USS Odyssey

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Episode 1:

USS Odyssey NCC-80000
Hellian Expanse, Beta Quadrant,
Stardate: 76077.85

"Captain's log, stardate seven-six-oh-seven-seven point eight-five. It’s now been over a week since I returned home from the recent conference at Starbase Bravo. Odyssey finally arrived in the Hellian Expanse yesterday afternoon to begin our re-mapping exercise. This small region of space is filled with a range of spatial anomalies that requires us to keep our cartography records updated. The last time I was here was prior to the fateful loss of the Trinity, I do hope with this stint I’ll be returning home in my own ship and not an escape pod! While we start our survey, we are also using the time to celebrate some recent achievements on the senior staff.”

Gently bobbing on the ocean water, the tall nineteenth century galleon was an impressive site to see on the seas. On her stern read the name all in gold. Odyssey. On deck her crew were working extremely hard under the watchful eye of their commander: Captain James Preston McCallister.

Starring out at the sea, McCallister took in the fresh air through his nose and smiled at the sweet salt that filled his nostrils. The change of scenery was a welcome one for many of his crew, their mission of exploration had just started and there was a buzz on every deck. However, this little holographic distraction was a needed one. Slowly approaching him from behind, dressed in a British navy officer’s uniform, was his first officer. Commander Cambil Bexa, like everyone else, appeared to be enjoying herself in this little recreation of theirs.

Speaking in a formal tone, the Bajoran executive officer cleared her throat. “Captain, it’s time.”

Turning around, he smirked at her and nodded as he looked around on his “ship”. The recreation of an old galleon from Earth’s past with the name of Odyssey had been something suggested by the Chief of the Boat, Senior Chief Petty Officer Court. The captain’s yeoman and senior most enlisted officer on the ship had got his hands on a copy of the holoprogram through an associate of his that had worked on other ships, including the Federation’s flagship. It had been used as a way to make promotion ceremonies more memorable and had become a custom for the crew to perform this little ritual of theirs for every promotion.

Today was a big day in promotions. Three members of McCallister’s senior staff were being promoted. It was a bigger day for Cambil, as the three individuals were three of her former pupils that she had taught at the Academy together and had begged McCallister to take them on board the Triton so many years ago. He was glad she did. Right now, her smiles were huge with her sense of pride for all three.

“Bring out the prisoners!” shouted Cambil as the entire crew, who were present, turned towards the large hatch in the centre of the main deck. Being pulled out by their chief engineer, chief medical officer and their chief counsellor were the three officers in question.

A few of them were jeering them on, all the while making the experience fun. None of them were dressed in their navy jackets, just the undershirts and white trousers and boots. This was all complimented with the iron shackles around their wrists and ankles. The three of them stood almost shoulder to shoulder with the same bemused expression plastered across their faces, well except for one.

T’Rani, the ship’s Vulcan pilot remained placid as ever with her expression and emotional response. A typical logical woman. Her dark brown hair was pulled up and tied into a small bun behind her ears. Normally she would have it hanging in a short bob. Beside her and in the middle of the two of them was their chief operations officer Lukiz Jen. The joined Trill man was trying his best to remain in characters but couldn’t stop smirking at the others. Finally, next to him was Cline Lenjir, the ship’s security and tactical officer from Tiburon. Like Jen, he tried to compose himself and take the whole event seriously but was failing.

“T’Rani, Lukiz, Cline, words cannot describe how proud I am of you all that we have finally reached this moment in your careers.” Cambil spoke. Normally McCallister would be leading the opening speech, but today the captain allowed Cambil to do it as it meant a lot to her. “Are you all prepared to face the charges?”

Immediately, and on time, the three officers that had pulled them all out took out their swords and pointed them towards their “prisoners”.

Speaking to them all in a deep harsh tone was Doctor Sylvexs, the ship’s Denobulan chief medical officer. A shortish woman with normal wavy blonde hair, today she had followed in tradition and had pulled it up into a beehive like bun. “Answer her!” She bellowed.

A range of “I am” and “Yes” followed from the three officers. T’Rani kept her unamused response still in check.

Taking out a large white scroll, Cambil read out what it said in a clear voice for all to hear. “We, the officers and crew of the U-S-S. Odyssey, being of sound mind and judgment, hereby make the following charges against Lieutenants T’Rani, Jen and Lenjir. One. That they did knowingly and wilfully perform above and beyond the call of duty on countless occasions. Two. Most seriously, that all of them have earned the admiration and respect of the entire crew.”

Smiling at the foolery they were engaged with, McCallister stepped forward, just before the top step that would lead down to the lower part of the main deck where everyone else was. “Miss T’Rani, Mr Jen and Mr Lenjir, I hereby promote you all to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, with all the rights and privileges thereto. Congratulations!”

Everyone erupted into cheers and applaud after the captain had finished. McCallister walked down towards them, still plastered with the smile across his face. Approaching each one as they were released from their handcuffs, he shook their hands and congratulated them. Cambil was close behind and was hugging each one affectionately.

McCallister turned around to see his wife, Karyn Reyas getting everyone to cheer as she shouted “Hip! Hip!” and they answered with “Hooray!” More applause followed and cheers echoed across the old sailing ship.

Walking over to his wife, he pulled her into a hug. It was a nice to be home with her and their boys, who were all climbing the riggings at this point.

From another point on the deck another voice was heard, this time it was the chief of the boat himself, “Now walk the plank!” Court shouted.

More encouragement as the three of them were guided to the three planks that sat on the port side of the ship. Again, another custom that had been shared from the Federation’s flagship was the challenge for each newly promoted officer to walk out on the long beam of wood and jump for their officer’s hat.

“Do you think they’ll do it?” His wife said as they both watched from the upper deck.

“I wouldn’t want to-” The captain barely had a chance to finish his sentene when he was interrupted.

“Bridge to Holodeck One.”

Rolling his eyes at the bad timing of the call, McCallister turned to face away from the crowd and tapped his combadge that sat under his coat. “McCallister here, go ahead Lieutenant Oran.”

Lieutenant Naef Oran, the ship’s assistant chief science officer, was currently on the bridge on duty. The Brikarian officer spoke in his deep gravelly voice. “Captain, we’ve receiving a distress call from the U-S-S Holt. They report they’re under attack, but their message stops there.”

The mention of the Holt startled the captain as it was his former first officer’s new ship. He was confused though at that statement. “Are you sure Naef? The Holt was patrolling the Gorn border near to Cestus.” McCallister was confused. They were hundreds of light years away from Gorn space, in fact they were closer to Romulan space than anything else.

“I was sceptical too sir, but we’ve confirmed it is legitimate.”

“Take us to red alert and lay in a course at maximum warp for their last known location.” McCallister ordered. He tapped his combadge and looked around to see that his three new lieutenant commanders had all been successful in their challenge. Gutted he didn’t see it, the cheers from everyone else were stopped as the klaxon for battlestations were sounded.

“Computer, end program.” McCallister ordered and the silver and grey hologrid appeared as the computer complied with his request.

From the nineteenth century paradise, the crew were brought back to reality of the twenty-fourth century.


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    USS Odyssey NCC-80000
    Hellian Expanse, Beta Quadrant,
    Stardate: 76017.7

    Dropping out of warp, the mighty Odyssey slowed to impulse as it arrived at its destination. Exiting out of his ready room after quickly getting changed into his Starfleet uniform, Captain McCallister made his way across the bridge. Tugging on the jacket’s ends, he smoothed his top out. He wasn’t a fan of this new uniform; he preferred the old grey shouldered ones from a few years back. No-one quite understood why Starfleet felt the need for almost every decade to change the uniform when they did. Noticing everyone on the senior staff were all present back in their uniforms, the captain didn’t blame them all wanting to be there. Captain Zack Hawkins was a close friend to many of them, he had served on the Odyssey for five years before assuming command of his own ship. In that time, he had built up a close rapport with them all, McCallister included. So the mystery around how his state of the art vessel was in danger and misplaced intrigued them all.

    Odyssey’s bridge was much larger than most ships. It still had the central command ‘pit’ with the chair for the captain, first officer and the counsellor. In front of them the two stations for helm and operations. Sat behind the first officer’s chair was the security and tactical station while on the opposite side behind the counsellor’s chair was the first of many mission ops station. On the port side of the bridge, were all the enginering stations installed along the main wall. Parallel to it, on the other side were the science stations. With most of the stations, holographic displays hovered above them. The ship’s master situation display sat at the rear of the bridge between the doors for the observation lounge. The dark latte gold colouring of the chairs and stations where complimented by the pastel merlot colouring with the Prussian blue in the carpets. The bridge had that warm feeling but was also practical for allowing the ship to engage in a range of missions, from scientific to tactical too.

    Walking across his bridge, McCallister kept his posture neutral – he didn’t want to seem worried yet. “Report?” He asked as he approached the middle.

    Cambil, rose from the captain’s chair to take her one. “We’re approaching the Holt now.” She answered. “No responses from our hails.”

    Rubbing his cheeks with his left hand, McCallister felt his stubble against his fingertips. He looked over to security and tactical chief, “Cline, raise shields, charge all weapons.”

    The Tiburon officer nodded in response and began to carry out his orders bringing the ship’s weapons and defensive systems online. It was no surprise the captain had ordered it; the distress call had indicated they had been attacked. They would soon see what happened.

    “I’ve got the Holt on sensors.” Announced Commander Reyas from the science station.

    Turning to face where his wife was sat, McCallister took a breath. What had happened to his former first officer’s ship would now be revealed. “Onscreen.” He ordered.

    Reyas swiped across the holographic computer display in front of her and transferred the image of the Holt to the main screen.

    In an instant, the colour drained from McCallister’s face as they were all confronted with the image of the burning hulk of the Elysion class. The debris from the ship was shattered across the entire screen.

    Gulping once, McCallister tried to speak when his voice didn’t want to. “Lifesigns?”

    Reyas had already pre-empted that command and looked over to McCallister with an even sadder face. “None James.” She said solemnly. “I’m detecting no escape pods or auxiliary craft. The entire ship is destroyed.”

    Silence flooded the bridge as no-one said anything. Taking his chair, McCallister sat down as he tried to compartmentalise the loss of Hawkins and his entire crew and now, he knew they needed to know what happened to the Holt. “Karyn start scanning the debris, I want to know what’s out there, search for the log bouy if you can.” He looked over to his Betazoid chief engineer, “Tremnt, start pulling in debris that is safe to bring on board. I want a full analysis of what happened that resulted in the destruction of that ship.”

    Commander Hunsen nodded and replied with a gruff “aye sir” while Karyn was automatically giving out orders to her science team.

    Looking over his shoulder to Lenjir, McCallister continued to give out his commands, “Cline start scanning the area, the Holt’s distress call indicated they were under attack. If the aggressors are still out there, then I want to see them before they try anything with us.”

    “Of course, sir.” Lenjir responded.

    “Number One, the bridge is yours. I’ll be speaking with Starfleet about this.” McCallister rose from his chair after speaking to his executive officer. He looked to his left; Counsellor Duncan sat there with a similar expression of disbelief plastered across his face. “Max, with me for a moment.”

    Walking back across the bridge, McCallister made his way towards to his ready room with the counsellor in tow. This was not how the captain had expected their first exploration mission to go.

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    USS Odyssey NCC-80000
    Hellian Expanse, Beta Quadrant,
    Stardate: 76017.7

    The moment the ready room door closed behind Counsellor Duncan, McCallister gave out a sigh and turned to Max. He knew that what just transpired out there on the bridge would be affecting the ship’s therapist and chief diplomatic officer more than most.

    “Are you okay Max?” McCallister asked as he took his seat behind his desk and gestured for the younger man to sit in one of the armchairs opposite to him.

    Without hesitation, Duncan sat down too. “Absolutely sir. Why wouldn’t I?”

    Trying to avoid the obvious and not knowing how else to say it without upsetting the young commander, McCallister shared his reason. “I know Captain Hawkins meant a lot to you, not just as a mentor here on the Odyssey but also with his connection to your father.”

    “I appreciate your concern sir, but I will be able to perform my duties.” Duncan said in an uncharacteristic hardened tone.

    Surprised at his remarks, McCallister had yet to properly speak with the counsellor since the funeral of his father, the late Fleet Admiral Duncan. He didn’t want to push it any further. “Okay, I’d appreciate it if you stay close to the crew. I’m sure many of them will be distraught at the news.”

    “Aye sir.”

    “Dismissed.” McCallister said, still worried that the counsellor was blocking him out. He watched as the counsellor left and then the captain got back to his work at hand, sending a message to Vice Admiral Thrace about the destruction of the Holt. After setting up the message, McCallister was distracted for a moment. He looked around his ready room, again it was bigger than most ready rooms on other Starfleet ships. It was setup in an almost long rectangular shape with his desk in one corner, under the drooping bay windows, while on the other side were a number of comfortable sofas. A replicator sat opposite to his desk. Over the years he had added his own personal collectable items. On the walls a number of pictures, especially of Karyn and the boys, were hanging. Then there was one that caught his eye. It was a picture of him and Zack, the day after the ship had launched from drydock.

    USS Odyssey NX-80000
    En-route to Deep Space 19, Kovar System
    Stardate: 64303.97

    “Say cheese!”


    McCallister’s grin was still apparent after his wife had taken the picture of him and his new first officer. The two men, who were both in the newest uniforms from Starfleet, no longer the dark grey shoulder uniforms but an updated version of the uniform from the early 2370s, had placed their arms around each other as they took the picture.

    “That’s great.” Karyn said as she turn the holo-camera around to show them. “Definitely need to get a copy of that for your new ready room James.”

    “Absolutely.” He replied as he took a sip from his flute of champagne.

    The entire crew were now celebrating in the ship’s main crew lounge. It had been a full day since the launch of the brand-new Odyssey class. Being the prototype, they had a lot to manage to ensure that their shakedown cruise was a success. That all said, McCallister had insisted that they do whatever it took to bring the entire crew together. A majority of the crew on the new Odyssey were members from his former command, the Triton, while the rest were from the previous ship named Odyssey. It only seemed fitting that the two crews that had worked together to prevent a disaster and another war with the Cardassian Union, should be stationed together. The loss of the previous ship named Odyssey and the heavy damage sustained to the Triton had given that avenue for McCallister to explore when he accepted his new command.

    Fortunately for him, his new first officer had been on the old Odyssey. Commander Zack Hawkins, in the same position. Hawkins had flown through the ranks as one of the ship’s original pilots before joining the command track. He had learnt everything under Captain McCragg and Fleet Admiral Duncan, the two men that had commanded the former Odyssey. In some ways McCallister had wondered if he had cheated Hawkins out of a promotion, but as the man had only been a first officer for a year, joining McCallister’s team would only serve him well before he was offered his own command.

    Karyn smiled at both men as she left them to it and joined with the other crew. Turning to face his number one who was also drinking from a champagne flute, McCallister spoke up. “So, is it weird being on a new Odyssey?” He asked.

    Hawkins just shook his head, “Nah, not at all.” He responded as he finished the contents of his flute and put it down on the raised bar area they were near. The crew lounge was almost twice the size of a Galaxy-class ship. Along with its inverted bay windows and raised areas with seating on it, it also included a bar as well as galley supplemented by replicators. In the background a small band was playing quite cheerful music, while everyone enjoyed a buffet spread that included delicacies from across the Federation. “Besides serving on Deep Space Nineteen, since my academy days I’ve always been on a ship named Odyssey.” He added.

    “Really?” McCallister said in between sips of his drink. “I knew you served under Fleet Admiral Duncan, but I didn’t realise it was for that long?”

    Hawkins nodded to confirm. “Absolutely, I was a low-ranking ensign on the first Odyssey when he became a captain. That was the Prometheus-class ship, then when he was giving command of its successor, the Explorer-class he brought me along then. It wasn’t long until I was his chief flight control officer and then when he took command of Deep Space Nineteen, he gave Captain McCragg the Odyssey. I joined the crew of Deep Space Nineteen for a bit, making my way into the role of chief strategic operations officer before McCragg asked me to join him as his first officer last year.”

    “Wow,” McCallister stated, “So it’s not you I should be worried about if I cause the name Odyssey to get a bad reputation, it’s the admiral and captain?”

    Hawkins laughed out loud. “More so the admiral than anyone else.” He leant over the bar and asked the bartender to grab them both another drink, Aldebaran whiskey. Looking back to McCallister, Hawkins continued. “And don’t worry about McCragg being jealous he didn’t get this gig. He was more than happy to return to Kovar.”

    “What is he doing on Kovar anyway?” McCallister inquired as the bartender gave both men another drink. “I heard rumours that he is opening up a new campus for Starfleet Academy.”

    “He is,” Hawkins said. “Starfleet wants him to assume command of the project. Obviously the campus won’t be as big as the one in San Francisco, but McCragg said he enjoyed his time teaching at the academy. He’s the right man to lead a new annex in that region of space. He told me himself, he wants to calm his life down and enjoy it on some beautiful planet.”

    Lowering his eyebrows slightly, McCallister didn’t quite believe that last statement. “Kovar is a beautiful planet, isn’t it mostly covered in water?”

    Sniggering at that comment, Hawkins shook his head. “Absolutely not. It has some of the best beaches that could rival Risa and Gedi Prime. It’s only been in recent years that they’ve really started to develop the colony. I get why the admiral and his wife are retiring there. Have you never been there?”

    McCallister shook his head and then enjoyed another sip from his champagne. “No,” He said after finishing the small taste. “I suppose if we have time after this trip I could take Karyn down for a day or two.”

    “Do it, you’ll understand why Captain McCragg calls it is the crown jewels of the Beta Quadrant.” Hawkins said still smirking.

    McCallister felt more comfortable as he got to know Hawkins more. They appeared almost similar in their mannerism and the way they thought. Thankfully, McCallister thought, he wouldn’t have to break in a brand new first officer.

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    USS Odyssey NCC-80000
    Hellian Expanse, Beta Quadrant,
    Stardate: 76017.7

    From the science station, Karyn Reyas watched as her husband marched towards his ready room with Commander Max Duncan in tow. Karyn couldn’t get over the loss of the Holt. She felt guilty being the one to announce the news. Closing her eyes for a second, she took a moment to concentrate on her breathing and think about what had transpired. Immediately she re-opened them and went straight to work. She wanted to know what the hell happened to Hawkins and his ship. Manipulating the holographic displays along with the touchscreen console, Karyn was determined to find the first piece of this puzzle, the Holt’s log buoy. It’s discovery would unleash onto them so many answers to so many questions they had about what had happened. Who had attacked them? How did they end up so far away from their previous position? What destroyed them? Why were there no survivors?

    Her assistant head of department walked across the bridge and sat down with an almost great big thud. Thankfully the chairs on Odyssey could sustain his heavy build. The Brikarian man glanced over to her and spoke. “Commander, the astrometrics team have already started scanning the area one square meter at a time. We’re going to get a detailed analysis of what happened here.”

    “Good, I am sure that would be reassuring for the captain.” Reyas replied as she carried on with her own scans. “I want to find the log buoy sooner rather than later. While I’m doing that can you scan the area for any natural occurring phenomena Naef?”

    Lieutenat Oran appeared confused at that request. “Surely my team in astrometrics would be able to find that out ma’am?”

    Nodding in agreement, Reyas shared her train of thought. “Yes they will, but I don’t want to wait that long. My hunch is the Holt’s sudden arrival here was caused by something else, I may be wrong but if there’s something out there like a subspace corridor or another anomaly that pulled them across, then I want to know straight away.”

    Understanding where she was coming from, the large orange, stone like creature got to work trying to find what could be impossible answers.

    Ten minutes into her work, Karyn felt a comfortable hand rest on the back of her shoulders. “How’s it going?” asked the ship’s Bajoran first officer.

    Looking up to her right, Reyas smiled at the support from her friend. “The amount of debris is making it impossible to find the buoy.”

    Commander Cambil squeezed her eyes as she looked at the readings that were on display. “Trying changing your search parameters.” She suggested.

    “To what?” Reyas questioned.

    “The Holt was an Elysion-class starship. Brand new, top of the line, and I just read that Starfleet had used kellinite to reinforce a good proportion of the hull. That included the area the buoy was stored in. If we filter out kellinite from the scans, then it may make it easier to find it.”

    “Thanks Bexa,” Reyas said and made the alterations to her search. Within a few seconds of making the changes, the sensor found what she wanted. “Got it!”

    Tapping her combadge, Cambil spoke into it. “Bridge to Captain McCallister.”

    “Go ahead Number One.” replied McCallister.

    “Sir, Commander Reyas has just found the Holt’s log buoy. Shall we beam it onboard?” Cambil asked.

    “Do it and once safety checks are complete, then begin to download its computer core to ours. Well done Commander Reyas!” McCallister said in a more positive tone.

    “Thank you James.” Reyas said as she went back to getting the coordinators for the transporter.

    They had just made their first successful move.

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    USS Odyssey NCC-80000
    Hellian Expanse, Beta Quadrant,
    Stardate: 76017.8

    The moment the cargo bay transporter had finished its cycle, Karyn stepped forward with her hand tricorder in her hands. Already she began scanning the log buoy and within seconds gave out a sigh of relief as she was told the good news from her scanner that the device from intact.

    Behind her operating one of the stand-up consoles was the ship’s chief operations officer, recently promoted Lieutenant Commander Lukiz Jen. The joined Trill was one gifted individual with his ingenious levels, that said he kept it in check by not being arrogant with it. In fact, Lukiz was a quieter man.

    “It should be quite easy to connect the buoy to the ship’s computer library.” Jen said, his focus still on his console.

    Returning to stand next to him, the El-Aurian chief science officer agreed with him. “It’s in a good state, seeing as it survived the destruction of the ship. Not many scratches.”

    Standing almost shoulder to shoulder now as they read the progress of the download, both officers were keen to find the answers that Captain McCallister wanted to know.

    “Looks like there's an active file here.” Jen reported the moment the first few files downloaded. “It’s encoded for transmission to…” He paused as he read the log. “That can’t be right.”

    Reyas looked further at the holographic display that Jen was reading. “What’s the problem?”

    “Well it’s encoded to be sent to Starfleet Command as well as to Captain McCallister.” He answered as he got more details. “I think it Captain Hawkins’ last log entry. I can only get audio.”

    “Play it.” Reyas whispered. She knew she shouldn’t but the wife in her wanted to protect her husband from anymore hurt. If she knew what was on the file before he did she could perhaps prepare him.

    The cargo bay speakers came to life the smooth voice and charismatic tones of Zack Hawkins. The man that her husband (as well as her and so many others) trusted on Odyssey for a number of years.

    “With any luck, my next log entry will be made at Starbase Eighty-Two. But should our luck run out while patrolling the Gorn border, I'd like to say for the record that the crew of the Holt acted with distinction and valour.”

    That statement was still confusing to Karyn and Lukiz seemed just as perplexed as she did.

    “Continue with the download and then we’ll need to review the data.” Reyas said. “I’m going to take this message to the captain.”

    Nodding in understanding what he needed to do, Jen came up with an idea. “I may be able to recreate the Holt’s bridge on the holodeck and we could watch what happened before it was lost.”

    “Yeah, put that together Lukiz.” Reyas agreed with and downloaded the message on to the PADD to take to her husband.

    The moment she left the cargo bay with the PADD in her hands, she made her way towards the nearest turbolift. As she got in she wondered just why Zack had prepared to send part of his log entry to James.

    “Bridge.” She ordered as she tried to understand Zack’s actions further. What she remembered of him, he was a caring individual and so like James in command styles.

    USS Odyssey NX-80000
    Berengaria System
    Stardate: 65383.75

    Having the chance to relax to herself, Karyn was enjoying a quiet afternoon to herself in her quarters. The quarters themselves were pretty huge and without James around and the boys were out, she was able to enjoy something that she rarely got to eat. Chocolate ice cream. One of James’ favourite treats, since their marriage, Karyn had developed a fondness for it too.

    Taking small bits from it, she sat still in her uniform on the large sweeping sofa under the sloped bay windows with the lights in the living area. Since James left to command the Avenger with a few others a few months ago, she had found herself missing him so much.

    The door chime went off and she looked up and over to the door. “Enter.” She said finishing a mouthful.

    Swooshing open, the doors revealed Acting Captain Zack Hawkins. The tallish man had dark brown swept back and a lot of stubble around his cheeks and chin. His light blue eyes glistened a bit as he came in with his usual boyish grin. “Hey Karyn, is it okay to come in? I don’t want to interrupt if the boys are sleeping?”

    Chuckling at that notion that her three baby sons would all take a nap at the same time, Karyn waved her visitor in. “No, they’re out.”

    Showing a quick jovial concerned look, Hawkins asked her where they were. “With who?” He added.

    “Tobias, bless him, since James left has been taking them for a stroll in their hover pushchair to the arboretum every afternoon. It gives me time to sort out their evening meals and ready for their bed.” Karyn explained. “He’s quite the natural babysitter!”

    Hawkins laughed at the notion that the captain’s yeoman would consider a change in career to childcare. “Tobi has a good heart.”

    “He does.” Karyn said, “Can I get you a drink Zack?”

    Nodding in response, Zack remained still standing by the door so Karyn gestured for him to come in further as she got up and went over to the replicator. “What do you want?”

    “Something cold and with some sugar in it would be nice.” Zack replied as he sat in one of the armchairs.

    “Computer, one tall chocolate milkshake with extra whipped cream and a straw!” Karyn ordered and the moment the drink was created she picked it up and took it over to him. “I noticed once that James got you this during a senior staff meeting.”

    Blushing as if a big secret had been revealed, Zack appreciated the gesture. “Like you, he got me obsessed in trying new things with chocolate. What’s with that by the way?”

    She giggled, “Yeah, I don’t know but when he is stressed chocolate appears to be his go to food to help.”

    “It is good.” Hawkins said as he took several sips. He put it down on the glass coffee table and then spoke further. “Karyn, I hope you don’t me coming to you but I’m not sure who else to chat to about this on the ship.”

    “Oh okay,” she said after taking a bite of her ice cream and now sat up straight on the sofa. It was obvious serious what he wanted to talk about. “Is this off the record?”

    “Sort of.” Zack said, “It’s just, Starfleet has not told me exactly how long James will be gone for and where he was going. I was just wondering if he ever hinted anything to you? I think I’m becoming paranoid while sitting in his chair.”

    Shaking her head, Karyn couldn’t properly answer the question for him. “Like you, it was kept secret from me. Normally when Starfleet re-assigns captains from bigger ships like the Odyssey to smaller ships like the Avenger then it has be for a certain type of mission. My money is on him conducting something for Starfleet Intelligence based on the last mission the Triton was on. It can be the only logical reason.”

    “Yeah that thought did cross my mind too.” Zack said as he picked up his milkshake and sucked on it again. “I just don’t understand why Starfleet didn’t replace him on here and why we’re now undertaking low-level missions within the core territory of the Federation. I mean come on, that mission on Berengaria Seven to deliver those dragon catchers wasn’t something that overly taxed us.”

    “James did mention he reckoned that Odyssey will lose her N-X registry soon as she’s been active for some time now and others of this class are being built. Maybe Starfleet wants us closer to home to do their final assessments.” Karyn offered. “I really don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about. Plus, you’ve got close connections with Fleet Admiral Duncan, I’m sure he pulled in a few favours to give you the chance to practice being in that centre chair. Knowing the admiral, he’s probably pushing for you to get a command of your own, very soon.”

    Agreeing with her point of view, Hawkins seemed a bit re-assured. “Yeah I know, I just wish James could tell us if that was the case.”

    “Well make a request to Starfleet Command to send him an encoded message, he may be able to give you some answers without revealing what he is up to.” She suggested.

    “That’s a good idea Karyn, thank you.” He stood up. “I’ve taken up too much of your time already. I’ll see you in the morning for the staff briefing.”

    “Yes of course,” Karyn said smiling. “And Zack,” she said calling after him, “James may not be here but you’ve got a crew around you that trust you and you can depend on. If you want to ever come round for another milkshake or any other chocolate substance…well I’m happy to have you here!”

    He gave her a big smile as he left.

    USS Odyssey NCC-80000
    Hellian Expanse, Beta Quadrant,
    Stardate: 76017.8

    The lift came to a halt and Karyn left it to make her way over to her husband who was stood by the ship’s master situation display.

    “You got something Karyn?” He asked the moment he caught attention of her presence.

    “It’s the first file we’ve downloaded, Lukiz is doing the rest at the moment. I just thought you may want to listen to this, Zack encoded his last log entry to send to you and Starfleet Command.” Karyn said as she passed him the PADD. “It just doesn’t make sense why he did that and what he said has nothing to do with you.”

    Taking the PADD, McCallister sighed from frustration of another mystery for them to solve. “Let me listen to it in my ready room.” He said disheartened as he walked across the bridge to hear what his old first officer had said.

    Karyn watched him go, she felt helpless that she couldn’t provide any more support to him.

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    USS Odyssey NCC-80000
    Hellian Expanse, Beta Quadrant,
    Stardate: 76017.9

    After listening to the log entry more than once, McCallister could not work out why it had been encoded to be sent to him. Stood in his office, he was trying to connect the dots. He just couldn’t with the insufficient evidence he currently had.

    “Tea, hot with sugar.” He said to his ready room’s replicator that was behind him. It complied and created his beverage within an instant. Sipping on the English breakfast tea brand that he favoured all the time, McCallister could not for the life of him work out what this latest part of the puzzle meant. Standing up, he walked around his desk and leant on one of the beams that held up the massive bay windows he had. He stared out into space, looking at the debris field that was slowly being collected in by the Odyssey’s engineering team.

    The door’s chime went off and without looking over to the entrance, he simply answered with “come in”.

    Stepping in and walking over to him was his son, Alfie. “Hey dad, hope it’s okay coming up to see you?”

    Straight away, he went from captain mode to dad move. James smiled deeply at his son, “Alfie Bear!” He greeted by using the nickname that he used to call him when he was a lot younger. “It’s good to see you, thanks for coming.”

    Rolling his eyes at the use of his old pet name, Alfie just wandered over and gave his father a hug. “I heard what happened dad, just wanted to check that you’re okay. I know Commander Hawkins meant a lot to you.”

    Smiling and returning the hug (something he rarely got from his sons these days), James was happy to see his twelve-year-old boy. “Zack meant a lot to a number of us buddy.”

    “Do you know what happened to his ship yet?” Alfie asked after letting go and looking up.

    Shaking his head twice, James answered him back honestly. “Not yet, we’re working on it though.”

    “Will you and mom be home for dinner tonight?” His son asked. “Because if not, Uncle Tobi said he would look after us.”

    Rubbing his forehead, not knowing if he would get home tonight, James answered his son. “I’m not sure yet Alf, mom and I have a lot of work to do. Let me chat it over with her and then we’ll let you know. Anyway, I thought you were going over to Sammy’s place tonight for a sleepover?”

    Rolling his eyes again, Alfie shook his head. “Dad that’s tomorrow night! Don’t you ever listen?”

    “Sorry man, I thought it was tonight, must be getting my day’s mixed up.” James remarked back apologetically.

    “It’s a good thing you’ve got Uncle Tobi to keep your schedule up to date.” Alfie commented on.

    “Truer words were never spoken.” James admitted. “That’s why his just not your godfather but also my yeoman and chief of the boat. His very talented!”

    “Well dad, I better get back home. I’ve got homework to do.” Alfie said before leaning in to give his dad another hug. “See you later tonight, hopefully.”

    “Definitely bud,” James replied as he held onto his son and kissed the top of his head quickly. “I promised Henri another chapter of Sherlock tonight before bed.”

    “I’ll hold you to that.” His son said as he let go and walked out of his office.

    As Alfie walked out of the doorway, Lieutenant Commander Jen walked in. The joined Trill gave Alfie a friendly smiled as he went on by and looked at the captain.

    “Is it okay to come in sir?” The operations manager asked.

    Nodding and gesturing for the younger man to do just that, McCallister answered, “Yes of course Lukiz, please tell me you’ve uncovered more that may help us with this.”

    “Yes and no sir. I’ve just left a set of sensor logs with Commander Reyas to review, but I think I know how the Holt got here.” He answered.

    “How?” McCallister asked, eager to know.

    Jen passed him a PADD he had been holding, “A soliton wave.” He shared.

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    USS Odyssey NCC-80000
    Hellian Expanse, Beta Quadrant,
    Stardate: 76018.0

    Sitting in the conference room behind Odyssey’s bridge, the senior staff remained quiet as Lieutenant Commander Lukiz Jen presented to them what he had found out about the destruction of the Holt.
    “I’ve pieced together a majority of the records from the log buoy and I can summarise that the Holt’s destruction was caused by a soliton wave.” The Trill operations officer explained as he manipulated the large size console and monitor that took up the length of the wall parallel to the drooping bay windows. He first brought up a navigational log from the Holt. “The ship was originally stationed here, between Cestus III and the Betreka Nebula, conducting a patrol of the Klingon-Federation-Gorn border. Captain Hawkins did not raise any concern until his last log entry.”

    “The one he had prepared to send to me?” McCallister asked from the head of the table.

    Jen turned to look over his right shoulder. “Yes sir. Obviously, the message was confusing with what he said about his next log entry being done at Starbase Eighty-Six as they were patrolling our side of the Gorn border.”

    “What he said sounded as if he knew they may not survive.” Cambil added with.

    Agreeing further with the Bajoran commander, Jen shared his thoughts. “I think I know why. The Holt had detected some unusual subspace and gravimetric readings during their patrol. Thinking it was cloaked vessels, Captain Hawkins investigated and when they arrived in a neutral system along the Gorn border they encountered natural forming soliton waves. However, while they were there, they found a Gorn ship too.”

    Interrupting the operations officer, Commander Reyas tried to jump the gun slightly. “Is that who attacked them?”

    “No, I think there was some confusion. When some of the soliton waves increased in size and power, the Holt attempted to destabilise them with a spread of torpedoes. The Gorn took it as a sign of aggression and fired on them, a wave then hit the Holt. Captain Hawkins had the sent out a distress call as the wave swept them away at high speeds, almost close to transwarp speeds.” Jen said as he brought up further sensor readings from the destroyed Federation ship. “Captain Hawkins ordered a spread of torpedoes again to stop the wave however as the wave they were riding on had accelerated and had gained energy in the process, they had not considered this when they destroyed the wave with more torpedoes. The high subspace distortion was enough to destroy the Holt.”

    The room fell silent.

    “That sucks.” Spoke the gruff tones of Commander Tremt Hunsen. The Betazoid engineer did not show any empathy to their fallen comrades. His expression appeared more let down at the mere fact that the Holt had been lost due to a natural phenomenon and not in a heroic way. Obviously picking up the captain’s thoughts through his telepathic abilities, Hunsen cleared his throat to look at his captains. “The high amount of subspace radiation we found on a number of hull fragments would support Lukiz’s evidence sir.”

    “Is there anything else we need to know?” Doctor Slyvexs asked from the opposite end. The Denobulan doctor had remained sat up straight in her chair during the entire briefing.

    Jen shook his head. “Nothing I’m afraid doctor.” He took his seat in between T’Rani and Lenjir.

    Taking in a deep breath, McCallister leant forward and spoke in a solemn tone. “Can I ask you all to finalise your reports and I’ll inform Starfleet of what we’ve investigated. Thank you everyone.”

    That was his cue for everyone to leave, however his counsellor remained behind and approached the captain after getting out of his chair.

    “Captain do you have a moment?” Commander Duncan asked.

    Nodding, McCallister replied with a simple ‘yes’.

    “Sir, as Captain Hawkins was a big part of our crew, I thought it would be appropriate we organise a memorial for him and his crew.” Duncan suggested.

    Nodding his head in agreement, McCallister allowed it. “Go ahead Max, make whatever plans you think are appropriate.”

    Standing up, Duncan thanked the captain and left him.

    McCallister stared out of the large windows and wondered where he would find the strength to speak to Starfleet about the loss of the Holt and his former first officer and good friend, Captain Zack Hawkins.

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    USS Odyssey NCC-80000
    Hellian Expanse, Beta Quadrant,
    Stardate: 76020.6

    Captain’s log stardate seven six oh two oh point six. I have submitted our report on the loss of the Holt to Starfleet Command Headquarters and informed them of the Gorn’s involvement. Thankfully there’s been no further repercussions from the misunderstanding with them. Counsellor Duncan has prepared a memorial for the crew of the Holt and Captain Hawkins.

    In the main crew lounge it felt like a majority of the crew had turned up to pay their respects. Stood in the central pit on the lower floor of the lounge (also known as the auditorium by some of the crew), Captain McCallister was surrounded by his sons and wife as they looked to the bar where Duncan was stood in front of it in the centre. Knowing that their chief counsellor and diplomatic officer had originally asked not to speak about the recent loss of his father, the famous fleet admiral, it had been a welcome surprise when he had offered to organise and lead the memorial service.

    Clearing his throat, with a drink in his hand, Duncan started and his voice echoed around the room as the computer picked it and transmitted across the intercom system. “I’m not aware if any of us knew many of our fallen comrades from the Holt, but what I do know is that like so many who have sacrificed their lives for this uniform did so honourable and courageously.” Pausing so he could look at a good number of his audience, Duncan continued to speak. “When we all signed up to join Starfleet, none of us knew what dangers lurked around the next corner but we knew that it would never be easy. What we do day in and day out isn’t a pleasure cruise for any of us. It doesn’t matter what position we hold; we all contribute to that effort. If the Holt crew is like this crew, then I am certain they all knew that, every day when they put on their uniforms.”

    There was complete silence in the room as everyone starred and listened in depth to what the counsellor was saying. “In fact I am certain they knew it, as so many of us here knew their captain well. Captain Zack Hawkins was an amazing man. When he was our first officer, he took his time to get to know us all. I know his daily visits to various departments became legendary as so many department heads thought he was doing an inspection, but what he was really doing was making sure we, as a crew, were okay and understood that the work we did was worthwhile. When he left to take command of the Holt, I can remember he insisted that Commander Cambil carry on that tradition, of which she has.” At that point he raised his glass towards the Bajoran executive officer and there were a few cheers and claps for that. “She has honoured him well and was a worthy successor, but I think it’s time we all carry that burden. This ship has been in service for over a decade now, we are a fine crew and I like to think one of the best in Starfleet. So we need to make sure we look after one another, check-in with one another. When Captain Hawkins agreed to become Captain McCallister’s first officer so many years ago, they boldly took on a challenge of integrating two well established crews from two separate ships and put them together on one. But I know for a fact that none of us look at ourselves as a former member of either of those ships, we are one unit, one family. So let us honour the memory of our fallen former first officer and continue to move forward together doing what he always said to us: we are making a difference with everything we do.”

    The entire lounge then erupted into cheers and applaud. Joining in with the celebration, McCallister knew that Duncan had said everything right and had chosen a great way to preserve Hawkins’ legacy. Knowing he had to say something to the crew, McCallister eased himself through the crowd and joined Duncan by the bar. The crew all quiet down and the captain took a glass from the side off from a tray (that was ready to be handed out to everyone) and raised it.
    “To Captain Hawkins and the crew of the Holt, may they rest in peace knowing they served the Federation well!” He said and the entire crew copied his actions and raised their glasses too.

    McCallister clinked his glass with Duncan’s then took a sip from it. He immediately realised it was Aldebaran whiskey, Zack’s favourite and what they had drank on the evening after the ship was launched. Smiling at Duncan, the captain praised him for what he had said. “Thank you Max, those were great words to honour Zack and his crew.” Leaning in, he hugged the younger man who he had been mentoring for some time now. “Your father would be proud to.” He whispered.

    “Thank you sir.” Duncan said quietly back.

    The rest of the senior staff all walked over to them and joined them by taking a glass of the green whiskey. Again they all raised a glass to their fallen comrade and cheered when their beverages all clinked against one another.

    Looking towards his wife, McCallister smiled for the first time in days. He couldn’t of been any prouder to be the captain of the Odyssey and to be raising his family among this fine collection of people.

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    Episode 2:

    USS Odyssey NCC-80000
    Beta Quadrant

    Captain's log star date seven six oh three six point six four. We have finally completed our mapping survey of the Hellian Expanse two weeks ahead of our schedule and we are now returning to Deep Space Five for some well-deserved maintenance. Due to the crew's amazing hard work and effort, I have granted everyone extra R and R. This is something I have realised we have not been able to do in a long time, so I am hoping that everyone takes this time to relax before our next mission orders.

    Sat eating his way through his morning meal, a full English breakfast, Tobias Court was focussing on what he was eating and reading what was on his PADD. He was preparing the final list of maintenance requests for when they arrived at Deep Space Five. As a result he was completely oblivious to everything else that was going on around him in the auditorium. The ship’s huge crew lounge was semi-busy with some of the crew in uniform and others in their civilian attire. Every morning the stewards would put out a large buffet table of breakfast foods from all over the Federation. It was all freshly made from the galley as Odyssey had one of the finest chefs in the fleet.

    Snacking on a piece of toast with butter on it, Tobias just finished reading the last sentence of the report when a shadow formed in front of him over the table. The moment he noticed the silhouette he looked up to see Commander Max Duncan stood there, in full uniform, holding a tray with a plate of his breakfast (scrambled egg, bacon and fried bread) and a mug of what looked like raktajino.

    “Morning Tobi, do you mind if I join you?” Max asked.

    Simply nodding in agreement, Tobias placed his PADD down and finished his mouthful of toast. “I didn’t know you’re on duty today Max?”

    “I swapped a shift on the bridge with Cambil so she could finish the crew evaluations from the mapping mission. I was late getting them to her, so I said I would pay her back.” Max answered as he moved his cutlery around before tucking into his breakfast. “You’re not on duty today?”

    Tobias looked down at his clothes, he was not in uniform, instead he wore a plain black top with a pair of dark grey jogging shorts. “No, I got today off. I’m going to head to the gym this morning then I’m babysitting the McCallister boys for the afternoon once they finish school.”

    “So how come you’re working?” Max asked, indicating with his butter knife the PADD that Tobias had just put down.

    Smirking at that question, Tobias picked up his glass of orange juice before answering. “Occupational hazard I suppose. I wanted to get all of the reports that needed the captain’s approval sorted by today. What are your plans after your shift on the bridge?”

    “Well thankfully my counselling staff have no more open cases of support required for anyone still dealing with the destruction of the Holt. We’ve actually got it easy for a bit, so after I finish my shift I plan on catching up on some sleep.” Max answered prior to him placing a fork load of bacon in his mouth.

    “That sounds boring Max, come on you’ve got to do something better with your time off.” Tobias teased. “Surely there’s a holonovel you want to run?”

    Shaking his head in disagreement, Max replied with a simple no as he gulped down what he had just finishing chewing. “I really cannot be bothered at the moment.”

    Rolling his eyes at his comrade’s defeated attitude, Tobias placed his glass of orange juice down. “I’m not having it, so once I’ve finished with the McCallister boys this evening I’m taking you out!”

    Max smirked at that statement and Tobias’ attempt to get him out of his slump. “Seriously Tobi, I’m good. I just want to chill out and do nothing.”

    “Rubbish,” Tobias instantly replied with. “I’ll let you have your afternoon nap, but then I want you turning up at my quarters at twenty-hundred hours for dinner. We’ll then come back here for the stand-up comedy night they’ve got planned at twenty-one hundred hours. We’ll get some drinks and make a night of it!”

    “And if I say no?”

    “I’ll send my godsons to track you down and drag you to my quarters!” Tobias stated. “Come on Max, it’s been a long time since you and I did anything together.”

    “Alright, it’s a date!” Max said, finally agreeing to Tobias’ proposition.

    “Perfect, make sure you’re wearing something nice as I want to turn up here tonight and make some people jealous about the eye-candy I’ve brought with me.” Tobias said as he finished his breakfast and started to stand up.

    Wincing inwards, Max looked up at Tobias as the yeoman started to pick up his tray and head out. “You’re not going to use me to make a certain operations manager jealous are you?”

    “Pfft, you wish!” Tobias heckled back as he left the auditorium.

    Switching off his console, James Preston McCallister gave out a loud yawn as he saved his log entry. For the first time in ages he had a day off, as a result he and Karyn were going to be spending it together…however they had to wait for their sons to leave to go to school.

    Walking out of their private study and into the main living area where the boys were all packing their school bags, he smiled at them as they quietly got on with it. After finishing breakfast earlier, on some level he and Karyn were quietly counting down the minutes until they had time to themselves.

    “So what are you two going to do today while we’re at school?” Theodore asked he placed his final PADD in his bag and threw the whole thing over his shoulder.

    “Your father is treating me to a visit to the Hoobishan Baths,” Karyn answered from where she sat on one of the armchairs. “Then I think we are having lunch on top of the Eiffel Tower.”

    Crunching up his nose, Alfie sniggered at his mother’s words. “All on the holodeck? None of it is real though!”

    “That’s the fun part!” Karyn said as she got up and walked across the room to grab herself another mug of coffee from the replicator. “Now don’t forget, Uncle Tobi is picking you guys up after school and then we will see you all tonight for family time!”

    The boys all answered back with a ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ kind of response and began to say their goodbyes, each of them hugging their parents.

    “Have a good day lads.” James called after them as they walked out of their quarters. The moment the doors closed both parents gave out a cheer and jumped into a hug of gratitude. “Finally, a whole day to ourselves!”

    “Let’s not waste any more time starting then Mister McCallister!” Karyn commanded with a teasing tone.

    He saluted to his wife and said. “Yes ma’am!” as she led him back to their bedroom and pulled him in for a long kiss.

    Quietly sat on the floor of her quarters, Lieutenant Commander T’Rani continued to meditate with a single candle lit in front of her.

    As she remained focussed on her breathing, she could sense her husband moving around in the room next door. Feeling as if she could not continue with the distraction, she opened her eyes and stood up in the darken room and walked out to find her husband collecting a range of PADDs and placing them into his satchel.

    “S’Tefe you are one point three minutes late from leaving our quarters. What is troubling you husband?” She asked in her normal logical tones.

    Her husband, who was one of the ship’s teachers for the children, closed his bag as he responded. “I had misplaced an assignment I had finished marking last night. I have it now. I do apologies for disturbing your meditation my wife.”

    Raising her eyebrow, she knew it was not like him to lose something. He seemed distracted. “It is of no consequence,” She replied, “Are you well S’Tefe?”

    “Yes, why do you ask T’Rani?” He turned to look at her cautiously.

    “You are acting uncharacteristically.”

    “I am late for my class, perhaps we can discuss this matter further tonight when I am home. Good day my wife.” He replied as he reached the doorway.

    “Good day my husband.” She answered back in a calm manner, still intrigued at what was bothering her beloved.

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    USS Odyssey NCC-80000
    Beta Quadrant

    After finally completing her review of the crew evaluations, Commander Cambil made her way through the corridors of the Odyssey. For the first time in weeks, she would be arriving on time for the morning service at the Bajoran temple. Odyssey was one of the few ships in the fleet that had such a place dedicated to the Bajoran faith. This was mainly due to the fact that with a crew compliment of two-thousand and five hundred souls, the ship had a number of Bajorans onboard (one-hundred and twenty-one to be precise). Therefore, when it became clear that the Bajorans were using the holodecks on a regular basis to conduct acts of worship it was only right that something more permanent was made. Captain McCallister had agreed to it shortly after Bexa had become his first officer. Thankfully they did not need to have any clergy members assigned to the ship, instead some of the crew had become worship leaders after receiving remote training from the Bajoran Vedak Assembly. They could not lead any ceremonies like weddings or blessings of new borns, however they could lead in worship for groups of people. Their morning and evening services had become part of the ship's daily life. Almost all of the Bajorans, that were not working, attending them and they even welcomed those members of the crew that did not come from Bajor but were curious to their faith.

    Wearing just a simple outfit, it was nice not to be in her uniform for once, Cambil entered the Bajoran temple and was welcomed by one of the crew who was gently shaking the chimes indicating the service was about to start. She smiled at the friendly gesture and her worries and concerns soon left her as she entered the temple. This would be her time.

    Finishing the last of the calibrations on the warp core assembly, Commander Tremt Hunsen could hear the relief coming from around his engineering crew. Smirking to himself, he too felt the pride that their work was now complete. Even though they were heading to D-S-Five, like any good chief engineer, he was not keen to let the maintenance crews get their hands too dirty and deep into his ship's systems. As such all he wanted the team at the station to do was to do the checks, re-supply the ship and let them get on their merry way.

    After pulling an all-night session, Hunsen turned to those who had been on duty with him since the previous evening and told them to all go home as the team for alpha shift were now arriving. Handing command of main engineering over to his second-in-command, Tremt was pleased to be heading back to his quarters to get some sleep. He would be having the next two days off and he could not wait another minute longer. Looking up at the large warp core that sat in the centre of the room, the huge device was impressive. Pleased to see it back and alive again, he told his deputy that the bridge could take the ship back to warp. Even with their quantum slipstream drive sat only a few meters away, Captain McCallister preferred to use the warp drive when they were in no hurry. Hunsen knew his skipper was keen to take their time to return to Deep Space Five, especially as they had completed their survey mission ahead of schedule.

    As he strutted out of engineering, the Betazoid command unzipped his jacket while he rolled his head and neck to help relieve himself of having any more pains he had from starring at diagnostics controls for so long. Approaching the nearest turbo lift, he tapped the controls and waited for the doors to open. Around him he could see that the corridors were pretty empty. Everyone was taking the opportunity to enjoy the R&R that the captain insisted they all take. As a result, a skeleton crew would run the ship for the next few days. Everyone would have limited shifts while a majority of the systems were placed on automation. Even though the ship had a large crew, its highly advanced computer systems did mean that it could still operate effectively with a hundred of them still on board. Hunsen had even read somewhere that the Odyssey could operate with just a handful of staff. Its emergency holographic crew could assist in an emergency, but Tremt had hoped that McCallister was never put in that position. The turbo lift doors opened and he entered the cart, happy to be heading home at last.

    Trying his best to listen to Doctor Sylvexs (and failing), Lieutenant Commander Lukiz Jen had noticed at the corner of his eye the departure of Tobias from the Auditorium. From a distance, at the breakfast bar, the joined Trill operations manager had watched as his former lover had finished his breakfast with Counsellor Duncan, smiled deeply at the therapist before getting up and leaving.

    "So, I told Mettex that there was no way the captain would agree to such a huge course correction..." Sylvexs said as she picked up a glass of fruit juice that was pink in colour. Instantly the chief medical officer noticed that everything she had just been saying had been ignored. Not intentionally but due to a distraction. Smiling with her huge Denobulan grin, she looked at the younger officer behind her and attempted to regain his attention. "When are you and Tobias ever going to speak again?"

    Shaking his head, the joined Trill lieutenant commander turned to look back at his companion. "Sorry Sylvexs, what did you say?"

    Walking away from the buffet table, she led them over to an empty table, far away from where Jen's eyes had been starring at for the last few moments. As they glided around the room, avoiding bumping into anyone with their trays, she answered him. "I said, when you are you and Tobias ever going to speak again?"

    As they placed their trays down and pulled out the seats, Jen had a perplexed expression plastered across his face. "What do you mean? We talk all the time?"

    Rolling her eyes as she sat down. The Denobulan doctor took her napkin and laid it across her lap after crossing her legs. She reached the yellow fruit that was in a small bowl and started to pick at it before taking small mouthfuls. "Please Lukiz, I have seen how you around each other. You say to us all that you parted on amicable terms, but you cannot deny you two what is it I've heard Counsellor Duncan call it. I believe the phrase is 'a thing'."

    Now it was Jen's time to roll his eyes as he took his mug of coffee and took a sip from it. "Please, that was a long time ago. We were practically kids, plus I'm sure he has other interests."

    "Really? Like whom?" Slyvexs enquired as she placed her empty bowl down and wiped her hands with her serviette.

    Putting his mug down, Jen looked at her. "Well, I heard from Cline that he and Counsellor Duncan spend a lot of time together."

    Laughing out quite loudly, which caused others to look at her, the Denobulan doctor had to place a hand over her mouth as she calmed herself down. "Oh that's absurd Lukiz. Max and Tobias are not dating, they are good friends."

    "I've seen them spend a lot of time together recently as has Cline." Jen countered back with as he started to eat a piece of hot croissant that he had just spread butter and jam over.

    "Max has just lost his father, if you knew his background you would understand why Tobias and he are spending time together. Tobias is just being a very good friend." Slyvexs said defending the counsellor and yeoman. "Remind me to have words with Mister Lenjir about being a gossip. Talking of which, where is that lovable Tiburon?"

    Smirking, but not believing her entirely, Jen answered the doctor's question. "Cline said he would be spending most of his morning off in the gym. You know what he is like, he rarely eats breakfast."

    "Well I do hope he doesn't think he could build anymore muscles or be any further ripped than he is. I'm worried he is trying to become a Brikarian with the number of workouts he does on a daily basis."

    "That's Cline for you, if he isn't in the gym then he is doing something physical when off duty. He never stops." Lukiz remarked as he began digging into his breakfast, but from the corner of his eye he was keeping an eye on Counsellor Duncan. He didn't quite believe everything that Sylvexs was saying.

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    USS Odyssey NCC-80000
    Beta Quadrant
    Stardate: 76036.64

    Approaching the turbolift, Commander Duncan was pleased to have finished his breakfast and start today's duty shift. Pushing out any creases he had in his uniform jacket, he waited patiently for the cart to arrive. Eventually the doors parted open and he saw Odyssey's security and tactical chief standing there with his arms crossed against his chest, wearing a black vest and short. He appeared exhausted and the sweat around his chest made it apparent he had just finished a round of exercise.

    "Morning Cline." Max said as he entered the lift and spoke to the Tiburon man.

    "Hiya Max, sorry I've just finished a workout in the gym. I'm heading home for a shower." Lenjir remarked. "Where are you heading?"

    "The bridge." Duncan explained and then ordered the computer to take him there. "I'm in charge of alpha shift today."

    "Ouch." Lenjir winced. "I thought Commander Cambil was on duty today?"

    Shaking his head as the lift proceeded upwards, "I owed her a favour." the counsellor said. "What are your plans today?"

    "After this morning, I'm planning to meet up with a few others in the security department for a round of velocity." Lenjir said as the lift stopped. It was his deck and as the doors opened he turned to the counsellor, "enjoy the bridge!"

    Max smirked at him back as the doors closed and he entered the bridge. The entire alpha shift was on duty, well not the normal alpha shift but those that had been put on so the rest of the crew can have some down time. Walking towards the centre of the room, Max made his way over to sit in the captain's chair. "Report?" He asked aloud to those around him.

    "All is quiet for now." Spoke Ensign Chet, the Boilan at the helm.

    Getting comfortable, Max looked at the man. "Let's make it so." He took out a PADD and started to read the contents of it. In it was a letter that his late father had written to him. It was just before he had died and Max had yet to read it, until now. In it his father had written how proud he was of his son with his accomplishments and the type of man he had become. As always the late Fleet Admiral Duncan always finished his letter asking when was he going to be made a grandfather. Max felt bitter that he had never given his father the chance to enjoy the responsibilities of being a grandparent. He knew that he would have made an excellent one.

    His thoughts were interrupted when Ensign Chet cleared his throat. "Sorry to disobey you sir, but we've got a craft along our flight path that appears to be adrift."

    Snapping out his reading straight away, Duncan looked at the Bolian officer. "What type of craft Mister Chet?"

    Returning to his console for further clarity, he answered the question swiftly. "It appears to be a civilian ship sir, a Kaplan F-Seventeen Speed Freighter to be precise."

    "Life signs?" Duncan asked.

    "None, the ship appears to be badly damaged. I am detecting a hull breach on the port side. No power at all." Chet added.

    Not surprised that his shift would not be a quiet one. "Slow us down so we can approach them. I want full sensor scans completed now before I get the captain." Duncan commanded to the bridge crew. So much for a break from the norm.

  • BF_MJBF_MJ Member
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    USS Odyssey NCC-80000
    Beta Quadrant
    Stardate: 76036.9

    Sitting down to have a nice meal without interruptions was something that Captain McCallister was looking forward to. He and Karyn had just arrived at the top of the Eiffel Tower and were being seen to by some polite and courteous holographic waiters and waitresses. Bringing over to them a bottle of Chateau Picard, a bottle of the '86, they poured them a glass each. Out across the City of Lights, Paris was in its summer and many notable landmarks could be seen. James could name most of them, Notre-Dame de Paris, Sacré-Coeur, the Louvre Museum, l'arc de triomphe, les champs de mars, the river Seine (and all the bridges) plus so many other sites. James couldn't quite recall the last time he had visited the French capital, the real one that was.

    "I know it's not real, but this is bliss." Karyn remarked prior to taking a sip of her wine.

    Nodding in agreement, James took a swish of his drink too. “I was thinking earlier…”

    “Before or after that massage?” Karyn quickly interjected.

    Recalling their trip to the Trill Hoobishan Baths, James smirked at the memory from this morning. “During actually.” He answered, “So as I was saying, I think we should take the boys to Earth and do big long holiday site seeing and travelling all over. What do you say?”

    Placing her glass down, Karyn agreed to the idea. “I think that sounds like a great plan. I would love to take them proper camping.”

    “We’ll do that too, along with a bit of surfing along the Gold Coast.” James added.

    “Plus, some skiing on the Alps?” Karyn included.

    “Definitely need to take them to Egypt to see the Pyramids, perhaps have a real pizza in Rome.” He added.

    Loving what she was hearing, Karyn continued to put more ideas in. “A fly over the Grand Canyon.”

    “Sounds perfect to me.” James smiled back. “We’ve got over five months saved up of shore leave, why don’t we do it soon?”

    “It would be nice to take a break from everything out here on the final frontier.” Karyn stated. “Would you be happy to be away from the Odyssey for that long?”

    Nodding to confirmation, James told her he was fine with that. “Bexa is confident leader. She’ll cope while we are gone, plus Max is itching for more command experience. He’d make a good acting first officer.”

    As their starter arrived, Karyn waited for the waiters to leave them before she asked him another question. “I was going to ask, when do you think you’d ever give it all up?”

    Curious as to what she was getting at, James placed his cutlery down and took swig from his wine before he replied. “Do you mean Starfleet?”

    Karyn nodded as she dabbed her lips with napkins in between mouthfuls. “Yeah, do you ever think about it?”

    Pondering with his glass still in hand, James looked out across the Parisian skyline to find his answer. He didn’t get chance to answer as the intercom went off.

    Bridge to Captain McCallister.” Spoke Commander Duncan over the speakers.

    Sighing slightly, both husband and wife placed everything in their hands down as they knew their plans for the day would most likely be put on hold. He tapped his combadge and replied. “Go ahead Max.”

    I’m sorry to disturb you sir, but we have come across a ship that I think you need to see.” Stated the counsellor.

    James gave his wife a curious look. “We’ll be there shortly, assemble the rest of the troops for me. McCallister out.” He tapped his combadge to close the call. “Sorry my darling, duty calls.”

    “Well at least we got to see the Hoobishan Baths.” Karyn groaned slightly with as they ended the holodeck program and headed to the ship’s bridge.

    Returning to the bridge didn’t take too long and James was pleased to see most of the senior staff had turned up. None of them were in their uniforms, except for Commander Duncan. The counsellor had been on duty on the bridge and was stood by the main science station when they all arrived.

    “Captain, you may want to take a look at this.” Duncan remarked, pointing at the top screen. “It appears to be a Kaplan F-Seventeen Speed Freighter. We’ve carried out thorough scans of the ship. There’s no power whatsoever, no life signs and there appears to be no damage to the outer hull. It’s just lying there in space.”

    James crossed his arms as he read the scans too. Karyn had leant up against the bulkhead while Commander Campbil stood behind Duncan. As they spoke more of the senior staff arrived.

    “So, what, it’s a ghost ship?” Karyn asked aloud.

    Everyone laughed slightly at that quip.

    “Any idea on how it got out here?” McCallister questioned next.

    Duncan shook his head. “There’s no ion trails, nothing that could explain how it arrived here. We think it has been slowly drifting, but it’s momentum is barely enough to register.”

    Look at the others, McCallister's curiosity did get the best of him. He did enjoy a good mystery now and then. “Thoughts? Ideas?” He threw out to his crew.

    Commander Hunsen, his chief engineer spoke up first. “I noticed it has no name or listed register. No transponder either. No distinguishable hull markings either. I don’t think we are going to get any more answers from scans sir.”

    “I was thinking the same.” Lieutenant Commander Jen said. He had sat at the secondary science station and was reviewing the same sensor readings. “We need to go over and find out where it is from. Most of its systems appear not to have been tampered or damaged.”

    “There does not appear to be anything from stopping us from transporting over. The away team will need to wear EVA suits though.” T’Rani added.

    After hearing from his pilot, operations manager and chief engineer, James looked to his first officer as well chief security and tactical officer. “What do you two think?”

    “It seems safe enough.” Campbil answered, as she read the findings.

    Lenjir crossed his arms. “I say we send in the Hazard Teams first.” He stepped forward and slightly leaned over Jen’s shoulder and zoomed in on the picture of the freighter. “We could send in all five teams to secure the craft. Two teams at either end followed by one in the middle. We could then send over an engineering team to begin recovery operations.”

    Doctor Sylvexs then arrived, “My apologies, what did I miss?” The Denobulan medical officer enquired.

    Campbil brought her up to speed. “So that’s where we are, do we send over people or not.” The first officer finished with.

    “If we don’t do it, then some others may do it later or it may end up being stolen.” Slyvexs concluded.

    “Alright then, let’s do it.” James ordered.

    “Sir, if you don’t mind. I’d like to lead one of the teams over to the freighter. I’ve not led an away mission for some time. With your permission of course?” Duncan wondered.

    Looking to his first officer who just nodded with an agreement, James turned back to the counsellor. “You best suit up. Godspeed!”

    Duncan smiled at the response he got and left the bridge with Cline to get ready for their beaming out.

    Still staring at the readings on the science station, James was fascinated with what they had just found. “Lukiz,” He said calling for his operations manager.

    The joined Trill stopped what he was doing and looked up at his superior officer. “Yes sir.”

    “Check the Federation database one more time, see how many ships match this one. We might be able to find one that’s gone missing.” James ordered.

    “Aye captain.” Jen said as he got on to work.

    Looking to his first officer he asked her to inform Deep Space Five they may be late arriving due to them investigating this empty tin shell.

  • BF_MJBF_MJ Member

    Unknown Vessel
    Beta Quadrant
    Stardate: 76036.991

    The moment the transporter cycle was complete, Commander Duncan raised his phaser rifle high and the light from the torch on its top shone through the black darkness that filled the ship’s bridge. His hot breath hit against the screen of his EVA suit as he and his team looked around at their settings.

    “Move out.” He called over the intercom to them all. Like a tool of precision, the team moved out to secure the bridge of this unknown freighter. Moving forward slowly, Duncan made his way forward and opened a channel with the ship. “Duncan to Odyssey, we’ve arrived sir.”

    “Excellent, Hazard Teams Beta, Delta, Gamma and Omega have arrived safely in their locations and are beginning their search.” Spoke Captain McCallister. “Any signs of life or who the ship belongs to?”

    “None yet, sir.” Duncan answered coolly. They could barely see anything that would give them a clue yet.

    One of the engineer specialists assigned to alpha team spoke up. “Sir there’s an active console over here!”

    Moving at an almost snail’s pace, Duncan joined the Efrosian engineer who was scanning the console that showed a standard Federation LCARS display. “Ensign is it safe to use?”

    Nodding to confirm, the engineer accessed the console with Duncan’s blessing and soon enough power throughout the entire ship came alive and every console switched on. The sound of the life support and environmental controls activating could be heard through their helmets speakers.

    “_Odyssey t_o Alpha Team, we are detecting power coming online across the entire ship.” Spoke Commander Hunsen. _“You should be able to breath the air shortly.” _

    “Acknowledged Odyssey.” Duncan replied, but he didn’t plan to take his helmet off just yet. As the ship came to life a hologram appeared in the centre of the bridge area. It’s appearance was neutral in expression, gender – in fact in all areas.

    Activating his helmet’s camera sensors, Duncan spoke into the intercom. “Duncan to Odyssey, are you getting all of this?”

    “Acknowledged Max, we can see clearly. Is that a hologram?” Captain McCallister asked.

    “Aye sir, it is.” Duncan answered.

    The captain’s voice was replaced by Commander Hunsen’s, “These freighters are equipped with an emergency holographic package that includes holograms that assist with medical, engineering, navigation, tactical, command and control as well as entertainment matters.” The Betazoid engineer explained._ “But from what I can see Max, you’ve activated the default setting.”_

    “What do you mean the default setting Tremt?” Max asked as he studied the hologram, just like everyone else in his team.

    Max was surprised that it wasn’t Tremt who answered but Lukiz Jen instead. “He means that hologram is the default template. Those packages normally require the captain of the ship to determine what they will look like. Most freighter captains use themselves.”

    “I’m just checking the scans of that hologram now Max,” Hunsen added. “You won’t believe it but from what I can see this is the first time it has been activated.”

    Before anyone could react, the freighter’s computer voice (a low but sultriest feminine tone) spoke. “Activating Emergency Holographic Crew Package, please stand clear for scans to be undertaken to determine visual appearance.”

    Startled at that announcement, Duncan hadn’t had a chance to move before the computer scanned him with blue beams of light and then changed the hologram to appear like him. “Oh damn it.” He said.

    “Oh damn it.” The computer repeated and copied his voice and then before long the hologram repeated the same phrase in the same way he had just said it.

    Eyes wide open at the sight before him, the hologram then came to life. “Welcome, I am your Emergency Command & Control Hologram. Please state the designation of this craft and your name.”

    A slight chuckle could be heard over the intercom and Captain McCallister’s voice could be heard next. “Seems you’ve made first contact there Max.” A pause followed and the captain commanded the counsellor to answer the hologram.

    “I’m Commander Max Duncan of the Federation starship U-S-S Odyssey.” Duncan said greeting the holographic version of him that was stood in a black neck collared jumper, black trousers and boots.

    “Greetings Commander Duncan, as you are a Starfleet officer am I to assume this vessel is under the direct control of Starfleet Command?” The hologram enquired politely.

    “Not quite.” Duncan said, “Can you tell me how this ship got out here?”

    Looking at the floor slightly, the hologram appeared to be searching the database as white lines appeared across its eyes. It then stopped. “There is no record on this ship’s database on how it came to be located at these coordinates.”

    Rolling his eyes at the lack of getting anywhere, Duncan asked another question. “Where was the ship constructed?”

    The hologram did the same again and checked the computer’s data at lightspeed. It then looked back at Duncan. “There is no record on this ship’s database of where it was built. The vessel has no set designation or commanding officer. Do you wish to establish yourself as its commanding officer Commander Max Duncan?”

    _“Max do it.” _McAllister commanded.

    Regretting his choice to join the away team, Duncan spoke up. “Yes I do.”

    “Command protocols have been transferred to Max Duncan; this ship is now under his command. Further data is required for starship operations to be assume.” The hologram stated.

    “Clarify.” Duncan asked.

    “The vessel has no set designation.” It repeated.

    _“Name it.” _McCallister ordered.

    Not known to be original in his creativity or naming ships, Duncan thought about it for a while. “This ship is known as the Troy.”

    “The _Troy, really?” _spoke Doctor Sylvexs, almost mocking the choice.

    Supporting Duncan was Commander Reyas who came to his defence over the intercom. “Troy, as in the city that Odysseus left and returned home from. Good choice Max.”

    Ignoring the exchange, which he imagined was happening on the bridge of the Odyssey, Duncan focussed back on the hologram.

    “Acknowledged. This ship is now known as the Troy. All ship systems are accessible to Captain Max Duncan of the Troy.” The hologram stated.

    “Knew he was trying to go for a promotion.” Cambil amusingly commented on. The First Officer chuckled slightly at her own remarks before speaking further. “Max, have it open all systems to everyone. We may be able to find a few more pieces to the puzzle with full access.”

    “Understood,” Duncan said and then he looked over to the hologram, “I want you to open access to all ship systems to any user.”

    The hologram looked startled at that order. “Are you sure? Such a request could cause damage to the ship’s system. You can recede the request at a later stage though.”

    “Do it.” Max said.

    A second after completing the work, the hologram looked back at Duncan. “Request completed. Is there anything else you need?”

    “Not for now.” Duncan answered.

    The hologram then deactivated itself.

    _“Hold on Max, I’m heading over now with an engineering team.” _Hunsen announced.

    “Once the ship is fully secure by Hunsen and his people, we’ll dock it with the _Odyssey _and then resume our course to _Deep Space Five.”_ McCallister stated. “We can work on the _Troy on route.”_

    “Understood sir.” Max said. He looked around the ship and just wondered why a brand-new ship would be left in the middle of no-where.

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