taking a bite of her own. Sari couldn’t help but laugh as apparently news didn’t travel that quickly. “Nope,” she replied before taking another bite, “I am going to be the Commanding Officer,” she said with a mouth full.

    Kiara looked at her, “wow that is amazing congratulations you really deserve that promotion.” Kiara said excitedly as she knew that Sari was a hard and dedicated officer and with a background in Science just like her.

    “Thanks, at least I know I’ll have a good Science Officer on board since it’s a surveyor.” Replying back as she took a drink.

    “Thank you, sir,” Kiara replied with a smile as they continued to talk for a while as they ate. Finishing her meal she looked at Kiara, “thank you for joining me but I have to head out, got more things to pack to get ready before we get to where we are going.” Sari replied getting up from her chair.

    Placing the tray where it belonged, Sari walked out of the Crew Lounge heading down the corridor for the turbolift yet again, telling it her destination it began to move after the doors shut behind her. After awhile the lift came to a stop, doors opened up she walked out heading to her office.

    [USS Concord]
    [Executive Officers’ Office]
    [MD1 - 1300h]

    Walking in she noticed the crate sitting in the middle of the room as to not be tripped over, taking a moment to look around. Spending most of her time in this office going over reports, duty rosters, and other things. Walking to the window, she stood there looking out for a moment. She was going to miss working with Donovan and the crew.

    She was ecstatic about getting her own command, she would have to get used to a whole new crew and different responsibilities. This was a big change, she knew she could do it as it was obvious that the Captain thought so too as he wouldn’t have put in for her promotion and transfer.

    Turning around she looked at her office again, on one wall she had a two-tier bookshelf that had some books, some more nicknacks that she collected. She had one Bonzi tree that she would gift the Captain. Pictures hung on the walls, a lamp that was given to her by her grandmother sitting by the far chair near the window.

    She began the process of packing her things when the doors opened seeing the Captain enter, “I thought I told you not to be working,” Donovan replied with his hand crossed over his chest. “Oh, I am not just thought I pack my things and take one last look around,” Sari replied walking over to where the Bonzi tree was, picking it up.

    “I would like you to have this,” Sari stretched the plant out to him.

    He was speechless for a moment, taking the tree. “Are you sure, this is your pride and joy.” Donovan looking at the tree she spent the last few years growing and taking care of. “I am, its something to remember me by,” Sari replied in return with a soft smile.

    Donovan smiled, “I will put this on my desk in my office, and I will take very good care of it.” He replied as he was going to get all sentimental, “I’ll let you get back to packing, will let you know when we have arrived.” Turning around and exiting the office before Sari had a chance to reply, smiling she went back to taking objects off her bookshelf and placing them in the crate.

    After an hour, she had finished packing and had the crate sent to storage with her other belongings. Taking one last look around, turning around towards the door she exited and headed back towards her quarters to spend some time relaxing before they would arrive.

    A mission post by

    Commander Sari Mirel
    Commanding Officer
    USS Aurora

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    [USS Arondight]
    [Security Operations Center]
    [MD1 - 0900h]

    The morning started quietly until one of her security teams needed her in the lounge, sighing she got up and headed out of her office and headed down towards the lounge. “What in the world do they need me for?” She asked herself as she arrived, walking in seeing a scene that she hoped she wouldn’t have.

    “What’s going on here!” she ordered looking at both of her security officers handcuffing a civilian. “He tried to con someone with these stolen items,” one officer replied, pointing to the table full of stolen jewelry.

    “And why do you need me?” Makayla asked in annoyance, “can you not do your job?” she annoyingly replied standing there. “Yes sir we can, he requested to speak to you.” the other officer replied in return. Sighing, “take him to the interrogation room, and bag up that evidence.” She ordered walking out of the room.

    “You can’t treat me like this!” yelled the Ferengi. “Let’s go!” the officer replied the one officer nudged him to start walking. While the other grabbed the evidence, then turned to the civilian women. “Don’t go anywhere, we might need to take a statement from you later on,” he replied as they both walked out.

    “I demand to speak to the Captain!” The Ferengi replied as they placed him in the integration room, they both ignored him and headed out.

    Makayla was sitting in her office as the officers walked in, “he’s sitting in the integration room, and here is the evidence.” One of them replied looking at her. She nodded, motioned to place the evidence on her desk, and then waved them off. Turning on her view screen to the interrogation room to see the Ferengi.

    He was yelling and demanding to be seen, pacing back and forth like a nervous Ferengi, she couldn’t help but chuckle at the Ferengi. Just then the door chimed to her office while she was looking over the evidence.

    “What do you want now!” she said in annoyance as she thought it was those two security officers, the doors opened to reveal the Captain. He had heard her, “Well that is one way to greet someone.” He said looking at her almost annoyed.

    Standing up, “sorry sir thought you were a couple of my security officers that were just in here.” She replied looking at him, motioning him to have a seat. “Can I get you anything?” She asked forgetting the screen was on to the integration room, the Captain can hear the Ferengi ranting and raving.

    Putting up a hand and shaking his head, “I am good.” He replied as he heard what was going on, “what do you have there?” He asked pointing at the screen. “Well according to a civilian this Ferengi was trying to sell her stolen items and a couple of those items were her’s that were stolen earlier this morning while she was sleeping,” Adams replied pointing to the Jewelry on her desk.

    “He’s been demanding to speak to anyone who would hear him out, I just been making him sweat a bit before I head in there,” Adams added with a sly smile as she loved to see a Ferengi squirm. “But I am sure you’re not here on that though,” She added as she sat back down after grabbing herself a cup of coffee.

    Shaking his head, looking from the jewelry to the Commander, “I have placed a recommendation for you to take over as Executive Officer aboard the USS Aurora which had just returned from the Delta Quadrant and is docked at Guardian Station that is above Brazen II” He replied placing her orders on her desk.

    “We will arrive in a couple of days,” he added looking at her. Shock hit her face, she wasn’t sure what to say at first. “Sir, are you serious?” She asked as she never thought that she would move up past Chief Security/Tactical Officer. He nodded, “You are a good officer Commander, and Aurora’s Executive Officer is being reassigned and they need a good replacement and you fit that bill.” The Captain replied looking at her.

    “Thank you sir for the vote of confidence,” she replied as she picked up the padd and read her orders. “I want you to finish out this interrogation, your assistant will be taking over so might want to include him in there as well.” He replied as he stood up, extending his hand towards her. Makayla stood up and took his hand in return. “Congratulations Commander, well deserved.” He replied with a smile.

    “Thank you, sir,” she replied as they let go of the shake, he then turned and headed out of her office, sitting back down she was in shock. What brought her back to reality was the ever-growing loudness of the Ferengi. She called her assistant to meet her in interrogation room one. From there they would interrogate the Ferengi, and then lock him up in the brig to be transported back to Ferengi space.

    The items that were stolen were returned to their rightful owners, and she handed the ropes over to the new Chief Security/Tactical Officer. She quickly packed her belongings from her office before heading back to her quarters to pack. She would also use this time before arrival to relax as she would need a little break before jumping into a new role.

    A mission post by

    Lieutenant Commander Makayla Adams
    Executive Officer
    USS Aurora

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    [USS Aurora]
    [Deck 3 - Security Operations Center]
    [Mission Day 1 - 0900h]

    Lieutenant Commander Leella Raziar had just arrived aboard the Aurora the night before and had already set up their quarters, which was a bit larger than most as the size of her family though it was just a two-bedroom, the children were able to share a bedroom as it was pretty big. She had started her morning earlier as she got the children’s breakfast, dressed and ready for the nanny that would watch them while she and her husband were working.

    Walking into the Security Operations Center, once you walked in there was the main area, off to the right was an office, to the slight left of the office was an observation lounge to conduct meetings with the team. Then to the left down a small hall was the brig, which consisted of 5 areas for prisoners and a small desk that sat near the door where an officer was always to be stationed once occupied.

    In the middle of the Operations Center was a desk, that was used to check-in prisoners, guests, the down a little to the left of the desk were a couple more rooms used for interrogations. She walked to her office.

    Her office was pretty bare, as the last Chief Security/Tactical Officer wasn’t much for decorations, good thing she had her things she wanted to place into her office sent over when they arrived.

    The office looked much like any other office, a bookshelf against the left wall near the window. There was a couch near the window with a chair near the couch on the right-hand side. Her desk was farther down the right-hand side of the same wall, a monitor that took up a majority of the wall was on the left-hand side.

    “Look’s like you got your decorating skills to put to work there,” Jediss said as he walked up beside her and kissed her cheek. “Indeed,” she said as she turned around and kissed her husband. “What do I owe this pleasure? Shouldn’t you be at work?” Leella asked looking at him with her arms crossed.

    “I was down there and noticed that they delivered this,” holding up the tote. “To the wrong place,” Jediss replied with a chuckle. Leela laughed as she looked at her other totes and realized that she was missing one. “Thanks, dear,” Leella replied as she took the tote and set it with the others.

    “So have you meet the Chief Engineer yet?” Leella asked as she walked over to the replicator and ordered both of them a cup of coffee as she knew he always liked to begin the day with a cup. Walking back over and handing it to him, “no not yet, he has yet to arrive.” Jediss replied taking the cup and taking a sip.

    “Some of my team is here, though I’ll make a more formal introduction after I get set up.” Leella said, “guess where still waiting on our Commanding Officer and Executive Officer to arrive as well as the majority of other staff. I think there were only a few that didn’t get reassigned and already here.” Leella said as she was going to make a point to meet at some point.

    “Ya, some of the engineers have been here but waiting on our new Chief,” Jediss replied taking another sip of his coffee.

    “Well dear, I better get back down got some work to do while I wait for the Chief.” He replied giving Leella the cup and kissing her goodbye, headed out of her office and down towards engineering.

    Leella smiled placing the cup back into the replicator, she took a sip of her own then set it down on the desk. Looking around, she would spend this time to get her office set up. Opening up the totes she started to place things where she wanted them.

    She spent the next hour setting everything up, once satisfied she smiled and went to her desk and sat down. Looking around she turned on her computer and started to go over reports, duty rosters, and other things that were not done by the previous Chief. Sighing she began to work on getting things caught up since now was a perfect time to do so.

    Mission Post By:

    Lieutenant Commander Leella Reziar
    Chief Security/Tactical Officer
    USS Aurora


    Lieutenant Jediss Reziar
    Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
    USS Aurora

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    [USS Aurora]
    [Deck 2 - Kuzan’s Quarters]
    [Mission Day One - 1000h]

    Kedess Kuzan had already been on the Aurora as he was one of the ones who stayed aboard, he was in his quarters as there wasn’t much work to do as they were docked at Guardian Station while the ship went through a resupply and crew reassignment. Wondering who the new Command Staff was going to be, all he knew was the Captain was a Trill, but he didn’t know much else.

    Sara was another one who had stayed behind which to her was a good thing as she had gotten close with Kuzan where they started dating. She walked to his quarters when she arrived she pressed the door chime. “Enter,” Kuzan replied as the doors opened revealing Sara at the door. Walking in, walking up to Kedess and gave him a soft kiss. “Good morning,” Sara said with a smile while Kedess returned her kiss.

    “Morning to you too,” Kuzan replied with a smile as he hugged her. “Do you know anything about who the new Command Staff is going to be?” Sara asked looking at him. Shaking his head, “no all I know is the Captain is a Trill but don’t know much else.” Kuzan replied as he walked over to the replicator.

    Ordering two cups of coffee, grabbing the cups, and walking back over to Sara. He handed her the cup and smiled. “Just the way you like it,” Kedess replied as Sara took the cup, taking a sip. She closed her eyes. “Perfect!” She smiled as she enjoyed the taste of the coffee running down her throat.

    They both walked over to the couch and sat down, “we been dating for the past month. I have fallen more in love with you as the days go by.” Kedess started while taking a sip of his own coffee. “What I am trying to ask is, if you would like to move in with me?” Kedess said as his face turned a bit red nervous and afraid she would say no.

    Sara looked at him in shock, she had fallen in love with him as well but this was a big step. She didn’t respond right away but took a moment to think. Not thinking of any reason why she wouldn’t she want to. “Yes,” Sara finally said setting down her coffee on the coffee table and hugged and kissed him. Kissing her back he replied, “great.” Kedess replied as they took a little time to sit there, Sara had laid her head down on his shoulder while he had his arm around her shoulder.

    “So I am going to make us breakfast then we can go pack your things and bring them here. In the meantime, I can let the quartermaster know of the change.” Kuzan replied as he kissed her forehead and got up to make breakfast.

    Sara smiled, “great.” Sara replied as she sat there drinking her coffee while he cooked. She loved his cooking.

    She knew that Kedess was joined and had many memories from the previous hosts, but that didn’t bother her and just fell in love because he was a real, sweet, and kind person she had ever met. He was very romantic, she would never forget their first date as he went out of his way to impress her and win her over which worked.

    Kedess finished breakfast, which consisted of eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, and sausage. Sara had introduced it to him and he loved them so he decided to make it for her this morning. “Breakfast is ready,” Kedess said as he placed the plate down on the table as Sara got up and walked over and sat down. “Smell delicious,” Sara replied with a grin.

    “Hope you like it,” Kedess replied as he to sat down.

    Taking a bit she closed her eyes, “oh boy this is delicious,” Sara replied as it was even better then what she has had before. “Where did you learn to cook this good?” She asked though she already probably knew the answer. “Oh, before being joined I could never cook to save my life. But, Kuzan’s second host was a Chef so now I can cook just as good.” Kedess replied with a chuckle. “Well I am glad,” Sara replied as she continued to eat.

    “Well I am looking forward to more homemade meals,” she replied with a smile.

    “Great because I’ll be definitely be cooking a lot more for you,” he replied while he began to eat as well.

    After breakfast was finished, Sara cleaned up the dishes and then they headed to Sara’s quarters to start packing her things and bringing them back to Kedess’s quarters. After about a good hour they were able to pack all her things and now they were making there way back with her things and then started to unpack which took a good another hour.

    Mission Post By:

    Lieutenant Kedess Kuzan
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    USS Aurora


    Lieutenant Sara Morgan
    Chief Operations Officer
    USS Aurora

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    [USS Aurora]
    [Deck One; Captain’s Quarters, Captain’s Ready Room]
    [Mission Day 3 - 1000h]

    Sari Mirel arrived aboard the USS Aurora after her travel to Guardian Station where she was currently docked undergoing a resupply after their return from the Delta Quadrant. She had her things already transferred to her quarters and her office. She decided to head towards her quarters to spend some time unpacking and making her quarters feel like home.

    After arriving she walked in, looking around she noticed that it was a bit bigger than her quarters on her last assignment. The previous commander did a good job cleaning up, she noticed she left a padd on the desk, she picked it up and started reading it.

    “Sorry I couldn’t be there to greet you in person, I wish you the best on your new journey with the USS Aurora. She is a good ship, as well as a good crew for those who have stayed.” The letter began, “I hope you enjoy this little gift I left you as congratulations on your promotion to Commanding Officer.” It finished as she looked on the desk to see a bonsai tree. Sari grinned wondering how she knew she liked plants as well as the bonsai tree.

    She looked at it, “this would go good in my office.” She said as she looked at it and made a mental note to bring it with her when she went to her office later on. She saw that her totes were already awaiting her, grabbing one tote she began to unpack and put things away where they belonged.

    After spending the past hour unpacking she looked around and was satisfied it was to her liking. She then picked up the bonsai tree and walked out of her quarters and headed for the bridge. Once arriving, she headed for her ready room and walked in she sat the tree down on her desk where she wanted it.

    Her totes were also there, looking around she noticed along one wall there was a bookshelf. “That’s perfect,” she said to herself, along the window area was her couch, a couple of end tables and a coffee table. On one of the end tables, was a small looking lamp. Her desk was on the same wall as her bookshelf but closer to the middle, which had two chairs on one side. Along the other wall was a monitor as well as another small seating area of two chairs and a small side table that sat between the two chairs.

    She spent this time placing things where they belonged hanging pictures on the walls to give the office a more homie feel to it. After she was satisfied she figured she would get to work on going over any reports, duty rosters, as well as who her staff was. She would meet with her senior staff later on that day once she is caught up with everything and can settle in before they get on their way.

    Mission Post By:

    Commander Sari Mirel
    Commanding Officer
    USS Aurora

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