Devron Fleet Yards

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Hello! This thread is open for people assigned to Task Force 93 under the rank of Lieutenant Commander (and above if you wish) who would like to try fiction writing. The premise of this thread is that your character is assigned to Devron Fleet Yards in the Devron System, located within the former Romulan Neutral Zone while awaiting assignment to one of the many starships; under construction, refit and resupply or operating along the Romulan border.

You can write your character as either;

  • Assigned to command a runabout operating within the sector
  • Serve as a specialist on a team being sent on one of those runabouts on special missions throughout the sector.
  • Residing on the Guardian Class Starbase within Devron Fleet Yards, having some down time or working as a junior staffer awaiting your transfer orders for command

Ideas for missions:

  • You're being sent to respond to a medical emergency by picking up Romulan refugees and transporting them back to the hospital on Devron Fleet Yards.
  • You're being sent to maintain a piece of Starfleet infrastructure like a communications relay or a sensor platform in deep space.
  • You're patrolling an area of space where recent pirate raids have been taking place alongside some minor skirmishes with the Fenris Rangers
  • You are visiting Free Cloud for some R&R

Tips and Tricks:

Grammar isn't the be-all, end-all, but consider installing Grammarly or another advanced style checker, as it can be a major help.
If you have questions about what to write about or what races to encounter or how you can/should interact with them, feel free to reach out to the Task Force staff on Discord.
This type of fiction is generally written in the third person, past perspective, in a narrative format, i.e. with dialogue written out like a novel, not like a movie script.

Most importantly; have fun and speak to the TF Senior Staff if you have any questions

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