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Starbase 72 is a Spacedock Class starbase that serves as the headquarters for the 4th Fleet's Task Force 72. Located in the Minos Korva system, Starbase 72 serves as the starting point for most new personal assigned to Task Force and a launching point for new Commanding Officers. With nearly dozen starships assigned to the Starbase and the system, it's a massive hub of activity. Both TFCO Rear Admiral Elisabeth Basmanoff and TFXO Commodore Buechner maintain offices on the Starbase and are often on the station.

In addition to the Starbase in orbit, there is a thriving colony on Minos Korva that serves a hub for trading in the area and supports extensive Starfleet facilities on the surface. Now, in 2399, With a resurgent Cardassian Union and the general instability of the southern Alpha Quadrant, Starbase 72 serves a vital role and is nearing the end of an overhaul and resupply as Starfleet once again returns to the area in force.

Things to know:
* This thread is for Task Force cannon development. While we do welcome members of 72 to join us and help develop it, please talk to the TFCO and TFXO before posting here.


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    Key Personnel:
    Task Force Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral Basmanoff (Human Female)
    Task Force Executive Officer: Commodore Buechner (Human Male)
    Starbase Commander: Captain Aris Quets (Bajoran Male)
    Starbase Executive Officer: Commander T'Nep (Vulcan Female)
    Korva Colony Administrator: Ms. Alona Keegan (Human Female)

    Assigned Starships
    USS Inverness NCC-3423 (Excelsior Class - Rear Admiral Basmanoff's Flagship)
    USS Hera NCC-73232 (Nebula Class)
    USS Mountjoy NCC-65332 (Steamrunner Class)
    USS Venus NCC-79882 (Nova Class)

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    [Rakantha Province]
    [August 17th, 2399]

    The cold wind whipped though the Admiral’s hair. Winters in Rakantha were notoriisly harsh and this year was no different. The trees were bare and the ground brown with patches of white snow scattered about. Despite the rather barren land at the moment, Rakantha was thriving and had been doing so for several decades at this point. During the Occupation of Bajor the Cardassian’s had poisoned the soil, leaving most of the province lifeless. In the decades since those awful days the province had become an agricultural powerhouse for Bajor and was also the location of the Federation Embassy that Rear Admiral Elisabeth Basmanoff currently found herself at.

    Bajor itself had thrived over the last 20 years; particularly after its full admittance into the Federation. The scars of the Occupation were present across the planet but they now served as a reminder and lesson about the horrors of the past instead of stumbling blocks and hurdles that had to be overcome, for the most part. Bajor itself was one of the most unique planets on the Alpha Quadrant side of the Federation. The Bajoran religion was as strong as ever and, if anything, the religious and political side of Bajor was growing closer and closer. While most of the Federation’s member worlds had shed their more spiritual aspects before they even joined the Federation, Bajor had not. It had caused considerable stumbling blocks during Bajor’s official joining; particularly when Vice Admiral S’Rrana looked the Kai right in the eye and referred to the Prophets as ‘those wormhole aliens’.

    Thankfully that speed bump, along with a few others, had been smoothed out. Despite being members of the Federation for many years, the Federation Council still struggled to understand and handle the planet from time to time, particularly as the positions of Kai and First Minister seemed to be getting closer and closer. That reason was why Elisabeth found herself here today.

    “Greetings Admiral.”

    Elisabeth heard a voice behind her and turned around, seeing Vedek Delrah walking towards her. She declined to remove her hands from the warm coat she wore, emblazoned with the 4th Fleet logo, and nodded at the man. “Good afternoon Vedek. Thank you for meeting me today.”

    The Vedek was in his late 40’s, tall with blonde hair that was slightly turning to grey. Had she not been old enough to be his mother she would have admitted to finding him quite striking.

    “How could I turn down and invitation from the newest Starfleet commander of the Bajor sector?” At this point he had caught up to her. “Though, I do admit, I am unsure of what I can do for you.”

    Elisabeth smiled. “Let’s walk Vedek.” He returned the smile and nodded as they began to walk down the sidewalk that lead to the Embassy gardens. “I come to you today because I need your help with a rather delicate matter.”

    The man nodded, looking confused. “I am always happy to assist the Federation if I can, but I don’t know how much help one Vedek can be.”

    Elisabeth sighed. “You will be of more help than you can possibly imagine.” She stopped and turned to face him. “I will be blunt. The Kai and I do not see eye to eye on a certain matter and you and I both know the First Minister is practically her puppet these days. You hold considerable sway in the Vedek Assembly and if the Assembly supports what I am proposing then the Bajoran Government will follow.”

    Delrah looked uncomfortable, to say the least. “I will confess Admiral, I don’t know how comfortable I am with this. I am a man of religion. It’s been many year since the Assembly was actively shaping Bajoran political matters.” He paused for a moment. "Those days are coming to an end it seems. The Kai is spending more and more time 'advising' the First Minister on numerous matters."

    “I will continue to be blunt, Vedek. I ask that you share this information sparingly, but, the Cardassian Union is rapidly becoming a threat and the Federation fears Bajor will be in its sights yet again.”

    The man nodded. “I had heard of the incident earlier this year. It was distressing to see Cardassian ships so close to our home system. However, I still don’t see how this involves me.”

    Elisabeth resisted the urge to let out a huff of frustration. “I’ll make it clear: the Federation Council and Starfleet Command feel that the Bajor system needs to be made more secure. Since joining the Federation, precious little has been done to secure the system. To effectively do that we want to place defense platforms throughout the system, including in orbit of Bajor. To do that, per the stipulations of Bajor’s admittance in the Federation, we need the Council of Minsters approval for any base or platform built or placed in the Bajor system.”

    The Vedek’s eye’s widened. “I see. I can understand why the Kai was not a fan of that; she’s very protective of what independence Bajor still has and most of my people are hesitant to allow an outside power to place such things here, even if it is the Federation. I can see the Kai not wanting to loose the support of the people; she’s very enamored with her position.”

    Elisabeth was well aware of how enamored Kai Atyu was of her position. She had argued with the women for 45 minutes on subspace the day before. She had been insistent that the Prophets would protect Bajor and that the existing assets that Starfleet had in the system were enough. Elisabeth had explained in detail just why Deep Space Nine and two starships could not secure the entire sector if the Cardassian’s came calling and how they did not have enough ships to redirect them to the sector but she would have none of it. The call had ended with the Kai telling her that she would ask the Prophets to guide Elisabeth though the troubling times. Suffice it to say, it took all of Elisabeth’s might to not tell the women where she could stuff her Prophets.

    After a few moment of silence, Elisabeth nodded and simply said “Yes.”

    Kai Atyu Relre was a shrewd women and a thorn in the side of many Admirals in Starfleet for the 3 years she had been Kai. In fact, many in the Admiralty compared her to Kai Winn as she started to dip her toes into the policy decision of Bajor instead just sticking to leading its people’s religion. Not that anyone said that outside the halls of Starfleet Command. Kai Winn was still controversial on Bajor, to say the least. There had been no official explanation as to what happened to her, beyond that she went to the Fire Caves with another man and the Emissary and none of them came back. Many regarded her as a hero, despite little evidence to support that, but just as many thought she was up to no good. Starfleet had their theories, none all that great, but didn’t really share them. No reason to agitate the Bajorians. Hell, they only had a vague idea of what happened to Captain Sisko beyond what Kasidy Yates-Sisko had told Starfleet.

    “The First Minister will follow the lead of the Kai and the Council of Ministers will at least consider the idea if the the Kai and Vedek Assembly support it.” She let out another sigh. “Bajor is in danger, Vedek. The Cardassian Union is at war with itself, as best we can tell. We know precious little but one thing that we do know is when Cardassian’s are back against the wall, they fight. They’re unpredictable and they haven’t given up the dream of taking back what they lost many years ago.” The words hung heavy in the cold afternoon air. “Starfleet does not have the resources to keep Bajor safe, not when my Task Force is keeping the peace along the entire southern Alpha Quadrant and I will be damned if I let any harm come to Bajor on my watch. Let the Federation protect this world and its people. It’s what we do. We may have lost sight of that for a long time but that era is over.”

    The Bajoran man considered the Admiral and her words for several moments before reaching up to the Admiral’s ear and gripping it. Elisabeth was familiar with the Bajoran Pagh but this has been the first time anyone had ever read hers. It lasted but a few moments before the Vedek withdrew his hand, smiling. “Your Pagh is strong Admiral, not that I should be surprised. There is truth in your words. The Kai will have my neck for this, but goodness knows we have rarely seem eye to eye on many things. I will bring your petition before the Assembly at our next meeting in three days. I guarantee nothing but I will speak for your cause. Bajor must shed the trepidation towards others that our past has given us, I have long said that, and just maybe this is step towards that.”

    Elisabeth nodded, smiling slightly. “That is all I ask, Vedek. A chance. I hate to cut things short, but I am already three days behind in getting to Starbase 72.”

    The man nodded. “Of course, Admiral. May the Prophets guide you.”

    She smiled. “And may they guide you as well, Vedek.” She pulled her hand from the warm pocket of her coat and tapped her commbadge. “Basmanoff to Inverness, one to beam up.”

    Vedek Delrah watched as the Admiral disappeared in a shimmer of blue light. He spotted a bench nearby and sat down, despite the frigid temperatures. The road ahead would be bumpy as there were still many who feared outside governments dictating what Bajor and her people did, even for something as simple as defense platforms. The scars of the Occupation were deep and many but the Admiral had a point. The safety of Bajor was at stake, surely the Assembly would see that? He chucked softly to himself for he kew better than to think it would be easy.

    With a soft grunt, he stood. He would head home to seek the guidance of the prophets and start working on his speech; with any luck and a little help from the prophets he would finally beat the Kai at her own game.

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    [Operations Center, Starbase 72]
    [Mid-September, 2399]

    Commodore Jonathan Bastin stepped into the central hub of the Stardock-class station, his eyes sweeping over the room to gauge the general mood of the day. Most of the officers were busy with their coordination of the day’s routine tasks, as managing a large station such as 72 required a great deal of effort from everyone from the deckplate level all the way to his own place in the station’s hierarchy. It wasn’t very long before his presence attracted the attention of the Captain that was given the task of managing the operational side of the station.

    “Commodore,” the Bajoran nodded as he approached, “What brings you to Station Ops today?”

    “Rumor control, Captain,” Bastin replied to the question curtly. While Jon was known to be gregarious and personable in most situations, even he had moments in which the urgency of the situation took control of his tone and prompted brief and concise snippets of conversation.

    Captain Aris straightened slightly at the rather blunt statement, stepping to one side as the Commodore descended the stairs and approached the master display in the center of the Operations compartment. The two men stood side by side as the Commodore brought up a display of the Badlands, and began annotating various points on the map.

    “These points represent sightings of Cardassian vessels in the Badlands,” Bastin said, looking over to the Bajoran, “All of these were from… slightly credible sources. Since I don’t come up this way very often, I was wondering if you had received any message traffic from routine transport ships that pass through the station with regularity that might add to this list.”

    The Captain folded his arms across his chest and gave the matter some thought before looking over to the Lieutenant Commander sitting at the communications relay terminal, “Commander Torni, call up the comm logs from all transports within the last few weeks and see if there are any reported sightings of Cardassian vessels.”

    “Aye sir,” the man nodded and set about the task.

    A few silent minutes passed before additional points began to show up on the map. The pattern and disbursement of the sightings made the subtle frown the Commodore had when he walked into the Operations Center deepen until it was readily visible.

    “Transfer this information to a PaDD for me,” Bastin said, glancing over to the Captain.

    Capt. Aris nodded and walked over to his Operations Officer, who was holding out a PaDD already. Bastin was extremely impressed by the efficiency of the watchstanders the station had working in the Operations section. Once he received the PaDD, Commodore Bastin nodded to the Captain in thanks and made his way back to the turbolift to have a conversation with his Commanding Officer.

    [Rear Admiral Basmanoff’s Office, Starbase 72]

    Commodore Bastin walked through the antechamber of the Admiral’s office, nodding politely to the Commander who was manning the desk as the aide for the Admiral further inside.

    “Can I help you, Commodore?” the Commander asked, getting up from her desk as custom dictated.

    “Is the Admiral in her office?” Bastin asked curtly.

    “Yes, sir,” came the short reply.

    “Thank you, Commander,” the Commodore said before walking up to, and then through, the office door as it slid open to let him pass.

    “We have a problem,” Bastin said without preamble or pleasantries, “I’ve been getting some rather unsettling reports, and I’ve taken the liberty of confirming them with Station Ops. I was hoping that the unofficial chatter that’s been floating across my desk was just smoke… It doesn’t appear to be though.”

    Elizabeth looked up at the man standing across from her desk. She hadn’t known the Commodore long, but she could appreciate his way of getting to the point. She leaned back in her seat, holding her morning tea. “Unsettling reports are about all we get these days, it seems.” Sitting the tea on her desk, she learned forward. “What bad news does today bring?”

    “The unofficial chatter I’ve been getting from my sources in the Diplomatic Corps talked about sightings of Cardassian ships in the Badlands. Knowing where these reports come from, I took it with the salt required of such information and decided to pay a visit to Station Ops. Our own transports that use the Badlands to get to some of the worlds between Cardassian and Tzenkethi space corroborated the sightings and added a few new ones. All the sightings have been Galor-class vessels, which could mean that there is one ship out there wandering aimlessly in the Badlands…” Bastin said as he offered up the PaDD he’d brought down from Ops, “Or there is a sizable fleet of Cardassian vessels amassing in the area.”

    “Given the tension that was caused thanks to the Council’s decision to pull aid from Cardassia in one fell swoop, this may be the response to diplomatic ties being suddenly strained to the point of open hostility. There’s been no actual indications of hostility from the vessels that were sighted, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an attack being planned,” the Commodore continued his explanation in the most diplomatically non committal manner possible, staying rather true to his original profession.

    With a soft sigh, Elisabeth took the PaDD. She quickly glanced through the data, lightly tossing the PaDD onto her desk after. “I highly doubt it’s one vessel. There is little in that section of space that is of any value; no need for them to be poking about. That’s a fleet in there.”

    With a few taps of the control panel of her desk, she brought up that sector of space on the holo-display built into her desk. The Badlands were a purple blob nestled between the Cardassian Union and the Tzenkethi.

    She picked up her tea and took a sip, studying the map floating about her desk and paying little mind to the officer standing on the other side of her desk. “I’m failing to see how parking a fleet there is of any help to them. If they wanted to go after Bajor they’d just do it from Cardassian space; we’d see them the moment they exited the Badlands.”

    She pressed a few more buttons and overlaid the sightings of the vessels onto the map. “A blockade, perhaps? We don’t have many assets beyond the Badlands but if they block off the Badlands we’d have to go sneaking about near Tholian space to get around to the backside of the Union and I’m not too keen to do that.” With a forceful and slightly agitated tap she closed the map. “Perhaps the tea has yet to kick in but I’m failing to see how parking a fleet of Galor class ships, of all things, in the Badlands helps them. Perhaps this is more of their internal bickering?”

    “That thought had crossed my mind, yes. I’ve been getting some unverified reports from my diplomatic contacts that there are factions within the Cardassian government that are currently vying for overall control. If these reports are credible, this may be an attempt by one of those factions to hide their actual war power from the other side, which would place it well within the bounds of being none of our concern. That being said, nothing the Cardassians have done in the past makes this a very comforting thought, since this tidbit might very well be nothing more than fabricated information to lull us into complacency,” Bastin offered before folding his arms across his chest.

    “My gut tells me that we need to investigate this, even if this truly is the Cardassians’ internal strife at work and has little to do with us; the fact that there are ships lurking in the Badlands, with no way to reasonably track or predict their movements or intentions presents a tangible risk to the immediate area. Along those lines, I have already selected a vessel I believe would be able to handle a scouting mission of this type without undue strain on our defensive posture nor will it present a credible threat to a fleet of ships should they be discovered by the vessels in question,” the Commodore finished, giving the Admiral time to process the information and provide direction.

    Elisabeth nodded. "I agree with you there Commodore. The idea of Cardassians just wondering about the Badlands without us poking around ourselves is not a palatable idea." She tapped a button on her desk and brought up a list of ships assigned to 72. "Whom did you have in mind?"

    “I recently assigned Captain Jori to the Charleston, and given that the vessel is already crewed to the point of deployability, we wouldn’t have to divert any vessels already conducting other missions to the Badlands, we would simply need to issue deployment orders to Captain Jori and have them depart from the station with due haste. It honestly worked out better than any other projections I ran of our other ships being diverted. The Charleston would arrive in the Badlands in less than three days, while the next closest vessel would need almost a week and a half to accomplish the same. Shall I give the Charleston the mission, Admiral?” Bastin asked after giving Basmanoff his assessment of the situation.

    With a few taps Elisabeth brought up the ship profile of the Charleston. "An Elysion Class ship wouldn't draw too much attention and while Jori is new to the captain's chair I think she'll handle this just fine." Elisabeth closed out the holo-display with a sigh and leaned back. "Deploy them. I'll have DS9 keep a close eye on things; if that fleet so much as makes a threatening move I want to know immediately."

    “I’ll pass the word immediately,” Bastin said with a firm nod, “Anything else before I go, Admiral?”

    Elisabeth shook her head. "Not at all, Commodore. Keep me apprised of whatever develops out of this."

    "Of course, Admiral," Bastin remarked courteously before heading back the way he'd come in to set the Charleston on her path.

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