Tales of the Dean of Cadets

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These are the stories of Fleet Captain Azras Dex who has been assigned to the Bravo Fleet Academy Campus on Mellstoxx III as the Dean of Cadets. After years of being amongst the stars, she has to adjust to being planetside in charge of all the Cadets that are stationed on Mellstoxx III.


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    [Guardian Station]
    [Sector Alpha-Red, Task Force Operations]
    [Mission Day 2; 1800h]

    Winding down her day after sending her report to Rear Admiral Hayden as she requested, she was about to shut her computer off and head to her quarters when she got an alert. Raising an eyebrow she wondered what it could be at this hour, tapping the message she began to read.

    Fleet Captain Azras Dex
    Task Force 9 Executive Officer
    Guardian Station

    We know you just been assigned to Guardian Station as the Task Force Executive Officer for Task Force 9, but unfortunately, you being recalled to Mellstoxx III to head up the Bravo Fleet Academy Campus as Dean of Cadets.

    We feel that you are the right person for this position and request that you arrive there by the end of the week to take on the reigns. The USS Kentucky will be leaving Guardian Station tomorrow morning and has agreed to take you and your family to Mellstoxx III.

    Starfleet Command
    San Fransisco, Earth

    After finishing reading the letter she signed as she turned off her computer, “they like to keep people on their toes.” She said to herself getting up from her chair and headed out of the office, good thing she didn’t get a chance to really unpack. Turning to the receptionist she apologized and asked to have her belongings ent to the USS Kentucky that was docked.

    “Aye sir, you leaving?” the receptionist asked as Azras just arrived the day before. Nodding, “unfortunately, yes I been reassigned yet again.” Azras added with a slight smile with a sign in there as well. The young women nodded and tapped a few buttons, “you’re belongings will be sent there momentarily.” The receptionist replied as Azras nodded and headed off towards her quarters to inform her husband and son.

    [Sector Alpha-Red]
    [Task Force Executive Officer’s Quarters]
    [Mission Day 2, 1830h]

    Once she arrived she walked in and noticed that her husband was fixing dinner, he looked over to see who walked in the door. “Hello Dear, I am making your favorite,” Arzin replied as he walked over and gave her a kiss. He could see the troubled look on her face, “what’s wrong love?” He asked as he looked at her as he walked back over to the stove to finish making dinner so it wouldn’t burn.

    “Well, we have to pack up again and tonight as we are leaving on the USS Kentucky that will be headed towards Mellstoxx III.” Azras began as she took a seat at the open dining room table looking at him. “I have been reassigned again to head of the Bravo Fleet Academy Campus as Dean of Cadets,” Azras added looking at him, wondering if it would change yet again by the time she arrived there.

    Arzin looked back at her, “did they give you a reason why they were so quickly reassigning you after you just been reassigned to Task Force Nine?” He asked as he finished making dinner and placed it on plates bringing her’s over and setting it down. “Yadri, dinner is ready,” Azrin called as he set his on the table as well as his own.

    Yadri came out, “hey mom.” Yadri replied giving his mom a hug before sitting down to begin to eat. “They felt I was the right person for the job,” Azras replied as she took a bit of her food and looked at him. “What you talking about mom?” Yadri said as he looked at them in confusion.

    “Your mother has been reassigned yet again, so we have to pack again,” Arzin replied as he took a bite of his own food. “What why?” Yadri asked as Azras explained everything to him as they ate. “Oh ok,” Yadri replied as he continued to eat like it wasn’t a big deal.

    “Oh, I also learned that our daughter has been moved to the Bravo Fleet Campus as well,” Azras replied looking at him with a smile. “That is good news,” Arzin replied as Yadri got excited he would be able to see his sister sometimes.

    “Do you know why they are moving her?” Arzin asked as he finished his plate, getting up he grabbed all the plates and placed them in the replicator for disposal. “There medical program is the best and more expanded than the one on Earth, so she will be able to go the four years as well as the four years of medical school,” Azras replied looking at him before looking back at their quarters they just unpacked.

    “That makes sense,” Arzin replied as they yet again started to pack their belongings which would take the majority of the night to get done. Once completed they had their belongings transferred over to the USS Kentucky, they would spend one last night in their quarters before leaving early in the morning.

    Once Yadri was in bed asleep, both Arzin and Azras sat down on the couch looking at their quarters on their very short stay aboard Guardian Station. Arzin brought over a bottle of good wine and two glasses and poured some wine in each. Handing one over to Azras he held his up towards hers, “here is to new adventures.” Arzin said as Azras tapped her glass against his.

    “Indeed, to new adventures.” She replied as she pressed the glass to her lips and took a sip closing her eyes for a moment.

    “What’s wrong?” Her husband asked as he knew something was bothering her shifting on the couch to face her more.

    “I don’t know, not sure if I am cut out for this position I been in space for as long as I can remember it’s going to be different being planetside, though Starbase Bravo is in orbit and there are some good restaurants there that I have heard about we can visit,” Azras replied as she took another sip.

    “I know dear, but Starfleet Command must feel you’re the right person you have years of experience and knowledge thanks to the Dex symbiont.” Arzin replied with a shrug, “there is that, but hopefully it will be enough.” Azras added as she looked at him remembering all the previous hosts though one’s life was cut very short the other two lived a long life.

    “Let’s not worry about it, let’s just take it one day at a time,” Arzin replied as he wondered if he could teach a science course there, but he would tackle that once they arrived and got settled. After they finished their drinks, they too turned in for the night.

  • [Bravo Fleet Academy Campus, Mellstoxx III]
    [Academy Staff’s Apartment Complex]
    [Mission Day 7, 0600h]

    The early morning sun started to shine through the window, after arriving on Mellstoxx III the previous day. Stretching she looked over to see her husband still sleeping, smiling she kissed him on the cheek and got out of bed. Walking to the window, she looked out at the sunrise which was a beautiful sight. Just as beautiful as the sunrise on Earth, she thought in her head that she could get used to this. After a few moments, she walked out of the bedroom into the living area.

    They had spent most of their day yesterday settling in, their apartment was huge and had all the amenities more so than any starship or starbase for that matter. A full kitchen area, dining room, and living room. It also had three rooms one of which was an office for when she would work from home rather than go to her office. The other two rooms were bedrooms for her and her husband as well as one for her son.

    Walking into the kitchen she decided she wanted to make some breakfast before she got ready. She started preparing breakfast when Arzin walked out of the bedroom and walked up behind her, placing his arms around her waist he kissed Azras neck gently. “Good morning beautiful,” Arzin said with a smile on his face. Azras smiled as she looked at him, “Morning.” Azras replied in return, “did you see the sunrise?” She asked as she went back to preparing breakfast.

    “I did, it is just as beautiful as Earth’s sunrise if not more,” Arzin replied as he started to help his wife by setting the table. “Linha should be arriving today,” Arzin said with a smile. “We should do something special for her arrival, maybe go out to eat at one of the restaurants that I read about here.” He said as he set the plates on the table, one at each chair, the silverware as well as the cups.

    “That would be a good idea, and it is good that she will be here,” Azras replied as she started cooking as they talked. “I have to go into the office today, there are a few meetings that I have to attend as well as meet with a few students that are about to graduate and move onto their assignments,” Azras replied as she looked over at him as he finished setting the table.

    “That’s good dear,” Arzin replied as he walked back over to his wife as he began the coffee pot with fresh coffee to be brewed. He knew how much his wife enjoyed fresh coffee instead of the replicated kind. The smell of fresh coffee began to fill the air, she closed her eyes and smiled. “The smell of fresh brewing coffee smells heavenly,” Azras said as she finished up. Arzin then took the food and began to plate them up as Arzras walked to her son’s room and opened the door. “Yadri time to wake up, breakfast is ready plus you got to start school,” Azras said as her son stirred, moaning and groaning as he wasn’t really an early person. “Come on son,” she said as she nudged him a bit more until he sat up.

    “Alright mom, I am up,” Yadri replied in protest as he stumbled out of the bedroom to the dining room.

    Both Yadri and Arzin sat down at the table, Azras grabbed her cup of coffee that just finished brewing and sat down. “Linha should be here later on today Yadri, so we will be going to dinner tonight at one of the restaurants here,” Arzin said with a smile, Yadri got excited. “Yay!” He exclaimed as he smiled as big as could be. He and his sister have always been close, so when she went off to the academy it’s been hard on him not having his sister around to help him with his schoolwork.

    “Though she will be living in the dormitories for the students she will visit often,” Azras added making sure he knew that she wouldn’t be living ‘with’ them, Yadri nodded “I understand mom.” He replied as he took a bit of his food while looking at his parents.

    Bringing her cup of coffee up towards her mouth she took a deep breath in, the smell of the coffee caused her to smile for a moment before taking a sip. Setting the cup back down on the table she started to eat her breakfast and talk about their plans for the day.

    After breakfast, Azrin cleared the table as Azras finished her cup of coffee. After finishing she went to get ready for the day, she knew that she would be busy for a good part of the day up until close to dinner. “Yadri, go get ready for school your classes start in an hour.” Arzin said as he looked at his son who nodded and headed off, things would be different for Yadri as he wouldn’t be going to actual ‘classes’ but will be doing them from home on his computer.

    There would be some classes at the academy that they set up for some advanced training to get him a head start for when he joined the Academy in a couple of years, but that would be twice a week at most.

    Azras walked back out after a few moments, dressed in her uniform her hair done in her usual bun to keep her hair out of her face. Plus, it was more professional that way, walking into her office as she needed to grab a couple of padds she needed to take with her which included all her meetings as well as other items of the day. Walking back into the living area she noticed Arzin cleaning which wasn’t unusual for him as he always liked to keep things clean, with everything in their place.

    Walking up to him she kissed him, “Well wish me luck on my first day.” Azras said with a chuckle as she looked at him. After he returned her kiss he smiled, “you’ll be fantastic dear.” Arzin smiled looking at his lovely wife, “have a wonderful day see you this evening.” He added with a loving smile before Azras walked out of their apartment and headed to where her office was located as she needed to get some things done there as her first meeting didn’t start for another couple of hours.

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    [Conference Room / Office of the Dean of Cadets]
    [Bravo Fleet Academy Campus; Mellstoxx III]
    [Mission Day 7, 0800h]

    Sitting in the conference room with her staff that consisted of instructors, the recruitment director as well as her assistant. She was looking over the data of this year’s graduates that will be graduating at the end of the year and moving onto their first assignments.

    Looking up, “so you're telling me these are the only cadets set to graduate this year?” She asked looking at her staff wondering why they were so low compared to the years following.

    “Yes, Captain.” Commander Thomas Smith the recruitment director responded before continuing. “It seems that it was not a good year for recruits, especially ones that were sent from San Fransisco Academy to here for their schooling.” He added looking at her for a moment in pause.

    “We had a few dropouts and one expulsion.” Cindy Nog her assistant chimed in handing her another padd with that information on it.

    Taking it she looked it over, “interesting.”

    Some of the instructors looked at each other as Azras looked over the information on the dropouts as well as the expulsion. After a while, she looked up, “now I would like to know how the cadets are doing in each of your classes.” Azras asked as each one gave their report.

    After each one finished their report she looked at them, “very well seems things are in order. I would like all Senior Grade Cadets to report to the Parade Field this afternoon after classes have finished.” She said looking at Cindy to get the memo out to the Cadets in question.

    “Understood, will get that sent out to the Cadets sir,” Cindy replied looking at Azras as she tapped a few buttons on her padd to make note of it so she can complete the task when she got back to her desk.

    “Dismissed,” she stated as they all got up and headed out of the conference room. Some of the instructors began talking amongst themselves as they left while others just quietly left and headed back towards there classrooms as classes were due to start soon.

    Azras sat there for a while as the others left, finally, after a few moments, she rose from the chair grabbing the padds that were on the table and headed out of the Conference Room. Walking down the corridor towards her office.

    After a short walk, she arrived after she noticed that Cindy had arrived at her desk moments before she did. “Communications has been sent to the Cadets,” Cindy replied as Azras nodded before entering her office.

    Setting the padds down on her desk, walking over to the replicator she ordered herself a coffee before setting down at her desk to start work. She looked around, this was a huge responsibility being in charge of all the Cadets and their road to graduating.

    Taking a sip she set the cup on the table and began filing reports as well as writing her speech she planned on giving the Cadets at their meeting this afternoon.

    Cindy walked into her office, “Captain you have an incoming transmission from the Dean of Cadets at the San Fransisco Academy on Earth.” Cindy said looking at her, “very well patch him through.” Azras said as Cindy disappeared and her computer screen beeped.

    Turning it on she looked at the older gentleman from the other end, “what do I owe this pleasure Commodore?” she asked with a smile on her face.

    “Good Morning Captain Dex, I will try to make this brief as I know you're probably busy getting settled in and such.” Commodore James Sinclare said with a genuine smile before continuing. “A ship should arrive in a few days with new cadets that are being transferred to your location,” James replied with a pause before he continued.

    “Some are just starting while others will be graduating next year as well as some this year. I have sent their files to you for review,” he finished just as her computer beeped notifying her that the files have been sent.

    “I just received them, I will look them over and when they arrive I’ll greet them personally.” Azras replied in return, “wonderful.” James said, “that’s all I really had at this time, I’ll let you get back to what you were doing Captain.”

    A few moments later her computer screen returned to her normal screen, she opened up the files and began to read each one. She would spend the next few hours working in her office, making sure things were in order before lunch.

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