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Starbase 72 is a Spacedock Class starbase that serves as the headquarters for the 4th Fleet's Task Force 72. Located in the Minos Korva system, Starbase 72 serves as the starting point for most new personal assigned to Task Force and a launching point for new Commanding Officers. With nearly dozen starships assigned to the Starbase and the system, it's a massive hub of activity. Both TFCO Rear Admiral Elisabeth Basmanoff and TFXO Commodore Buechner maintain offices on the Starbase and are often on the station.

In addition to the Starbase in orbit, there is a thriving colony on Minos Korva that serves a hub for trading in the area and supports extensive Starfleet facilities on the surface. Now, in 2399, With a resurgent Cardassian Union and the general instability of the southern Alpha Quadrant, Starbase 72 serves a vital role and is nearing the end of an overhaul and resupply as Starfleet once again returns to the area in force.

Things to know:
* This thread is for Task Force cannon development. While we do welcome members of 72 to join us and help develop it, please talk to the TFCO and TFXO before posting here.


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    Key Personnel:
    Task Force Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral Basmanoff (Human Female)
    Task Force Executive Officer: Commodore Buechner (Human Male)
    Starbase Commander: Captain Aris Quets (Bajoran Male)
    Starbase Executive Officer: Commander T'Nep (Vulcan Female)
    Korva Colony Administrator: Ms. Alona Keegan (Human Female)

    Assigned Starships
    USS Inverness NCC-3423 (Excelsior Class - Rear Admiral Basmanoff's Flagship)
    USS Hera NCC-73232 (Nebula Class)
    USS Mountjoy NCC-65332 (Steamrunner Class)
    USS Venus NCC-79882 (Nova Class)

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